W3 servers

This is a list of registered WWW servers alphabetically by continent country and state. ( About this list )

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South Africa

UNISA (University of South Africa)
Information about study at Unisa. Also information regarding on-campus Internet services, a WWW Library, other WWW sites in South Africa, the WWW Worm, Archieplex, mirrors and many more.
The Internet Solution
Commercial Internet access. Watch this server for new on-line services, like the Weekly e-Mail newsstand, a part of the worldwide ecash trial. Also home of the annotated list of South African WWW servers and the associated map.
University of the Witwatersrand, Computer Science Department
Information about staff and postgraduates, as well as links to the ftp and gopher sites. Home of the FAQs on Africa, South Africa, and South African Wine.
Rand Afrikaans University
Under construction, not official yet. Contains announcement of 'The 11th International Information Security Conference' in Cape Town from 9-12 May 1995, RAU-Library Services, a local telephone directory and Country Classification Codes.
Eastern Transvaal
EMILY (Electronic Membrane-Information Library)
EMILY was conceived to become the electronic repository of information on membranes and membrane processes. Essentially an ftp site, it now has limited WWW capabilities. EMILY is maintained by Quentin Hurt (hurtq@aqua.ccwr.ac.za) as part of a Water Research Commission project.
Pollution Research Group
The Pollution Research Group (PRG) conducts research in a range of environmental engineering approaches, problems and processes. The PRG is based at the University of Natal, Durban. These pages are maintained by members of the PRG.
ICFR (Institute for Commercial Forestry Research)
It is the ICFR's mission to serve the South African forestry industry by undertaking relevant, timeous research that has the objective of supplying the commercial timer producers with the information required to optimise the beneficial use of forestry resources in South Africa. This server contains all research material, bulletins & newsletters that have been published by the ICFR.
Rhodes University
Rhodes-specific information, as well as information relating to networking in Southern Africa. There is also a link to the ZA news hierarchy. This is *not* officially mandated information.
RUCUS (Rhodes University Computer Users Society)
A student based organisation, along the lines of MIT's SIPB, which provides various computer based services for Rhodes students (courses, logins, etc...). This WWW server is a means of providing information to members, and to any other interested persons.
Rhodes University Computer Science Department
Information specific to the Computer Science Department of Rhodes University. Includes information about courses and research interests of staff and students.
St Andrew's College / The Diocesan School for Girls
This FreeBSD Unix server handles some of the network information for St Andrew's College and The Diocesan School for Girls, in Grahamstown. The machine also allows students to learn how to work with Unix and its environment. Unofficial.
Cape Town
The Environmental and Geographical Science server at UCT has two purposes: Climate related information (locally received images and mirror of some overseas images), and information about activities and research in the department.
UCT Computer Science Department
Information about courses and research interests of staff and students. Additional links to other interesting sites both in South Africa and overseas.
UCT Digital Image Processing lab
Information on research topics such as pattern recognition and image compression, as well as links to other related services. Unofficial.
Africa.Com Southern Scientific
Specialised services to the SA Business and Technology communities, a browse and feedback SA Tourism facility to attract visitors to our shores, and property advertising in association with New York based Global Electronic Marketing Services (GEMS).
Aztec Information Management
Aztec supplies internet services to businesses and individuals. As part of these services we offer the opportunity of placing information of academic or commercial interest on our WWW pages. We also maintain links to interesting sites around the world. For more information please contact webmaster@aztec.co.za.


See Southwest Asia, Northeast Asia, and Southeast Asia sensitive maps. See also Asian Studies


Hong Kong


Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics (IUCAA)
Among other things, it contains information about its research programme, faculty, graduate programme and facilities which include an Astronomical Data Centre.


See Japan's geography, or list of servers in Japanese


Hokkaido University
Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan. Serving Information about Hokkaido(in Japanese) and Information about Sapporo city(in English)


Hirosaki University
Hirosaki University , Aomori, Japan.


Sendai National College of Technology
Sendai National College of Technology, Sendai, Japan.
Serving SNCT college guide and general information about National College of Technology in Japan.
Tohoku internet Association
Tohoku internet Association, Sendai, Japan.
Tohoku University
Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan.
Serving information about Tohoku University as well as Sendai City Guide. The list of WWW servers in Tohoku University is here.
TOPIC (Tohoku Open Internet Community) .
Serving information about TOPIC and the internet resources in Tohoku area, Japan.


The University of Aizu
The University of Aizu, located in scenic Aizu-Wakamatsu City, Fukushima, Japan, is on-line. We are an international university established in 1993 by the Fukushima prefectural government dedicated to research and education in computer science and engineering. For an introduction to the university and its international faculty, see our hypermedia profiles brochure People Advancing Knowledge for Humanity . Direct links to our research include on-line University of Aizu Technical Reports .


Utsunomiya University
Utsunomiya University, Utsunomiya-city, Tochigi, Japan.


Gunma University
Gunma University, Gunma, JAPAN. Serving information about Gunma University.


Agency of Industrial Science and Technology, MITI
AIST WWW server (Tsukuba-shi, Ibaraki, Japan) has the following contens: But... The items above are all but under construction... (:-<)
Hiraiso Solar Terrestrial Research Center
Hiraiso Solar Terrestrial Research Center/CRL, Ibaraki, Japan. Serving space environment information inculding forecasts and alerts of solar flares and geomagnetic storms. Relating observed data are also available.
KEK National Laboratory for High Energy Physics, Tsukuba, Japan.
National Institute of Animal Industry, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Japan
Animal Genome Database is still under construction. The information of cytogenetic map and linkage map of pig, cattle and mouse is now available.
University of Library and Information Science
ULIS student server provides ULIS campus wide information and information around Tsukuba science city.
University of Tsukuba
Institute of Mathematics
Science Information Processing Center
This server provides general information of the university and entry points links to various servers installed on the campus.


KDD R&D Laboratories
KDD R&D Laboratories, Kamifukuoka-shi, Saitama Prefecture
The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research Hirosawa, Wako, Japan
Saitama University
Knowledge Engeneering Lab., Saitama University, Saitama, Japan. all of documents are written by japanese only.


Chiba University
Chiba University, Chiba, Japan.
Ikeda Lab.
Ikeda Lab., Faculty of Engineering, Chiba Univeristy. Serving Information on International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), International Commission on Illumination (CIE), International Organization for Standarization (ISO), Graphical Symbols standardized in IEC Publication 417; Meta-document on STEP and ISO 9000; and a picture book, early music instruments catalog, etc.
Chiba University Library. Serving in Japanese catalogue, guide for users and library bulletins.
Toyo Engineering Corporation, Chiba.
Company Abstracts, Business Fields, Internet Business, IMS (Intelligent Manufacturing System). Programs of Japanese Convention Center (MAKUHARI-Messe) and Chiba Bay Area Information for convention visitors.


ASCII CORPORATION is now online.
atom Co.,Ltd.
atom Co.,Ltd. Minato-ku, Tokyo Japan.
Center for Global Communications (GLOCOM)
Center for Global Communications, GLOCOM's research examines the global impact of computer-based communication media on a wide range of social, economic, cultural and technical issues. Files are available in Japanese and English.
Glocom intend this server to become a clearing house for information from and about Japan.
Communications Research Laboratory, Koganei, Tokyo. Serving general information of CRL and Solar Terrestrial Information.
Daiwa Institute of Research Ltd.
Daiwa Institute of Research WWW Server provides the economic and securities information concerning Japan and Asia.
DEC Japan
Digital Equipment Corporation Japan, Tokyo. We have regional infomation around Ogikubo (head office) and Akigawa (DECpark), Tokyo.
Fujitsu Limited,.Tokyo, Japan.
Future Pirates
Future Pirates Inc., Tokyo, Japan.
Hitachi,Ltd. is now online.
ICOT(Institute for New Generation Computer Tecnology), Tokyo Japan.
Serving information on the contents of the Fifth Generation Computer Systems Project and the two year Follow-on Project, and their main research results such as ICOT Free Software (IFS) and technical reports. Information of new events such as the final international symposium (FGCS'94) is also presented.
Internet Initiative Japan Inc., Tokyo, Japan.
Japan Network Information Center(JPNIC)
This server provides information related to domestic and international Internet. JPNIC rules, application forms for IP address and domain names etc. are summarized. Also pointers to the services provided by JPNIC member networks are listed. Along with English translations of official publishments, we also try to provide enjoyable information to all netters. This server is maintained by Information Service Working Group of the JPNIC, a non-profit organization.
Japan Neural Network Society (JNNS), Tokyo.
an Introduction of JNNS, Contact persons, Calendar of meeting around Neural Networks, and etc.
Linc, founded in 1993, is a research group of Internet communication under private environments. The pages of 1998 Nagano Olympics are available.
Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, Japan
Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, Tokyo, Japan.
Serving information about MPT organization, MPT News(press release), white papers, reports of telecommnucations council, ITU pleniportertiary conference 94 bulletin in Kyoto, etc.
National Cancer Center, Tokyo, Japan. Serving CancerNet Documents, many Informations, including Himawari,etc.
NEC Corporation
NEC Corporation, Tokyo, Japan.
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, Tokyo, Japan. Serving Japanese Information corner of the web, NTT What's New for New information of the web, etc.
NTT Learning Systems Corporation, Tokyo, Japan.
We have Japan Information space and guest space on Entertainment page. NTT-LS(NTT Learning Systems Corporation) is operating NTT MEDIA LAB.
Meiji University
Meiji University. Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan.
Mizuno Pharmacies, Tokyo Japan,
operate community pharmacies. As a commercial site, we are now online through AT&T Jens InterSpin. It is a modest WWW server due to a limited bandwidth.
Nihon Sun User Group, Yoga, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan. Serving infomation about NSUG such as membership, NSUG-CD, what's NSUG.
Real World Computing Pertnership
Real World Computing Pertnership, Tokyo, Japan. Serving information on the Real World Computing Program and Techical reports, etc.
Science University of Tokyo
Science University of Tokyo, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan.
Serving information about Science University of Tokyo.
Soka University
Soka University, Hachioji, Tokyo.
A brief biography of founder of university, Mr Daisaku Ikeda; Founding spirit of university, campus map; the brochures `, and other Soka related schools and instittions. (Experimental)
Sony Computer Science Laboratory Inc.
Sony Computer Science Laboratory Inc., Tokyo, Japan. Research papers, Information for Research Projects, etc. are available.
Software Research Associates, Inc., Tokyo, Japan.
We provide company overview, product information, summary of books written by SRA people, GNU document, Smalltalk Textbook, BSD UNIX information, etc.
SunSITE Japan
The SunSITE Japan Project is managed by the Information Processing Center, Science University of Tokyo in collaboration with Nihon Sun Microsystems.
The Chemical Society of Japan
The Chemical Society of Japan (CSJ) presents full text database of its research journal, Bull. Chem. Soc. Jpn. , experimental service over a limited period of time until the end of January, 1995. You can retrieve and display the original papers published in Bull. Chem. Soc. Jpn. Vol. 66, No. 1 (1993) through Vol. 67, No. 6 (1994).
The Prime Minister's Official Residence
The Prime Minister's Official Residence, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Department of Social Engineering, T.I.T., Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan. Interoducing Dept. of Social Eng., Providing the database of paper titles in this department, other data and other services in T.I.T..
UMIN: University Medical Information Network
University of Tokyo Hospital, Tokyo, Japan. UMIN connects academic medical facilities in Japan via Internet. It was established in 1988 by the Ministry of Education, and currently, it is running on the second generation platform, consisting of Hitachi and SUN workstations.
The University of Electro Communications. Tokyo , Japan. We have the whois server for all staff.
University of Tokyo
University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan.
The list of WWW Servers in University of Tokyo is here
College of Arts and Sciences, University of Tokyo (KOMABA)
WWW server for the College of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokyo, (KOMABA Campus).
Department of Information Science
WWW server for the Yonezawa Lab. at the Department of Information Science, University of Tokyo.
Sakamura Laboratory WWW Server.
Information on the TRON Project, Distribution of Software for TRON, Introduction to Sakamura Laboratory
Department of Physics, Facultyof Science, University of Tokyo
This WWW server, which is maintained by Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, University of Tokyo, contains the reports for the research activities at Department of Physics. Also the documents and FAQ's useful for begginers are collected here. Experimental "Internet Calendar" pages give you the information about troubles and events on Japanese Internet.
Ocean Research Instiute, University of Tokyo
Ocean Research Institute, Univerisity of Tokyo, Nakano-ku, Tokyo. Providing outline of institute, and information of cruise schedule, recent cruise results, and research highlights.
Research into Artifacts, Center for Engineering, The University of Tokyo.
Research into Artifacts, Center for Engineering, The University of Tokyo. RACE does pioneering work in a young field that hopes to reverse the tragedy of modern technology: the continuous subdivision and narrowing of science and the consequent loss of balance of society and the environment. Its activities were initiated in 1992 by Hiroyuki Yoshikawa, the President of the University of Tokyo, who proposed novel directions for the study of engineering and technology related to all aspects of man-made objects "artifacts". Our server provides various information of RACE concepts and activities. It also provides links to various W3 servers installed on the campus.
The list of WWW Servers in University of Tokyo is here


Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. Server is located on Kawasaki Kanagawa Japan.
We announce following articles to Internet:
Brief introduction of Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. (Sorry, Japanese only) Some softwares
Keio University
The Faculty of Science and Technology (Yagami Campus) and Shonan Fujisawa Campus have their own home page. These home pages have pointers to other WWW servers located in each campus.
Nomura Research Institute
Nomura Research Institute, Ltd., Yokohama, Japan.
WIDE Project
You can get a many kind of topics on the WIDE Project
and informations related to the Internet. Informations provided here about the WIDE Project are following. Also you can access to our Anonymous FTP server.
And several informations about the Internet,such as and so on.


Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST)
Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Ishikawa, Japan.

MMMC Group
Multimedia and Mobile Computing(MMMC) Group, located at JAIST, is working on distributed multimedia systems, mobile computing, and object-oriented operating systems using Real-Time Mach microkernel.Currently, Real-Time Mach is being developed by our group, Keio Multimedia Platform(MMP) Project, and CMU ART Project.


Computer Center Institute for Molecular Science (CCIMS)
Computer Center Institute for Molecular Science (CCIMS), Okazaki National Research Institutes. Myodaiji, Okazaki 444, Japan.
Department of Applied Molecular Science (SOUKAN), IMS.
Department of Applied Molecular Science (SOUKAN), Institute for Molecular Science (IMS), Okazaki National Research Institutes. Myodaiji, Okazaki 444, Japan.
Fujita Health University
This is Pathy WWW for medical information. This medical information resource is under continuous development. Pathology Gallery of Hematology is now available.
Nagoya University
WWW server of Nagoya University, Aichi, Japan is now available. Not only does it provide local information, but it provides softwares developed in our university. In the near future, it will call for bug reports and questions about them to improve them more quickly.
Nagoya Institute of Technology
Nagoya Institute of Technology, Nagoya, Japan.
Nanzan University
Nanzan University, Nagoya, Japan has just lanched two httpd servers in March, 1994, and is going to provide local information such as faculties, staffs, and students from a central server. In Dept. of Information Systems and Quantitative Sciences, introduction of each lab's members and research interests from one of WWW servers located in the classrooms. Also information on local cities, hobbies, and verious interesting information will be added in the near future. Stay tuned.
Tokai Internetwork Council, Nagoya, Japan.


KIIS(Kansai Institute of Information Systems)
Kansai Institute of Information Systems (KIIS) is a government- sponsored non-profit organization located in Osaka, Japan, with a mission to promote the prosperity of the Kansai area through information technologies.

It has a membership of about 270 leading companies. KIIS offers information on major projects in Kansai and KIIS-related activities such as:

Osaka University
Osaka University, Osaka, Japan.
Osaka kyoiku University
Osaka Kyoiku University ,Kashiwara ,Osaka
Osaka Medical College
Osaka Medical College Medical Computation Center, Osaka, Japan.
Matsushita Electric/Panasonic
Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., Osaka, Japan. Although the content is very limited now, we are serving information on Matsushita products. And you can search our software archive by name clicking here. The search result makes a clickable WWW page.
Stellar Craft Inc,Ltd. Stellar Craft Inc,Ltd Osaka,Japan.
University of Osaka Prefecture
University of Osaka Prefecture, Sakai, Osaka, Japan.


Kyoto University
Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan.
This server provides various informations on faculties and centers in Kyoto University.
Institute for Chemical Research (Uji Campus)
This is the Molecular Biology WWW Server by GenomeNet.
The DBGET service on this WWW server is an extremely useful resource where related database entries in different databases can be obtained easily by hot links.
Kyoto Institute of Technology
Kyoto Institute of Technology, Kyoto, Japan
Notre Dame Women's College
Notre Dame Women's College, Kyoto, Japan.
This server is maintained by the POETS(Personalized Online Electronic Text Services) project team at NDWC. It provides text databases and information related to communication, language and literature.
OMRON Corporation, Kyoto, Japan Serving Japanese/English dictional by Roma-ji, Archie service have Japanse and English interface (FORM demonstration).


Kobe University
Kobe University, Kobe, Japan. Serving Information about Hyogo Prefecture etc.


Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Nara, Japan. It's named "SHiKA" . It has Campus-information, Kansai-area Informaion and so on.


Wakayama University
Wakayama University, Wakayama, Japan.
Industrial Technology Center of Wakayama Prefecture (WINTEC), Wakayama, Japan.


Hiroshima City University
WWW server of Hiroshima City University provides informations about the academic staff and the facilities. We also have informations about "THE 12th ASIAN GAMES HIROSHIMA 1994" which will be held in Hiroshima from Oct. 2nd in the "What's New" corner (Now preparing English page).
Radiation Effects Research Foundation
This server includes health effects in the survivors of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and some informations about Hiroshima.


Ube College
Dept. of Computer Science, Ube College.

Shikoku region (sensitive map )


Ehime University
Our WWW server is under construction, so we are only providing a tour through our Ehime University. However, you can also to reach some other servers and informations, particulary in Matsuyama.


Takuma National College of Technology
Takuma National College of Technology,Kagawa,Japan


Kochi University
WWW server is run by Department of Information Science, Kochi University (Akebono-cho, Kochi), which is a new department established in 1990. We have a collection of images on the Earth's environment and weather information. We also serve GMS (Himawari) images for Chugoku/Shikoku area.


The University of Tokushima
Serving Information on Campus Network.

Kyushu region (sensitive map )


Kyushu Area Regional Research Network, Japan.
Kyushu University
Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan.
Kyushu Sangyo University
Kyushu Sangyo University, Fukuoka, Japan.
Kyushu Institute of Design
Kyushu Institute of Design, Fukuoka, Japan.
Kyush Institute of Technology
Kyushu Institute of Technology, Kitakyuushuu/Iizuka, Fukuoka, Japan.
Kurume Institute of Technology
Kurume Institute of Technology, Kurume, Fukuoka, Japan.
Fukuoka Junior College of Technology.
Fukuoka Junior College of Technology, Fukuoka, Japan.


Saga University
Saga University, Saga, Japan.


Coara, the pasokon tuusin


Kumamoto Industrial Research Institute
Kumamoto Industrial Research Institute, Kumamoto, Japan.
Kumamoto University
Kumamoto University, Kumamoto, Japan.


Miyazaki University
Miyazaki University, Miyazaki, Japan.


Dongguk University
Prospectus of Dongguk Univesity and Computer Science Dept. Kyongju Tour Information (Officially Mandated)
ETRI server
Introduction to ETRI(Electronics and Telecommunication Research Institute) which is the largest national Institute related to Informations, Electronics, and Telecommunications in Korea. Also information about our research fields. (Officially Mandated)
ME-Postech's Web Server
This server includes the following items: 1. Sensitive Map for Korean WWW Servers 2. Mech. Eng. Dept. Prospectus & Faculty in POSTECH 3. Mech. Eng. Dept. Laboratories & Graduate Students in POSTECH 4. Postech Faculty E-Mail Address & Phonebook 5. Macintosh Softwares related to Korean Mac System 6. FTP, Gopher, News, Telnet, BBS, PhoneBook Services in Domestic & Overseas
WWW of Telecomm. Lab., Yonsei University
List of Korean WWW servers (Experimental)


standard and quality, industrial technology development and assistance to industry. (Officially Mandated)
Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang
Server provides information about the University (general information, academic programmes, research, etc) and also information about Penang (for tourists who intend to come to Penang; includes maps, pictures, etc).


National University of Singapore (NUS) BioWWW server
BioWWW server. information available from the National University of Singapore, Singapore Technology Network TECHNET, and the Biocomputing Interest Group BIG.
National University of Singapore (NUS) Campus Wide Web server
Information from history of NUS, courses, employment to e-mail userids of staff is available, and more soon!
Welcome to Technet's World Wide Web server on darwin.technet.sg. This service provides information related to Information Technology (IT), Computing, as well as links to other interesting places in Singapore cyberspace. In addition, we also host the Singapore National InfoMAP, a WWW page which contains everything about Singapore like facts and figures, goverment bodies, laws, history, where to eat places of interest etc etc. (Officially Mandated)
Singapore National Computer Board (NCB)
(unaccessible in oct 93)


Taipei area
Taoyuan area
Hsinchu area
Taichung area
Yun-Chia area
Tainan area
Kaohsiung area


Asian Institute of Technology
Web Server
Assumption University
Web Server
Chiang Mai University and Northern Thailand
Information about Chiang Mai University and Information about Northern Thailand
Chulalongkorn University
The official information about Chulaongkorn University as well as another higher education and research in Thailand including study programs and academic activities.
Chula, Physics (Experimental)
Department of Physics, Chulalongkorn University, Staffs, Students, Major Events, hot news, publications (electronic format, i.e. TeX), Students' projects, Theses, and dissertations, Physics Education resources.
Kasetsart University
Temporary WWW Server
Khon Kaen University
WWW Server
King Mongkut Institute of Technology Ladkrabang
King Mongkut Institute of Technology North Bangkok
Mahidol University
WWW Server
The National Electronics and Computer Technology Center. General information about Thailand
SEA GAMES'95 WorldWideWeb Online Information Server
Thammasat University
The Information Processing Institute for Education and Development (WWW Test Service)

Australia and Oceania


Australian Graduate School of Management
Business and Management sources both local and overseas FTP site for current academic working papers Telnet access to Frank Lowy Library within the AGSM.
Australian National Botanic Gardens
Biodiversity, australian plants. ( Catalogue )
ANU Bioinformatics
Research School of Biological Sciences & Centre for Information Science Research at the Australian National University. BioInformatics department.
Australian Public Access Network Association
Providing public access to the major networks that Australia and the world participate in. AARNET and the Internet respectivly (Officially Mandated)
Basser Department of Computer Science, University of Sydney
the Basser Department of Computer Science at the University of Sydney, Australia. It contains pointers to its staff and research as well as information for prospective students, both undergraduate and postgraduate. (Officially Mandated)
Information Technology research Provision of leading edge expertise in IT to industry (Experimental)
CoombsQuest (Social Sciences & Humanities Inf. Fac.) at ANU
Run by the Coombs Computing Unit, for the Research Schools of Social Sciences & Pacific and Asian Studies, Australian National University. This server keeps track of leading information facilities of value and/or significance to researchers in the field of social sciences and humanities (including the Coombspapers archives).
the Australian Environmental Resources Information Network
This server is a collection of links, dealing with Business; Australian and International Law; and a StarTrek page. It also includes a large Internet Utilties Page and a United Nations Page.
Mathematica World
Mathematica World - Interactive electronic Notebook Publication.WWW access to all publications, Interactive Support and Mathematica University. A service to academics, professionals, educators and students to enhance their use of Mathematica. (Officially Mandated)
Monash VIFP
Victorian Institute of Forensic Pathology
Mt Stromlow Observatory
Mount Stromlow and Siding Spring Observatory
Physics Department Home Page
The University of Queensland Physics Department - staff members and research groups, departmental bibliographic record, a tour of the Physics Museum (lots of .gif files), and information on graduate and postgraduate study in the department. (Officially Mandated)
RDN-CRC:Advanced Network Systems Performance and Applications Group
High speed network applications and performance.
The Research Data Networks Cooperative Research Centre: Advanced Network Systems Performance and Applications Group (RDN-CRC:ANSPAG) (Experimental)
Reece High School
Reece High School, Devonport, Tasmania, Australia (Officially Mandated)
School of Biological And Biomedical Science, UTS
The School of Biological and Biomedical Sciences, at the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia. (Soon to be the Faculty of Science WWW Server.) Information about courses, research, etc carried out at the University. (Officially Mandated)
School of Physics, University of Melbourne
Research and activities at the School of Physics (Officially Mandated)
The National Library of Australia
University of Sydney
Basser Department of Computer Science (information about the department and its current research); The Written Web (Communication rather than purely information technology)
The Sydney University Persistent Systems Research Group WWW Server
Research project being carried out by the Persistent Systems Research Group at Sydney University. (Officially Mandated)
University of Sydney Home Page
Information about departments and activities at the University of Sydney, Australia (Officially Mandated)
University Of Technology, Sydney World Wide Web Server
The different faculties and divisions of the University Of Technology, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. (Officially mandated, Experimental)

New Zealand

Actrix Information Exchange
General information about New Zealand from Aotearoa's first commercial service. (Officially Mandated)
International Centre for Antarctic Information and Research (ICAIR)
The server contains annual programme reports for several nations outlining current projects and activities on the ice, information on Ozone depletion over Antarctica, and links to other Antarctic related Internet services.
New Zealand Institute for Crop & Food Research Ltd
Crop & Food Research, a Crown Research Institute. Research in the crop, food and fish industries. Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research, a Crown Research Institute. New Zealand's leading environmental research and consultancy company. (Officially Mandated)
School of Architecture Property and Planning, University of Auckland
Architecture ( History, Theory, Visualisation, Technical), Planning (Methods, Policy), History, Computer Graphics (Officially Mandated) ------- end -------
Schools of Architecture and Design, Victoria University of Wellington
The Victoria University School of Architecture Degrees in Building Science, in Architecture and in association with the Wellington Polytechnic, in Design. Staff listings note the research interests and e-mail addresses. Listings of current projects of interest include graphics of architecturally interesting buildings drawn by final year students using CAD software, Radiance images and CADDS5 images of Gaudi's cathedral in Barcelona. (Officially mandated, Experimental)
The University of Auckland Hyper-G Server
The University of Auckland (Officially Mandated)
University of Canterbury
The University of Canterbury (Officially Mandated)
University of Otago - Te Whare Wananga O Otago
The University of Otago and its departments (Officially Mandated)
University of Waikato
Victoria Univ. of Wellington
Panui, the Campus Wide Information System.

Central America

(see Latin American Studies)

Costa Rica

Costa Rica's Research Network
It's experimental but representative for CRNet
Servidor WWW de la Universidad de Costa Rica
The Universidad de Costa Rica (Officially Mandated)


(see sensitive map, virtual tourist map, and Russian and East European Studies)
Commercial Internet service provider in Europe. Includes links to national EUnet Web servers and various other information sources
The European X User Group
The collaboration between the national research networks in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. (see conference and map)



(see a sensitive map)
Bekaert is a leading steel wire and cable manufacturer. (official server)
Information about the resources found on BELNET, the Belgian National Research Network
Free University of Brussels Applied Sciences Faculty
A server for local information related to the Applied Sciences Faculty and the VUB in general.
ELIS, the Electronics and Information Systems Department of the University of Ghent
information on the teaching and research activities at our department. Includes Liquid Crystal Displays and Electroluminescent Thin Films, Solar Cells, Thin Film Component Group, Thermo Electronics and Biomedical Current Supply, DC-AC Inverters and the Design of Photovoltaic Systems, Parallel Processing And Digital Systems, Medical Image and Signal Processing, Speech Processing, and Circuits and Systems (Officially Mandated)
EUnet Belgium WWW-server
Products and Services provided by EUnet Belgium NV/SA, a commercial Internet Provider in Belgium (Officially Mandated)
Free University of Brussels Principia Cybernetica Project
We want to integrate the whole of human knowledge in a simple, universal and easy-to-use framework.
Free University of Brussels Info-Groep
Info-Groep support group's WWW-server at Brussels Free University.
The "Facultes Universitaires Notre-Dame de la Paix" (FUNDP), the University of Namur (Officially Mandated)
Service for Telematic and Communication (Service Telematique et Communication)
Brussels University
The UA Information Service
Information Service of the Universiteit Antwerpen - UA, providing access to Library Services, to Directory Services and to other general information. Each of the three member institutions RUCA, UFSIA and UIA has its own WWW based local Information Service. (Officially Mandated)
The UIA Information Service
Information Service of the Universitaire Instelling Antwerpen - UIA mainly containing locally developed computer and network related documents, a directory service and access to the library and other local servers. (Officially Mandated)
ULB - Université Libre de Bruxelles
Entry point to the web at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, or ULB (Free University of Brussels, French speaking). It contains site-related information and services provided by Departments of the University. (Officially Mandated)


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University of Zagreb:
Rudjer Boskovich Institute, Zagreb:

Czech Republic


See Danish Information servers accessible via WWW, Gopher or telnet


Estonian Research and Education network
Tartu University Library
University of Tartu
Information about University of Tartu and it's services. Also unofficial information about city Tartu. Many pointers to interesting places in Estonia and World. (Officially mandated, Experimental)




Other research and educational entities

Municipalities and Cities

Corporate life

Communities and Associations

You are free to make references to this file, but you may not make accessible copies of it without permission of finweb@cs.hut.fi. finweb@cs.hut.fi


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Atelier BioInformatique de Luminy (Université Aix-Marseille II). Serveur orienté vers l'enseignement et la Bioinformatique

Despa - Lyot - Observatoire de Paris à Meudon.
Serveur d'information sur l'expérience Adonis, système d'Optique Adaptative pour l'Astronomie.
(keywords: adaptive optics, astronomy, artificial intelligence, adonis, come-on)

Présentation du laboratoire ARTEMIS (GRENOBLE) et Serveur pour les chercheurs en Mathématiques Discrètes

Centre d'Ingenierie et de Modelisation Moleculaire - Marseille

Informations commerciales sur les services de CalvaCom, acces a notre site FTP (GNU, Linux, Divers Unix) et liens vers d'autres pages interessantes. - Paris (Velizy)

Centre Charles Hermite - Centre Lorrain de Compétence en Modélisation et Calcul à Hautes Performances - Nancy

Centre de Calcul de Saint-Jerome - Marseille

Centre de Données astronomiques de Strasbourg

Centre d'études de la Navigation Aérienne - Athis-Mons

Centre d'études de la Navigation Aérienne - toulouse

Centre d'Études et de Recherches de Toulouse

Centre Interuniversitaire de Calcul de Grenoble

Centre Interuniversitaire de Calcul de Toulouse

Centre d'Ingenierie et de Modelisation Moleculaire - Marseille

Centre de coopération Internationale en Recherche Agronomique pour le Développement - Montpellier

Centre Inter-universitaire de Ressources Informatiques de Lorraine - Nancy

Centre International de Rencontres Mathematiques de Marseille

Centre Interuniversitaire de traitement de l'Information - université René Descartes - Paris

serveur du Centre de Mathematiques Appliquees de l'Ecole Polytechnique - Palaiseau

Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers - Paris

Catalogues Collectifs nationaux des bibliothčques du CNRS-SHS - Grenoble

Présentation des services du Centre National Universitaire Sud de Cal cul - Montpellier

C.R. Aquitaine
Conseil Régional d'Aquitaine - Bordeaux

CPE Engineering School, research in its laboratories (Officially Mandated) - Lyon

Centre de Physique des Particules de Marseille

Centre de Physique Théorique - Marseille

Serveur destine aux biochimistes, structuralistes et biologistes - Montpellier

CRI Rennes 1
Centre de Ressources Informatiques de l'université de Rennes1

Centre de Ressources Informatiques de Haute Normandie - Rouen

Ministère de la Culture
Les services du ministère de la culture et de la francophonie - Paris

Centre de Recherche par Tomographie à Emission de Positons - Caen

Département d'Astrophysique Extragalactique et de Cosmologie, Observatoire de Paris-Meudon

Direction des Musées de France
Exposition imaginaire sur les peintures Francaises du 18 eme. - Paris

Delegation Regionale du CNRS Aquitaine & Poitou-Charentes

École Centrale - Paris

École pour les Études et la Recherche en Informatique et Électronique - Nimes

Enseignement International des Affaires - Marseille

École Normale Supérieure de Cachan

École Normale Supérieure de Lyon

École Normale Supérieure - Paris

École Nationale Supérieure d'Électronique et de Radioélectricité de Bordeaux

Laboratoire de Physique Théorique de l'École Normale Supérieure de Lyon

Ecole Nationale Superieure des Telecommunications - Brest, Rennes

École Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunicatio ns - Paris

École Nationale Supérieure de Techniques Avancées - Paris

École Nationale Supérieure de Télécommunications de Bretagne

Serveur des etudiants de Physique nucleaire de Lyon

École Superieure d'Ingénieurs en Informatique - Marseille

ESCA (European Speech Communication Association) est une Association a but non lucratif regroupant des chercheurs institutionnels ou de l'industrie dans le but de promouvoir la recherche et la technologie dans le domaine de la Parole. ESCA organise la conference EUROSPEECH tous les deux ans : E'89 a Paris, E'91 a Genes, E'93 a Berlin, E95 a Madrid. En outre, ESCA organise environ deux seminaires specialises par an. Depuis 1994, le Secretariat d'ESCA est installe a Grenoble

Ecole Superieure d'Ingenieurs en Electronique et Electrotechnique - Marne la Vallée

Infos relatives a l Ecole Superieure de Mecanique de Marseille, activites de recherche, infos campus IMT Chateau gombert, coin des etudiants (archives sons+img), images SIRDS, annuaire etc ... Marseille,

European Synchrotron Radiation Facility - Grenoble

École Supérieure en Sciences Informatiques - Sophia-Antipolis

Institut EURECOM - Formation d'ingénieurs en Systèmes de Communication - Sophia-Antipolis

Societe specialise dans l'ecriture de logiciels de traduction. - Paris

French Data Network, association loi de 1901 ayant pour but la promotion de Usenet. Propose a ses adherents l'acces a l'e-mail, aux news et autres services de l'Internet - Paris

FNET - Prestataire de services Internet en France et en Europe - Paris

Formula One Pick6 Web
Pronostics sur les courses de Formule Un au travers de formulaires - Sophia -Antipolis

Acces grand public a l'Internet - Paris

École d'Architecture de Marseille-Luminy

Groupement De Recherche 1000, Biologie Structurale et Microbiologie - Marseille

GDR Programmation
Le Groupe de Recherche PROGRAMMATION du CNRS et le Programme de Recherche Coordonnées PROGRAMMATION ET OUTILS DE L'INTELLIGENCE ARTIFICIELLE du Ministčre de l'Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche. - Nancy Bordeaux

Centre de Recherche sur le Génome Humain - Evry

Serveur GENESTREAM, centre des ressources bioinformatique du projet de cartogaphie du genome humain du Sud de la France, localise a l'EERIE - Nîmes

Departement de Genie Informatique, Universite de Technologie de Compiegne

Grenoble Isere Developpment

HAPEX SAHEL Information System. La banque de données HAPEX SAHEL (Hydrologic Atmospheric Pilot Experiment au Sahel) est destiné à étudier les interactions continent/atmosphere (flux hydriques, de CO2 et d'énergie) au Sahel, une région particulièrement représentative de la zone tropicale sèche. HAPEX SAHEL regroupe les chercheurs d'une dizaine de pays et s'intègre dans les recherches menées sous l'égide du Programme Mondial de Recherche sur le Climat pour améliorer la prise en compte des processus hydrologiques dans les modèles climatiques. La Banque de Données HAPEX SAHEL est un projet commun au LERTS (Laboratoire d'Etude et de Recherche en Télédétection Spatiale), à l'ORSTOM et au CNES (Agence Française de l'Espace). Cette banque de données est basée sur la banque de données de l'expérience First International Land Surface Climatology Field Experiment (FIFE). - MONTPELLIER

Ce serveur du Centre Interuniversitaire de Calcul de Toulouse presente le serveur FTP anonyme ftp://hpux.cict.fr contenant plus de 600 logiciels du domaine public testes et adaptes aux stations de travail Hewlett Packard serie 700 systeme d'exploitation HP-UX 8.07 et au dela. Tous les logiciels presents sont documentes ainsi que tous les services lies a HP. Ce serveur est le mirroir officiel francais du serveur ftp://hpux.csc.liv.ac.uk de Liverpool

Institut de la Communication Parlée - Grenoble

Institut d'Études Politiques - Lyon

Institut Francais de Recheche pour l'Exploitation de la Mer. - Brest

Institut de Géodynamique de l'université de Bordeaux 3

Institut d'Informatique d'Entreprise - Paris

ILL - Monochromator Group

Institut Laue - Langevin - Grenoble


Description de l'instutut de mathematiques appliquees et de l'Universite Catholique de l'Ouest a Angers.

Institut d'Informatique et de Mathématique appliquées - Grenoble

Institut National de Physique Nucléaire et de Physique des Particules - Lyon

Institut National de l'Audiovisuel - Bry-sur-Marne

Institut National de Recherche Agronomique - Paris

Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et Automatique - Rocquencourt - Rennes - Nancy - Grenoble - Nice

Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon

Institut National des Sciences Appliquees - Rouen

Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Toulouse

Institut Blaise Pascal (I.B.P)
Description de la federation de l'Institut Blaise Pascal, federation de laboratoire de l'universite Paris 6 et Paris 7 et du CNRS. Descriptions des enseignements et moyens informatique de l'IBP. Liens vers les divers services informatique de l'IBP (serveur FTP gopher, etc...) Divers pointeurs interressant sur WWW. Pointeurs vers les laboratoires d'informatique de l'IBP (MASI LITP LAFORIA Equipe Combinatoire) ainsi que les Projets Europeens et le forum COnvergence de Paris 6

Institut National des Télécommunications. Description du campus (plan de l'école + photos), annuaire des élčves et présentation de départements d'enseignements. Pages personnelles des élčves. Animations graphiques - Evry

Informations sur NetWorld+Interop 94 à Paris

Institut de Physique Nucléaire d'Orsay
(a Nuclear Physics laboratory in France)

Institut de Physique Nucléaire de Lyon

Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique - Paris

Service Universitaire de Formation des Maitres :

Mots Cles :

Presentation de l'institut; formation, association des etudiants recherche, transfert de technologie... - Nantes

Irisa/Inria Rennes
Présentation de l'unité de recherche Irisa/Inria Rennes, des équipes de recherches et des projets de recheche. Annonces des manifestations scientifiques organisées par l'Irisa (formulaires d'inscription). Accès au fonds documentaire de l'Irisa. Accès en ligne aux rapports d'activité des équipes de recherche. Ce serveur est bilingue (français et anglais)

Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse

Institut de Recherche Mathématique Avancée (Strasbourg)

Institut de Recherche Pluridisciplinaire sur les Environnements d'Apprentis sage et de Communication de Savoirs - CNRS - Lyon

presentation et services du Groupe ISEN : Institut Superieur d'Electronique du Nord (ecole d'ingenieurs),
présentation des laboratoires CNRS de l'ISEN - Lille

Institut Supérieur d'Informatique et d'Automatique - Nice

IUT-GTR Luminy
Departement Genie des Telecommunications et Reseaux de l'IUT d'Aix - Marseille II a Luminy

Institut Universitaire de Technologie d'Orsay

Campus de Jussieu
Informations sur le campus de Jussieu et les Universités Pierre et Marie Curie (Scientifique et Médicale) et Denis Diderot (pluridisciplinaire) - Paris

Laboratoire de Mathematiques
Ce serveur decrit le laboratoire de Mathematiques de l'universite de Nice sophia Antipolis ( URA 128 )

Laboratoire Bordelais de Recherche en Informatique

Serveur du Laboratoire d'Analyse Numerique de l'universite Paris VI. Y sont proposees les publications du laboratoire, les conferences, les coordonnees de ses membres ... ainsi que des liens lies au monde de l'analyse numerique. Mots clefs : mathematique, calcul scientifique,simulation numerique

Laboratoire de Cristallographie et de Physique Cristalline - Bordeaux

Serveur WWW du Laboratoire d'Informatique, de Micro-électronique, de Robotique de Montpellier (UMR C9928 CNRS/Université Montpellier II) - Présentation du LIRMM - Publications du LIRMM - Serveur FTP du LIRMM - Pointeurs vers Montpellier, la région en cours de développement.

Laboratoire d'Informatique des Systèmes d'Information et de décision - Toulouse

Serveur d'informations du Laboratoire de Mineralogie-Cristallographie - Paris

Serveur WWW du Laboratoire de Meteorologie Dynamique du CNRS. C'est un serveur thematique sur la meteorologie. - Paris

CRIN + INRIA Lorraine - Nancy

Laboratoire de Physique Corpusculaire du Collège de France - Paris

Laboratoire de Physique Nucléaire des Hautes Énergies - Paris

Laboratoire de Rheologie du Bois de Bordeaux

Laboratoire de Recherche en Informatique, Université Paris Sud

Laboratoire de Spectroscopie Moleculaire et Cristalline Universite Bordeaux I

Laboratoire Système de Perception - Arcueil

Le serveur d'information sur les activites de la Maison des sciences de l'Homme d'Aquitaine - Bordeaux

Institut Laue Langevin - Grenoble

Observatoire Astrophysique de Lyon

Oléane -- Groupe Apysoft (opérateur de services d'accès à l'Internet) - Paris

Ce nouveau serveur WWW (situé sur la plaque RERIF) est le serveur de l'ORSTOM, Institut Francais de Recherche Scientifique pour le Developpement en Coopération.
Les sujets essentiellement abordes seront le reseau RIO, la cooperation vers les pays du Sud, toutes matieres scientifiques relevant des departements de l'ORSTOM (Sante, Sciences Humaines, Hydro, Pedo, Geol, Oceano, Agro, la liste est longue) - Paris

P-RooT & COO
Ce serveur contient des informations ŕ propos du projet COO et de son implantation basée sur P-RooT et des outils qui y sont utilisés : Emeraude/PCTE, TCL, CVS Coo is a research project which aims at building an active framework for software development processes support. It particularly focus on coordination and consistent support to cooperation between the different tasks and activities involved in the process. Coo is mainly based on a formally defined cooperative transaction model that uses software process models to surpass the limits of traditional transaction models, so as to allow cooperation between the sofware developers while ensuring the consistence of the development. The implementation of Coo is based on P-RooT, a software engineering database prototype. P-RooT is an object oriented extension of PCTE that allow procedural attachment to PCTE objects and thus provide an object-oriented interface to PCTE object bases. - Nancy

Institut Pasteur, Paris.

Pôle Bioinformatique de Villejuif
Ce serveur regroupe un ensemble de bases de données de biologie moléculaire et de génome ainsi que des programmes d'analyses

Serveur des eleves de l'ecole polytechnique

Réseau National de télécommunications pour la Technologie, l'Enseignement et la Recherche - Paris

Reseau Documentaire de Grenoble (ou REDOC)
Serveur WWW donnant acces aux bibliotheques / catalogues/documents electroniques - Grenoble

Association RESUS, université de Luminy - Marseille

Laboratoire Systeme de Perception - Paris

École Supérieure d'Électricité - Gif

École Supérieure d'Électricité - Metz

École Supérieure d'Électricité - Rennes

SYstème Réseau de HAute NOrmandie - Rouen

Univ. Angers
Université d'Angers

Univ. Bordeaux I
Université Bordeaux I

Universite de Bourgogne - Dijon

Univ. Lille I
Université des Sciences et Technologies de Lille (Campus de Villeneuve d'Ascq)

Univ. Lumière
Université Lumière - Lyon 2

Univ. MLV
Serveur de l'Universite de Marne la Vallee Gere actuellement par le CIG (Centre d'InfoGraphie de MLV) Le serveur est en phase de test. On y trouve entre autre, des informations sur la vie de l'universite (les "Breves", un plan d'acces...) et sur les personnes travaillant au CIG. A venir : les rapports (theses, articles...) locaux et les autres laboratoire de l'universite.

Univ. Jean Monnet
Université Jean Monnet - Saint-Etienne

Univ. Montaigne
Université Michel de Montaigne - Bordeaux 3

Université de Nice-Sophia Antipolis

Université de Pau

Univ. Perpignan
Université de Perpignan

Univ. Rabelais
Université François Rabelais - Tours

Univ. Louis Pasteur
Université Louis Pasteur - Strasbourg

Universite de Valenciennes et du Hainaut-Cambresis

Univ. Claude Bernard
Serveur d'Information Universitaire federant les sites de l'Universite Claude Bernard. Ce serveur multimedia, utilisant les techniques de navigation hypermedia (WWW), a caractere documentaire, est destine a la communaute des chercheurs et utilisateurs des reseaux ROCAD et INTERNET - Lyon

Universite de Savoie
Serveur en cours de developpement presentant l'Universite de savoie. Lien vers notre serveur Gopher , ftp anonyme, et WHOIS. Liens vers les home pages des laboratoires de l'universite - Chambéry - Annecy

Laboratoire de physiologie cellulaire vegetale, Imagerie ionique,Rouen

Biométrie, Génétique et Biologie des Populations - Lyon

Unité RÉseaux du CNRS - Paris

Serveur de l'Université de Technologie de Compiègne

Le Centre de la Vieille Charite : Les Musees, l'EHESS, les Centres de Recherche ( SHADYC,GREQAM,CAMS,ESE) - Marseille

Serveur ``WebLouvre'', Peintures celebres, mini-expo sur l'art medieval, mini-visite de Paris.

Internet User Group --- Service Professionnel d`acces l`Internet - Paris





Information about the Icelandic part of Internet (ISnet), sites providing WWW, and/or gopher sevices in Iceland etc.

CentrumIS Communications
General information about CentrumIS.
Information about ICEUUG (The Icelandic Unix Systems User Group).
Marine Research Inst./Directorate of Fisheries
Information on Icelandic fishing vessels. Articles on marine research. Dictionary of Sea animals.
University of Iceland (Experimental)
Only information in Icelandic, so far. Such as the Bible in Icelandic and some genealogical information. More to come.


(see sensitive map)
Armagh Observatory
Information on the current work of the Observatory and on its history. Links to various astronomical resources.
Broadcom Eireann Research Ltd.
Information on the various projects Broadcom is involved in. Other Information.
Irish Literature archive
Dublin Institute of Technology
This server is intended to provide information about academic, R&D, and social activities within the DIT to our own students and staff, and to external parties. It will also provide a point of contact for graduates of the DIT.
Dublin City University
Information on the School of Computer Applications and the Centre for Software Engineering
IONA Technologies Ltd.
info about their Object Request Broker software product and some bits and pieces of Irish news.
Networking Information regarding Ireland, and Links to the rest of Europe.
Not much information yet. Links to HEANET FTP and Gopher services.
Ireland Online
A GNN Mirror site.
National Institute for Management Technology (NIMT)
Information about the NIMT. Server to be expanded to include summary information on NIMT areas of interest, including Executive Support Systems, Groupware, Strategic/Management Use of IT, Multi Media, Trends. This is an official NIMT WWW server, and information presented is representative of its views and beliefs.
Telecom Eireann Museum of Communications
This server contains a history of telecommunications in Ireland. There is also a staff list and a "Heritage Collection". The server is still under construction.
Trinity College Dublin
University College Cork
Campus Information. Academic Information.
University College Galway (James Hardiman Library)
Under development. Some Library Information.
University College Dublin
Information about University College Dublin. Under construction, this server aims to provide general information about UCD, information about faculties and courses, and information about projects which various departments are undertaking.
University of Limerick
Information on Natural Language Processing and some research projects in the Department of Computer Science and Information Systems. Also a list of WWW research information.
WebNet Technologies - Making Practical use of the World-Wide Web for business.



Latvia OnLine (VERnet)
The Latvia Home Page
Beautiful Riga Map
University of Latvia


Lithuania WWW
Information about Lithuania( Academic and Research Institutions,Communications, information for tourists,news) (Officially Mandated)


One of the major challenges confronting us today is the development of a stable information infrastructure, an international information superhighway to ensure that information can be transmitted quickly and reliably in whatever formats are required. The Bangemann report emphasised the crucial role that the Internet will play in the new information society. DGXIII/E has decided to harness the power of this global network of networks to assist in its mission to optimise information awareness and promote the use and exploitation of information products.
RESTENA, the National Network for Education and Research
RESTENA (Reseau Teleinformatique de l'Education Nationale) is the National Network for Education and Research of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.


CAOS/CAMM Center, the Dutch National Expertise Center for Computer Aided Chemistry and BioInformatics
The CAOS/CAMM WWW-server provides an overview of the available online services (software & databases), network services, courses, hardware and personel. (Mandated by the CAOS/CAMM)
language, speech, logic and information (Officially Mandated)
Center for Mathematics and Computer Science, Amsterdam.
Eindhoven Univ. of Technology
Eindhoven Technical University. Specific servers for Math and Comp. Sci, Elec. Eng Design Automation, Electrical circuits.
Leiden University - Faculty of Mathematics & Natural Sciences
Organization, People & Research (including technical reports) at the Mathematics & Natural Science Faculty. At present (september 1994) most of the information is connected to the Computer Science deparment. (Officially mandated, Experimental)
The server contains articles and technical information on various aspects of telecommunications, positions available, etc. and will expand in response to reader input. (Officially Mandated)
the research institute MERIT. This is an acronym for Maastricht Economic Research Institute on Innovation and Technology. MERIT is a university institute based at the university of Limburg in Maastricht, the Netherlands. We do research on the economics of innovation and technology. Among other things, we intend to distribute our working papers and information on events and conferences on the W3 server. (Experimental)
The Dutch High-Energy Physics center. (Replaces nic.nikhef.nl server)
ICCE, State University of Groningen
This server mainly offers HTML information for our C++ Utility Library and our home-grown software, which is mainly for Linux. A large document on `Programming in C++' is coming shortly. Furthermore information about our activities (Linux symposium) is provided.
Institute of Phonetic Sciences, Amsterdam
Phonetics Speech Communication Speech Development Speech Science (Officially Mandated)
Kernfysisch Versneller Instituut (nuclear physics accelerator institute), Groningen, Netherlands. VMS server.
European IP group.
The TRESE Project
at the SETI Group of the Department of Computer Science of the University of Twente in the Netherlands.
TU Delft"
Delft University of Technology. (Experimental)
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Contains links to other infoservers at the university. Also offers Teletext services. (Officially Mandated)


PowerTech Information Systems AS
PowerTech Information Systems AS
Ananse International Trade Law
International Trade Law. We also provide local information on the Law Faculty of the University of Tromsoe. What we intend to do. (under construction in dec 93).
BIBSYS is a shared library database for Norwegian Universities and other research libraries, and the National Library.
Department of Informatics, University of Bergen
Official server for the department and Para//ab.
University of Oslo
Official server for the University of Oslo.
University of Bergen
Official server for the University of Bergen.
University of Trondheim
Official server for the University of Trondheim.
Řstfold Distriktshřgskole
Official server for the 'Řstfold Distriktshřgskole'.
Oppland Distriktshřgskole
Official server for the 'Oppland Distriktshřgskole'.
Agder Ingeniřr- og Distriktshřgskole
Official server for the 'Agder Ingeniřr- og Distriktshřgskole'.
Telemark Distriktshřgskole
Official server for the 'Telemark Distriktshřgskole'.
Hřgskolen i Molde
Official server for 'Hřgskolen i Molde'.
Hřgskolen i Stavanger
Official server for 'Hřgskolen i Stavanger'.
The Ludvigsen Residence
Even though there is good reason to believe that great efforts will be made at creating lucrative markets for variations on arcade games and similar forms of entertainment, the fear should not be that vast sections of the public will inevitably become vegetables.
Oslonett, Inc.
The WWW server has some company information, but is for most devoted to meta-resources and pointers to Internet based information around the world. The server is an official distribution for the HTML version of Big Dummys Guide to The Internet. The information is officially mandated
The SINTEF Group
Official server for the Foundation for Scientific and Industrial Research at the Norwegian Institute of Technology. It contains information about SINTEF's organizational units, and their topics of research: mainly technology, but also natural sciences, medicine, and the social sciences.
University of Tromsoe
Official server for the University of Tromsø, the nothernmost university of the world!
Oppland College
Norway, Oppland County
Official server for Oppland College, Lillehammer. Information on this server is officially mandated and it offers basic information about the school, the curriculum, the people and some of the special projects here.
Keywords: multimedia, media, social sciences, management, politics.
UNIK - Center for Technology at Kjeller, University of Oslo
Research projects and advanced courses at UNIK.
Mogul Media as
www.mogul.no offers information about multimedia, interactive television, mediatechnology, CD-ROM publishing, Internet services etc., as well as general information about the company. Information in norwegian. Some articles and information are available in english.
Commercial Internet provider in Norway. Information about Datametrix, DAXNET, Blue Box and Kommhuset, primarily for our customers. Also meta-resources. (Officially Mandated)
Norwegian Laws
There is ongoing project in Norway where netters are making laws available on the net because the government isn't. You find the results here.
Commercial Internet provider in Bergen. Send mail to
for details.
Oslonett A/S
Official WWW server for 'Oslonett A/S'.
TelePost Communication AS
Information about TelePost, a commercial Internet provider, and their customers.
EUnet Norge AS
Commercial Internet provider.
PowerTech Information System A/S
Commercial Internet provider.
Bergen By Byte A/S
BBS / Commercial Internet provider.
Statens Datasentral A/S
Government information center.
NUUG (Norwegian Unix systems User Group)
User group.
Kirke-, Utdannings- og Forskningsdepartement
The department of religion, education and research.
Kommunal Rapport
A magazine about norwegian local administration.
Statens Informajonstjeneste
Governmental information service.
The Northern Lights Planetarium
The primary goal of the server is to spread knowledge about nature's own gigantic lightshow; The Northern Lights, also known as Aurora Borealis. The information is given both through a scientific and and a human point of view. (Officially Mandated)
Cartography and Geographic Information Systems (Experimental)
In Trondheim, Norway.
PAKT - Program on Applied Coordination Technology
PAKT is a 5 year study program on applied coordination technology. Coordination science is the future technology for any organization or enterprise that wants to run their business efficiently. It involves computer science, sociology, pedagogics, psychology, more ... (Officially Mandated)



INESC (Instituto Nacional de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores)
Grupo de Sistemas Distribuidos
Grupo de Sistemas de Informaçăo

Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil

Universidade de Coimbra

Departamento de Matematica

Instituto de Sistemas e Robotica

Universidade do Minho.
CWIS - Campus-Wide Information System

The Departamento de Informática (Computer Science Department) provides information about the department, research projects, undergraduate and graduate courses, seminars, and other stuff.

Centro de Informática

Departamento de Matemática

Universidade de Lisboa
Faculdade de Cięncias

Universidade Nova de Lisboa
The WWW service of the Faculdade de Cięncias e Tecnologia contains a lot of internal information about FCT-UNL, such as: General informations, bibliographic references, Phone book service, Photos of the campus, etc. (ref. on http://www.fct.unl.pt/Here.html)

The WWW service of Departemento de Informatica - Faculdade de Cięncias e Tecnologia is maintaned in cooperation with our gopher service. It is an experimental service that maintais some internal information of DI/FCT/UNL, and some other references.

Universidade do Porto
Faculdade de Engenharia

Universidade do Algarve
Unidade de Cięncias Exactas e Humanas


Association "Russian House for International and Technological Cooperation"
The "RD MNTS-Service" renders assistance to Ministries, scientific and research organizations and centers, enterprisers, foreign organizations and firms in preparating and conducting international conferences, seminars, simposia, presentations, exhibitions in Moscow (Experimental)
Information and Publishing Department, Mathematical Branch RAS
Mathematical institutes of the Russian Academy of Science; Directory of Russian Mathematicians; Gopher server; Sensitive map of Russian WWW servers.  (Officially mandated, Experimental)
JINR Welcome
Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Physics. (Officially Mandated)
Moscow State University
The server provides information on the Lomonosov Moscow State University, starting points to other WWW servers in the university, software archive etc.
Physics Department of Moscow State University (MSU) WWW server
Server provides information about Physics Department of Moscow State University , links to other W3 servers at MSU, popular Internet sites in Russia.
Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics, Moscow State
University Home page contains information about the institute, its scientific research activity and experiments conducted by the institute.
Window-to-Russia (TM) is a Moscow-based project by Relcom Corporation, initiated to give the worldwide network community the means of WWW access to the variety of information resources from and about Russia.



Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering WWW Server
the history of the Faculty, research activities, educational programs... Our site also includes English-Slovene (Slovene-English) electronic dictionary, e-mail address search and some other interesting things. (Officially Mandated)
J. Stefan Institute - Ljubljana
Information about the J. Stefan Institute (departments, contacts, scientific papers, ...)
Laboratory of Artificial Perception HTTP Server
Research and Pedagogical activities of the Laboratory of Artificial Perception, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia (Officially mandated, Experimental)
Univ. of Ljubljana, Department of Civil Engineering and Geodesy
Site under construction; TBA: Civil Engineering and Architectural Topics, Computer Integrated Construction (CIC) Resources, locally written papers, student projects, pointers to civ.eng. and architectural internet sites.
University of Maribor
Information about the University of Maribor (faculties, institutes, curriculae and research programmes, contacts, ...)


Dpto. de Física Moderna de la Universidad de Cantabria (UNICAN). Department of Modern Physics (UNICAN).
Information about topics of interest for our Department. Guided access pages to other WWW-servers of interest. Information about the www-servers in Spain. Information searching services. Local page for access to Medical and Biosciences services. Miscellaneous info, as the first available 'Dogs W3 server' on the Web: includes Spanish Breeds promotion. The information is officially mandated and representative of our Department.

Universitat Jaume I. Department of Education.
The Department of Education of the Universitat Jaume I, Castello. (Spain). Exprimental in Sep 93.

University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. GIAS Group WWW Server.
This Server at "Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria" contains information related to G.I.A.S. Group. Also includes not officially mandated information about the University. Experimental in March 94.

Fundacion para el Desarrollo de la Funcion Social de las Comunicaciones. Contains IT related documentation.

University of Zaragoza: Dpto. de Física Teórica y Grupo de Sismología.

Goya Servicios Telemáticos. Goya/EUnet Spain.

Universidad del Pais Vasco (UPV/EHU), Campus de Gipuzkoa. Facultad de Informática de San Sebastián.
Acceso al Gopher de la Universidad del Pais Vasco. Acceso a los servidores de ficheros ftp-anonymous del Campus de Gipuzkoa y de Lejona (Bizkaia). Obtencion de informacion acerca de los proyectos en desarrollo dentro de la Facultad de Informática de San Sebastián. Informacion en general acerca de la UPV/EHU. Includes officially mandated information about the University.

Centro de Cálculo Científico de la Universidad de Córdoba. University of Cordoba (UCO).
General information about the city of Cordoba (tourism, History, culture, society, etc). Access to X.500 (important for us) and other Internet services. Publications and scientific papers from this University. In short there will be the 'Guide to The University of Cordoba'. Lists software installed in this Center for Scientific Computing. The information is officially mandated and representative of the University of Cordoba.

Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya. Departament de Matematica Aplicada i Telematica de la UPC.
Contiene información relacionada con el Dpto. (docencia e investigación).

University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. ULPGC W3 server.
Campus Wide Information System (CWIS) of the ULPGC. Also contains general information about Canary Islands (tourism, culture and so on...). Information is officially mandated of the Univ. of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Universidad de Oviedo.
Se informa sobre todo aquello que se considere interesante: estudios, cursos, Masters, horarios, listas de acceso, Selectividad, etc ... En resumen, todo aquello que afecte a nuestra comunidad Universitaria. (Officially Mandated)

Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC) Location: La Laguna, Tenerife, Islas Canarias, España.
This is the general presentation of Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias. We are using this home page to popularize the Institute developed information. This information can be outstanding for the astrophysics world. The information is officially mandated and representative of the IAC.


Aftonbladet Kultur
Aftonbladet Kultur, a weekly publication is available at the Department for Journalism, Media and Communication at Stockholm University.

Astrakan Computer Club
NuclearWar Mud and Astrakan Computer Club

B.I.G. is a computer society at the University College of Falun/Borlänge

Chalmers Computer Society
The Computer Society at Chalmers University, Gothenburg

Chalmers University of Technology
Chalmers University of Technology is located in Gothenburg on the west coast of Sweden. The University was founded in 1829.

Computer society at Lund University and Lund Institute of Technology

Ctrl-C is a computer society at Linköping University.

ECSDG i Lund
EkonomiCentrum Software Development Group at the Holger Crafoords Centre of Economy, Lund University. Experimental cgi-subsystems, Internet documents, GNU software, Swedish Internet discussions, Internet Mail systems (Experimental).

Ericsson shows organization, press releases and product information. (Really in Rijen, the Netherlands).

EU Referendum
On November 13, 1994 there will be a national referendum in Sweden to determine if Sweden is to become a member state of the European Union. From this WWW server you will be able to get the latest preliminary results during the night of the election. There is a lot of information already online from some of the key organizations involved.

This is the information pages for EurOpen.SE (The Swedish Unix Users group). It will contain pointers to different other information pages with information about the governing board of EurOpen.SE, the history of EurOpen.SE, and more. It will also hold the EurOpen Calendar in html format.

FEB - The Swedish Association For the Electrically and VDT injured
On this server you will find information in English and/or Swedish about the "Electrical Oversensitivity" or "Electrical Hypersensitivity" phenomenon.

Göteborg University
Education, Research and other information about Gothenburg University - one of Swedens Biggest Universities with 24 000 students and 5 000 resarchers. Entry to our gopher-servers, information about Göteborgs City, a beautiful town on the west coast of Sweden.

Gold of Gaia
Gold Of Gaia is a five part miniseries produced by the Swedish state TV channel TV2.

IDEON Research Park in Lund started back in 1983.

Information Dimensions Scandinavia
IDS informs about the company and its products. They deliver text and document management solutions in areas like Windows, Client/Server, SGML, Internet

Information Rosenbad

Informationsteknologi i Lund

Interactive art and media magazine. Interakt is made by an association with the purpose of promoting new art forms. Texts are mostly in swedish.

IVA - Ingenjörsvetenskapsakademien
The goal of IVA is to strengthen Sweden's industrial skills base and competitiveness by promoting the engineering and economic sciences. Today a national IT program is a prerequisite for this.

Jönköping University

Karolinska Institute
Department of Cell and Molecular Biologi (CMB) and Library & Med. Info. Center.


Linköping University
Linköping University

LUDD - Luleĺ Academic Computer Society
Ludd is the computer society at University of Luleĺ in Sweden. The members are all students of the university.

Luleĺ University
Luleĺ University is one of the youngest universities in Sweden but not the smallest. It is situated at the town of Luleĺ in the northern part of the country.

Lund Institute of Technology
The Institute of Technology forms the technical faculty of the University of Lund, Scandinavia's largest establishment for higher education and research. The Institute was founded in 1961, and is Sweden's third largest institute of technology and the third of its kind in Sweden.

Lund University
The Web server at Lund University holds information about the University and its departments, interest groups inside and outside of Lund, and more.

Lysator is an Academic Computer Society at Linköping University in Linköping.

MAXLAB is a Swedish National Research Laboratory for research using synchrotron radiation and high-energy electrons and for research in accelerator physics.

Medio is a computer society at the Mid Sweden University

MedLink is a medical information system, aiming to distribute information to all 40,000 doctors in Sweden.

Mid Sweden University

Mittag-Leffler Institut

New Media- and Information Technics
MacMeckarna is one of Swedens leading companies in the field of training for modern media production. On the company's five sites in Sweden you can find more than 350 workstations - for just as many students - fully equipped in areas ranging from digital sound, video production and communication technology, as well as for the graphics industry.

NUTEK - Närings- och teknikutvecklingsverket

Personal Internet, pi.se AB
Personal Internet provides Internet access and neccesary services for both private and commercial usage of Internet.

Rĺdet för högpresterande datorsystem

Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)
KTH is located in Stockholm and is the largest institution for engineering education and technical research in Sweden, with about one third of the total capacity of the Swedish university system in these areas. KTH comprises eleven schools and faculties.

School of Economics and Management
School of Economics and Management at the Lund University. Mostly local information, but also publications from departments and public information about the School.

SICS, Swedish Institute of Computer Science.

SISU, Swedish Institute for Systems Development.

SNUS - Swedish Network Users Society

Solace is a computer socitety in Sundsvall.

Stacken is a computer society at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.


Miscellaneous information about the city of Stockholm. Read about the water festival, studying in Stockholm, museums etc. etc.

Stockholm University
Stockholm University.


Swedish University Network.

Swedish Academy
The Winner of the 1994 Nobel Prize for literature will be announced at the Swedish Academy WWW server immediately after the Permanent Secretary has made his announcement. The prize citation and press release in English and Swedish will also be published.

Swedish Institute of Space Physics (IRF)
The Swedish Institute of Space Physics consists of four divisions, the Kiruna Division, the Laboratory for Mechanical Waves, the Umeĺ Division and the Uppsala Division. The main office (and this server) is located in Kiruna.

Teknikvetenskapliga forskningsrĺdet

Transpac and France Telecom Network Services.

TSDF is a computer society at the University of Umeĺ.

Umeĺ University
Umeĺ University holds information about Umeĺ and some pointers to local organizations and departments.

University College of Falun/Borlänge
The University College of Falun/Borlänge has an experimental server.

University College of Gävle/Sandviken

University College of Kalmar

University College of Karlskrona/Ronneby

University of Örebro

University of Halmstad
Education, research and student information at the University of Halmstad.

University of Karlstad
Karlstad University College was established as an affiliate of Gothenburg in 1967.

University of Skövde

UPDATE Computer Society

Uppsala University

Växjö University
Växjö University ­ The University with an international profile

The 1994 Swedish Elections was held on September 18. The Internet was used to send reports to newspapers and radio stations. People with Internet access and a WWW browser could also see bar charts showing the latest preliminary reports.

X-Ray Server
This server is dedicated to providing information of interest to the XUV and X-ray spectroscopic community. It currently makes available a database of atomic scattering factors and a bibliography and database of molecular core-edge excitation spectra.


Ascom WWW Servers:
Ascom and Ascom Tech.
CERN news
Various groups, some more active than others - see the full list
CERN computing documents
A keyword index.
ASIS Software Repository
A server for public domain and CERN software for distribution to CERN members only. The documentation is public.
CA Detector Design
Computer Aided Detector Design support
CERN general information
W3 support for withing CERN and info about CERN, and W3 fledglings.
The DELPHI Experiment
DELPHI (DEtector with Lepton, Photon and Hadron Identification) is one of the 4 big LEP experiments
www server on dxbt00 provided and maintained by the SL/BT group at CERN, containing among other information about a generic toolkit for slow controls applications.
RD13 documentation
Documents for the RD13 group
SCI project
Scalable Coherent Interconnect development. Under construction in June 93.
Software Technology
Information from STING organised by Mike Sendall.
The VMS help tree on node vxcrna.cern.ch .
WA89 - the CERN Hyperon Beam Experiment
The Hyperon Beam Experiment WA89 is a large acceptance forward spectrometer dedicated to the spectroscopy of charmed strange baryons and exotic multiquark states.
World-Wide Web
The server for the World-Wide Web initiative itself
The YAGS Home Page
Geneva YAGS (Young Adult Group) activities and people. This is a group of english speaking christians in Geneva, that basically like to keep in touch. (Experimental)
CIM Action Programme Switzerland.
Es gibt auch eine Deutsche Home Page, et une Home Page en Francais.
Ecole polytechnique federale de Lausanne
Eidgenoessische Technische Hochschule, Zurich: ETHZ Main WWW Server (Official)
European Aviation Server
Information for pilots (and non-pilots) on European General Aviation: Aerodromes, Events, Weather Images, Round-trip pictures and links to related WWW (and other) servers.
European Crystallography Committee
crystallography information
Official WWW server for EUnet Switzerland
European Molecular Biology Network information
is the entry point to a commonwealth of information on EMBnet, the European Molecular Biology Network, its services and projects, its history and members. See also EMBnet Switzerland.
IBM Zurich Research Laboratory
IBM Zurich Research Laboratory, IBM Research Division, IBM (Officially Mandated)
Institut Universitaire de Hautes Etudes Internationales - The Graduate Institute of International Studies
Lab. for Electromagnetic Fields Theory and Microwaves Electronics
People and activities on our Laboratory: staff members, research going on and reports (Experimental).
Neu-Technikum Buchs
Features: Access to public domain OSTC Documents, X.400 Directory address browser, Anonymous ftp.
Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI)
Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI) WWW Home page. Information about the Institute, its research projects, divisions, services and infrastructure. This information is officially mandated and representative for PSI.
Ping Switzerland
Official WWW server for Ping Switzerland Carries Apple Macintosh related informations. In German
POLICOM www server
More info on Policom on that server!
RadioSuisse Services
Data-Star (Commercial Databases), Dialog (Commercial Databases), Data-Mail (EMail System) (Officially Mandated).
School of Engineering Bern HTL
the school of engineering of Bern HTL, eq. Studies, Postgraduate Studies... (Experimental)
School of Engineering of Burgdorf HTL, Department of Electrical Engineering
Zur Zeit sind auf unserem Server einige interessante englische Publikationen unseres Labors fuer Fotovoltaik verfuegbar. Mehrere deutsche und englische Beitraege sind in Vorbereitung. Ich hoffe, dass wir unser Angebot schon bald mit Beitraegen anderer Labors erweitern koennen !
SWITCH - Swiss Academic and Research Network
Entry point to the web of SWITCH. Access and information about the services offered by SWITCH. (Official)
General information about UBILAB (the UBS Information Technology Laboratory), current projects and publications. (Officially Mandated)
University of Berne
Institute for Informatics and Applied Mathematics (IAM), Provides information about the institute, the departments of the insitute, persons, projects ... (most of the information is in german)
University of Geneva
University of Lausanne
Provides access to information about the University (most of the information is in french).
University of Neuchatel
University of St. Gallen
Institute for Information Management, Research projects in the fields of electronic markets, telebanking, knowledge management systems, process- and system integration and business process redesign. Our Electronic Markets Newsletter is available online. (Officially Mandated)
University of Zurich
World Health Organization (experimental in feb 94)


United Kingdom

(see also a sensitive map, and a country guide to the UK)
University of Aberdeen.

The University of Abertay Dundee. (Experimental.)
A pilot WWW server at the University of Abertay Dundee (formerly DIT). The UK's newest university.

Aberystwyth, University of Wales.

Anglia Polytechnic University.

Armagh Observatory. (Experimental.)
Current activities at and history of Armagh Observatory. Links to astronomical resources.

Aston University. (Experimental.)
Access to local Gopher and X.500 phone book services.

BUBL Bulletin Board for Libraries Information Service.

University of Bath.

Birkbeck College, University of London.

The University of Birmingham.

University of Bradford. (Experimental.)

University of Brighton. (Experimental.)
Information about the University of Brighton

University of Bristol.
Information about the University.

Brunel University.

University of Cambridge.
Provides access to other information services and information about the University.

The City University, London.
Contains links to other services and maps of the area and the campus.

University College, University of London.

College of Cardiff, University of Wales.
Computing Centre provided server.

Cranfield University.
University Postgraduate prospectus, Research Directory, and local information on computing services.

Daresbury Laboratory.
Based near Warrington in north west England. It provides research facilities for academic and industrial users from the UK and other countries. These include:

De Montfort University.
Information about the University, its departments and staff.

University of Dundee.

Durham University.
Information about the University and links to other departments.

University of East Anglia.

University Of East London.
This is the Computer Centre provided WWW server with information about directory, mail, Faculty Information (courses etc in development).

Edinburgh University.
EDINFO - the University of Edinburgh's Information Service

University of Essex.

University of Exeter.

University of Glasgow.
Links to information services at the University.

Goldsmiths College, University of London.

University of Greenwich. (Developing.)

The HEPDATA High-Energy Physics database of published numerical results organised by Mike Whalley.

Heriot-Watt University.

Higher Educational National Software Archives (HENSA).

University of Hull. (Developing.)
Access to academic dept WWW Servers;Local Info services Miscellaneous Information. Provided by the Computer Centre.

Imperial Cancer Research Fund.

Imperial College, University of London(Centre For Computing Services).
Providing information about IC, Computing facilities, and other local information.

Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales, Accounting Information Service.
The "Summa" Project. This is the site of a World Wide Web information server for Accounting Academics, students and professionals. The service is funded by a grant from the Research Committee of the ICAEW. It is at present sited at the University of Exeter, Devon, UK. The Director of the project is Mr. Barry J.Spaul.

International Organisation of Palaeobotany.
Located at the University of East London, this experimental service provides: newsletters; patterns of evolution of some plant groups; lists of extinct plant species; Plant Fossil Record database (PFR2) with more than 750,000 occurrence records, 11,000 descriptions, 15,258 names of taxa with species, all dynamically retrievable through our WWW Oracle gateway.

Keele University CWIS. (Pilot.)
Keele University Campus Wide Information Service provides information about the University, its departments and research.

University of Kent at Canterbury (UKC).
Information about teaching and research within Computing Science. (Also the UNIX Hensa software archive.)

Kings College, University of London.

Kingston Universtity. (Provisional.)

Lancaster University. (Provisional.)

The University of Leeds.

Medical Research Council.

Middlesex University.

National Council for Educational Technology (NCET).
NCET is an educational charity funded by the Department for Education (UK), to be the national focus of expertise in educational technology. NCET develops and promotes the use of technology in every area of education and training.

Natural Environment Research Council.

University of Newcastle.
Links to campus and other information servers.

University of North London.

University of Nottingham. (Developing.)
Information on the University.

The Open University.

University of Oxford.
Details on the University and on information servers around it.

Oxford Brookes University.
Information about the University.

University of Plymouth.

The University of Portsmouth. (Developing.)
General information about the University of Portsmouth.

Queen's University of Belfast.
Information on the University and information sources inside it.

Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London.

University of Reading.

The Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine.
RFHSM Campus Information Service

Royal Holloway, University of London.

Royal Observatory, Edinburgh.
Information about the Observatory and links to other Astronomy related servers.

Royal Postgraduate Medical School, University of London.
Information regarding the RPMS, located in Hammersmith, London

The Rutherford Appleton Laboratory(RAL).


University of Salford.
Information about the University and associated commercial organisations. See also Departments and for all the Research Institutes.

The University of Sheffield.
Based at the Academic Computing Services, with links to local information services.

Sheffield Hallam University. (Experimental.)
Schools and departments of the University.

South Bank University.

University of Southampton.

University of St Andrews.

University of Stirling.

University of Strathclyde.
This is run by the Computer Centre. Lists courses offered by the Centre, centrally managed clusters and contains links to other WWW servers on campus.

University of Sunderland.
Information about the University.

An information source of the UK SuperJANET project.

University of Surrey.
Run by the University Computing Services and the George Edwards Library. With information about the University, services and facilities run University Computing Services and a guide to the George Edwards Library.

University of Sussex. (Developing.)
Information about the University, its teaching and research facilities. There is also information about to reach the University.

Swansea University, (University of Wales).

UKOLN- The Office for Library and Information Networking.
Links to various library related services.

University of Ulster.

United Medical and Dental Schools of Guy's and St. Thomas's(UMDS).
With information about UMDS and links to other related servers.

Warwick University (WINFO WWW).
Warwick Information WWW Service with lots of info about the University and things relating to it.

University of Westminster.

University of Wolverhampton.
Information about the University. The internal phone book, shuttle bus time tables.

University of York. (Experimental.)


We don't know yet of servers physically located in Yugoslavia. However, Yugoslavia already has its home page and a sensitive map

North America

(see clickable map)



British Columbia / Colombie Britannique:


New / Nouveau Brunswick:

Newfoundland / Terre-Neuve:

Nova Scotia / Nouvelle-Ecosse:

Ontario (Northern / Nord):

Ontario (Eastern / Est):

Ontario (Southern / Sud):

Prince Edward Island / Ile du Prince Edouard:



Northwest Territories / Territoires du Nord-Ouest:


Oversea Locations / Sites outre-mer:


Universidad de las Americas
Located in central Mexico, it provides information about our university. It includes some electronic publications, academic staff lists, student information and more. Also the official list of WWW servers in Mexico is available.

Universidad de Guadalajara
Provides oficial information about our University: history, academic information, and general features. Our server also containts information about our country: art, culture and folklore. Also are available links to servers in Mexico and other interesting home pages.

ITESM Campus Monterrey
This Mosaic Server provides information about the ITESM University, Campus Monterrey. It includes news about ITESM Computer Services, information about the ITESM Monterrey Campus Information Center-Library, electronics publications and student information. Also, links to other servers in Mexico and U.S.A.

Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon
It provides general information about the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon and direct access to the institution's gopher. The University's BBS and turistic information about the Nuevo Leon state will be available soon.

Centro de Ensenanza Tecnica y Superior
Located on the city of Mexicali, on the Baja California peninsula of Mexico, the Cetys WWW server provides campus related information, university publications, and will feature Mexican photographic exhibits among other things. Some links to other servers of interest are provided.

Universidad Autonoma de Zacatecas
Located in north of Mexico, it provides information about our university. It includes academic staff lists, and some information about the state of zacatecas. Also, links to other WWW servers in Mexico.

Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnologia
Este servidor esta ubicado en el centro de Mexico y da informacion acerca de los servicios que presta el CONACYT, direcciones de sus delegaciones regionales y centros coordinados de la Red Tecnologica Nacional.

CIATEQ is an investigation and technology development center, located in Queretaro, Mexico. This server, available in two versions (english and spanish), provides information about CIATEQ and up to date information on the projects in which the center is currently involved.

This server provides information about the network of CINVESTAV-IPN Merida, called "Red Telematica", the Telematica's user list and some staff information, experimental physics and computer WWW site lists. It includes some tourist information ( it is located in the southeast of Mexico, the land of the ancient mayas ).

Universidad Michoacana
En el centro-occidente de Mexico, provee informacion general de la Universidad e informacion turistica del Estado y de la ciudad de Morelia.

Laboratorio de Visualizacion, UNAM
It provides information about our Visualization Lab. It includes some info about tools provided to our researchers, staff lists, and more. Also, links to our Supercomputing dept. and other servers in Mexico City are available.

Universidad La Salle A.C.
This server is intended to be one of the most important information services inside the University. It will include technical information about some of the most interesting research projects developed at our University. Many students will write about their personal point of view about their careers and such interesting things

Puerto Rico

National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center
Information about the Arecibo Observatory facilities and the scientific work conducted at this unique site, home of the largest single dish radio telescope in the world. Officially mandated
Puerto Rico WWW
Puerto Rico, its history, places to visit, tourist information. The html version of the soc.culture.puerto-rico FAQ is included and there is a large collection of images (gif format) from all over the island.

United States of America

(see Federal government servers)


Alabama Supercomputer Network
Auburn University College of Engineering
Provides local information. Still under development and features information on departments in the College and other links to Auburn University and Internet information. Now the provider of the WWW list for Alabama in both a resource map and resource list.
Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine
The College of Veterinary Medicine at Auburn University
Domestic Animal Endocrinology
The Domestic Animal Endocrinology homepage provides access to files on manuscript status, Instructions for Authors, Table of Contents, Editors, Editorial Board, etc
AVEX Electronics
AVEX Electronics, contract manufacturing
Intergraph Online
Products and services provided by Intergraph Corporation, developer of computer systems for the Technical Desktop -- the combination of technical applications and personal productivity tools in a single desktop computer.
BellSouth is the largest provider of telecommunications services in the Southeast. It provides local telephone service under the trade names South Central Bell and Southern Bell. In addition, it provides a wide selection of advanced voice and data services. BellSouth's WWW Home Page is located in the Advanced Technology Group lab in Birmingham, Alabama.
ITCS Web Server
ITCS Internet training and consulting services, ITCS "top ten" lists of Internet resources, the Roadmap interactive Internet workshop, and much more.
Jacksonville State University
Provides information on the University and various departments (still under development). The Psychology Department has a large slideshow detailing the what, why, and how of a scientific investigation into a fundamental determinate of behavior.
The Kirklin Clinic
Our server is in the experimental stages for online information pertaining to The Kirklin Clinic. The Kirklin Clinic is an outpatient clinic operated by The University of Alabama Health Services Foundation.
The "Unoffical" Mobile County Demonstration WWW Server
Information About Mobile County History of Mobile USS Alabama information Battle of Mobile Bay information Visitor Information Economic Data (Experimental Server)
NASA Spacelink
NASA educational programs, and is designed to be used by educators at all levels. The system also contains current and historical fact sheets, information summaries, graphics, and other supplementary materials for the classroom. Spacelink is updated daily with current NASA news releases, status reports, television schedules, etc.
QMS, Inc. Home Page
This server provides general information about QMS, Inc., information about QMS domestic and international offices, information about QMS products, QMS trade show schedule, and technical reports.
Southern Co. Services
This erver provides information related th togeneration transmission, and distribution of electricity throughout the Southeastern United States.
The StuMedia (Student Media) WWW Server
This is the WWW page for the StuMedia listserv group, a mailing list for student journalists on the net. The WWW page contains information about upcoming conventions, legal issues and college journalism-related WWW sites. We are working on implementing a free college newswire service.
This server provides information concerning commerce, education and local goverment information.
Redstone Arsenal
WAIS search capabilities on several Army Regulations and Military Standards dealing with Logistics. Also contains a general file library.
U.S. Army Missile Command, Technology Development Laboratory
Information about the U.S. Army Missile Command at Redstone Arsenal, Alabama. Examples of using Mosaic and the HTTPD server as front ends to Oracle database queries. Hypertext publications of Soldiers Magazine, The Official U.S. Army Magazine. Published in a joint partnership between The Office of Public Affairs at the Pentagon and the Technology Development Laboratory. Listing of other Government WWW servers.
USAF Web Server
Provides information on the Air Force Internet (AFIN). Provides a top-level view into AF web service.


Arctic Region Supercomputing Center
ARSC is a high-performance computing facility supporting environmental research and science with an emphasis on high latitudes and the Arctic.
University of Alaska Computer Network
UACN is the home server for the University of Alaska, with a wealth of information concerning UA and things Alaskan.


Ag Information Server
The College of Agriculture within the University of Arizona. (Experimental)
Arizona State University
The Arizona State University World Wide Web Server is located on the campus of Arizona State University, in sunny Tempe, Arizona, USA.
Arizona State University, Aerospace Research Center
Aerospace research and education at Arizona State University. Description of current ARC projects.
Arizona State University, College of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Provides information about the College of Engineering and its departments. Also links to university faculty, staff, and student pages, and other interesting locations.
Arizona State University, Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems Research Center
This server describes the activities of the center and its various component labs.
CCIT Arizona
University of Arizona information
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University is the world's largest and oldest aviation-oriented, accredited university.
EmeraldNET Home Page
EmeraldNET is a World Wide Web provider for the entertainment indutsry and beyond. We are currently "setting up", so service is limited... but climb abord for some fun!
Indian Health Service
The Indian Health Service nationwide, including facilities, as well as information for health care providers working in IHS clinics and hospitals. It includes recruitment information for the agency and links to major medical information web servers and gophers.
Internet Direct
We offer: A server that ANYONE can add their own page to, a server that our users can interactively add pages to, a shopping center, the unofficial MacTCP and InterSLIP help site, and the unofficial Internet Mentorship program.
Maricopa Center for Learning and Instruction (MCLI)
The Maricopa Center for Learning and Instruction provides resources and support for innovations in teaching and learning at the ten colleges of the Maricopa County Community College District.
National Optical Astronomy Observatories (experimental in sep 93)
Primenet WWW
Dialup/Dedicated Internet services for the southwestern United States. We also provide WWW pages for commercial organizations.
The QRZ Ham Radio WWW Server
Amateur Radio, Aircraft, Beer Homebrewing
The RTD Web Server
Contains information on local access provider services as well as the home pages for several businesses advertising through RTD. This is the official server for RTD Systems & Networking, Inc.
University of Arizona, Department of Geosciences
The Department of Geosciences at the University of Arizona, and Saso, The Southern Arizona Seismological Observatory.
University of Arizona, Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS)
University of Arizona, Theoretical Astrophysics Program
The Theoretical Astrophysics Program at the University of Arizona is proud to announce its new WWW server and home page. This server contains information about faculty research and graduate student studies, and provides links to other web servers useful to the Astronomy/Astrophysics community. Computer graphics and simulations generated by members of the group will also be featured as this server continues to develop.
Work Management Institute
Contains information on customer satisfaction management, total quality management, help desks, ISO9000/Q90 issues, and standard development in ATM technology.


Arkansas Internet Services

Arkansas Academic Organizations


General Information about California

California Academic Organizations California Commercial Organizations California Computer-Related Organizations California Internet Services California Non-Profit Organizations Federal, State, and Local Government Organizations in California


Colorado Academic Organisations

Colorado State University
The principal University in Northern Colorado located in Fort Collins.
University of Colorado at Boulder
Find out a lot of what's going on at the University of Colorado Boulder campus, and the surrounding community.

Colorado Research Organisations

Aspen Center for Physics
The Aspen Center for Physics is a scientific organization which promotes organized research in physics, astrophysics and related fields through a program of individual and collaborative research, seminars, workshops and conferences and which promotes the education of the general public through public lectures and other activities.
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
NREL's server provides information about the laboratory and its research. You can access information on renewable energy research, development, and applications; accumulated energy data and resource maps; publications; business and job opportunities; and links and directions to other energy resources.

Colorado Commercial Services

Access HP - Welcome to Hewlett-Packard (Textual Table of Contents)
Hewlett-Packard designs, manufactures and services electronic products and systems for measurement, computation and communications. Our basic business purpose is to create information products that accelerate the advancement of knowledge and improve the effectiveness of people and organizations. The company's products and services are used in industry, business, engineering, science medicine and education in approximately 110 countries.
See also Access HP - Workstation Systems Group
Colorado SuperNet, Inc.
As the largest Internet provider in the state, SuperNet is the premier Internet access provider, offering a range of services from basic and high-speed connectivity, to sophisticated applications for world-wide customers.
Ellery Systems, Inc.
Contains information both about our company and our distributed computing projects.
Lane and Lenge Florists
is a leader in the floral wire service industry. They offer online ordering services on the Internet, giving Internet users an easy way to deliver flowers from and to anywhere in the world.
Jones Education Networks WWW Services
Distance Education, Interactive Technologies, Jones Education Networks, Mind Extension University (ME/U), Jones Computer Networks Cable Television, Satellite Television (Officially mandated, Experimental)
The Independent Media Outlet! A Networking resource for independent musicians and artists of all media to display their wares. (Officially Mandated)
Mirical Nutrition Corporation
Consumer oriented health and nutrition information. Many hotlinks including an interactive nutritional profile, recipes, general nutrition information, quizzes and articles. (Officially Mandated)
MMC CIS Home Page
Martin Marietta's Commercial Information Systems division (Experimental)
Rocky Mountain Bookkeeping Services
Small business bookkeeping in the Denver area.
Rocky Mountain Systems Design
A computer network/systems engineering and support company.
Virtual Business Park
Browse information on various commercial companies and organisations.
XOR Network Engineering
a company that provices a full range of network engineering and system support services.

Federal, State and County Government servers in Colorado

BIA Division of Energy and Mineral Resources
Indian mineral programs for the U.S. Department of Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs. (Experimental)
The National Center for Atmospheric Research, located in Boulder, CO supports and fosters scientific investigations that address major national and international issues in the atmospheric sciences
Space Environment Laboratory, NOAA
SEL provides near real-time monitoring and forecasting of the environment between the sun and the earth. Our server features current solar imagery, xray plots from GOES satellites, and forecast of solar-terrestrial conditions.
The Astrophysics Data System
ADS is a NASA-sponsored program which offers a novel approach to dealing with huge quantities of geographically distributed and heterogeneous data from a broad range of astrophysics missions.
The National Geophysical Data Center
WWW, Gopher, and Anonymous-FTP services providing data, meta-data, information in solid earth geophysics, marine geology/geophysics, solar- terrestrial physics, paleoclimatology, and glaciology.

Colorado Non-profit Organisations, User Groups, Clubs, etc.

Colorado Internet Cooperative Association
A group of companies and individuals organized to share reliable, unrestricted, and low cost Internet access.
Front Range UNIX Users Group
Informal group of professionals working with the UNIX system. Our purpose is to share knowledge of, and experience with, the UNIX Operating System and related products.
Rocky Mountain Internet Users Group
Meet once a month to learn about the Internet through presentations, information sharing, questions & answers and informal conversations.
The Colorado Amateur Radio Page
Various pages related to local and global Amateur Radio.

Entertainment from Colorado

Where the Buffalo Roam
is a cartoon feature uniquely suited to the World Wide Web's subversive technology. Its brand of pull-no-punches humor leaves some readers laughing, and others calling for the cartoonist's immediate execution.


Atlantic Computing Technology Corporation
Internet publishing and access consulting for businesses.
Bristol Technology Inc.
Bristol offers software products for developers.
Central Connecticut State University Library WWW Server
Provides information on Connecticut Internet Resources, local campus information, and Conn. State University documents. Officially recognized and supported by the University.
Connix: The Connecticut Internet Exchange
Connix provides a wide variety of Internet services for individuals, organizations, and businesses of any size. A full range of connectivity options and custom solutions are available from individual dialup accounts to fully installed, configured, and managed Internet connections.
Paradigm Communications (PCNet)
providing internet service in Central Connecticut, and soon in Western Connecticut, announces the opening of its World Wide Web server.
PC Lube and Tune
Tutorials and articles on PC hardware, communications, networks, and operating systems. The objective is to use Web technology to introduce or document more complicated PC topics to the ordinary users of the Internet. This is not an official project of Yale university.
Saint Joseph College
Information about the school, curriculum and faculty.
Southern Connecticut State University WWW Server
The main WWW server for Southern Connecticut State University. Provides campus information as well as links to other campus servers and the SCSU gopher.
Trinity College
There are many things on this server, most notable of which is the Trincoll Journal - a multimeda magazine.
United Technologies Research Center
The UTRC WWW server provides published papers, job postings, and information about United Technologies Research Center.
University of Connecticut UCINFO Husky Web
The central web server for the University of Connecticut. You can get to all other UConn based web servers along with the UCINFO Husky gopher through this site.
UConn: Spirit of UConn
Library resources with various CDROM archives and GIS/Census database. Home of ArchNet, an archaeological resource focusing on Northeastern United States archaeology
University of Connecticut Health Center
Center for Neuroscience, Farmington, Connecticut, USA.
University of New Haven
Information about the school and its programs
Wesleyan University, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
personal information on students and faculty, papers and projects, local happenings, and general info of interest to the mathematical and CS communities.
The Wesleyan Student Network WWW Server, WADI
Wesleyan University, its student body, student groups, publications, events on campus, announcements, links to important resources such as student net help files, databases, student network gophers, the fabulous library system at Wesleyan, departmental homepages, other local universities and much much more. (Experimental)
Wesleyan Alumni Office
Offers announcements of on-campus and regional events, news about Wesleyan faculty, staff and alumni, and other items of interest to graduates of Wesleyan University.
World Wide Quilt Page
Devoted to the needs & interest of quilters. This Web site offers patterns, directions, quilting FAQ's, articles on quilt history, and lots of interesting stuff.
Yale University
Primarily the departments of Computer Science, Math, Psychology, the "Zoo" (an undergraduate computing lab), Parallel Supercomputing, and Applied and Theoretical Neurosciences. Also the site of TAP (The Ada Project), a collection of Internet resources relating to women in computing. Here is the local Home Page.
Yale University, Geology and Geophysics Dept. and Center for Earth Observation
Current areas of interest and research projects for the Department of Geology and Geophysics and the Center for Earth Observation at Yale University.
Yale School of Medicine, Image Processing and Analysis Group
A jointly sponsored venture between the departments of Diagnostic Radiology and Electrical Engineering. Provides on-line publications, visual examples of on-going research (including MPEG videos) and biographical information of lab members.


University of Delaware
The University of Delaware (Officially Mandated)
University of Delaware EE/CIS joint computer network
Welcome to the University of Delaware EE/CIS joint computer lab WWW server.
University of Delaware Department of Mathematical Sciences
Welcome to the Department of Mathematical Sciences WWW server. Here we provide information about our department and graduate program. Some research papers and computer based teaching material are also available.

District of Columbia

ACADEME THIS WEEK ( The Chronicle of Higher Education)
Beginning every Tuesday at 12 noon, Eastern time, readers can see a guide to the contents of that week's issue of The Chronicle -- plus all of the "Positions Available" advertisements from that week's issue. Hundreds of new job openings are listed every week at colleges, universities, and other organizations. Among other features of ACADEME THIS WEEK: A calendar of events in academe and a list of important deadlines for grants, papers, and fellowships.

American University (EagleInfo)
American University's campus-wide information system. It contains information about academic programs, university-sponsored events and univerisity social activities. It also provides gateways to outside locations.

Arent Fox Kintner Plotkin & Kahn
This site houses articles about the legal aspects of marketing products, with particular emphasis on infomercials, home shopping, and direct response tv. Other articles discuss 900 Number regulations, contest laws, business opportunity laws, and additional aspects of promotion law.

The Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology (CREST)
in Washington, DC is pleased to announce Solstice, a World Wide Web server with documents, exhibits, and resources about renewable energy, energy efficiency, and related issues. Currently on Solstice you'll find exhibits on photovoltaics in Switzerland and Indonesia, an illustrated report on Non-Motorized Vehicles in transportation planning, trade association information, and more.

U.S. Department of Commerce Information Locator Service
Information from the Office of the Secretary, Information and links to each of the Department's Agency's , and the online services offered by the Department, including the National Trade Data Bank, and the National Economic, Social, and Environmental Data Bank. Officially Mandated.

Consumers for World Trade
This location provides information about world trade issues as they affect consumers. The page is official information of Consumers for World Trade, an advocacy group. Officially Mandated.

U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
Connection Machine Facility at the Naval Research Laboratory.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation
The Electronic Frontier Foundation is a civil liberties organization working to protect rights on-line and to promote virtual communities.

FedWorld Information Network
Information on US Government reports, studies and information products. Also provides a subject index to more than 200 servers with US Government information. Provided by the US Department of Commerce's National Technical Information Service. Officially Mandated.

General Services Administration
The General Services Administration now has a home page on the web. (07/05/1994)

Georgetown University
Georgetown University has a WWW server running that provides information about the University as well as various academic programs, including the Labyrinth (a medieval studies information center) and the Catalogue of Projects in Electronic Text (a directory of sources of e-texts). Planned for the near future is an information center for American studies and a Campus-Wide Information System. (06/09/1994)

Howard University
The official Web server for Howard University, including pages on computing resources, schools and colleges.

Institute of Medicine
The Institue of Medicine was established in 1970 by the National Academy of Sciences to secure the services of eminent members of appropriate professions in the examination of policy matters pertaining to the health of the public. The Institute acts under the responsibility given to the National Academy of Sciences by its congressional charter to be an adviser to the federal government and, upon its own initiative, to identify issues of medical care, research, and education. Officially Mandated.

Issue Dynamics, Inc (IDI)
A Washington, D.C.-based public affairs consulting firm, provides a complete range of public policy-related Internet services. Clients include:

Library of Congress WWW Server
Library of Congress Exhibits, The Library of Congress Catalog (via gopher) Federal Research Division Country Studies American Memory Project, including 4000 photographs searchable by keyword or subject. Collections include Selected Civil War Photographs, The VanVechten Portrait Collection, and the Farm Services Administration/Office of War Information Collection. Officially Mandated.

National Archives and Records Administration
Main server for agency, maintains pointers to other work being done in the agency.

National Academy of Engineering
The National Academy of Engineering was established in 1964, under charter of the National Academy of Sciences, as a parallel organization of outstanding engineers. It is autonomous in its administration and in the selection of its members, sharing with the National Academy of Sciences the responsibility for advising the federal government. The National Acadmey of Engineering also sponsors engineering programs aimed at meeting national needs, encourages education and research, and recognizes the superior achievements of engineers. Officially Mandated.

National Academy of Sciences
The National Academy of Sciences is a private, nonprofit, self-perpetuating society of distinguished scholars engaged in scientific and engineering research, dedicated to the futherance of science and technology and to their use for general welfare. Upon the authority of the charter granted to it by Congress in 1863, the Academy has a mandate that requires it to advise the federal government on scientific and technical matters. Officially Mandated.

National Earth Orientaion Service
NEOS is a joint venture of the U. S. Naval Observatory and the Geosciences Labratory of the NOAA. We offer data related to the variations in the orientation of the Earth. Officially Mandated.

National Research Council
The National Research Council was organized by the National Academy of Sciences in 1916 to associate the broad community of science and technology with the Academy's purpose of futhering knowledge and advising the federal government. Functioning in accordance with general policies determined by the Academy, the Council has become the principal operating agency of both the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Engineering in providing services to the government, the public, and the scientific and engineering communities. Officially Mandated.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
NOAA Home Page

National Oceanographic Data Center (NODC)
The NODC is one of the environmental data centers operated by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The NODC provides ocean data management and ocean data services to researchers and other users in the United States and around the world.

National Research Council
The National Research Council was organized by the National Academy of Sciences in 1916 to associate the broad community of science and technology with the Academy's purpose of futhering knowledge and advising the federal government. Functioning in accordance with general policies determined by the Academy, the Council has become the principal operating agency of both the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Engineering in providing services to the government, the public, and the scientific and engineering communities. Officially Mandated.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Contains links to safety and health related issues, and will be publishing OSHA documents, reports and statistics soon (9/28/94).

U.S. Department of Education Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI)
OERI is pleased to announce a new Internet World Wide Web (WWW) server, which provides public access to education research, statistics, and information about the U.S. Department of Education and its programs.

National Science Foundation's STIS

OSA OpticsNet
OSA OpticsNet, the Home Page of the Optical Society of America, covers all aspects of optical physics and optical engineering. OSA, founded in 1916, has more than 11,000 members in some 50 countries. Our server provides information on quantum electronics, photonics, vision & medical optics, information processing, optical science, and optical technology & engineering. Updated regularly. Officially Mandated.

The Sidwell Friends School
The Sidwell Friends School is a private school located in Northwest Washington, DC. This server contains information on the school, its courses, activities, and the student-run newspaper, Horizon.

Smithsonian Institution
Center for Earth and Planetary Studies located at the National Air and Space Museum along with its Regional Planetary Images Facility (RPIF) is pleased to announce the availability of its WWW server. The purpose of this NASA supported RPIF is to act as a reference library providing planetary science researchers with access to the extensive collection of image data from planetary missions. Currently we are in the process of placing some of the 300,000 photographs and images of the planets and their satellites in our collection online.

Venable, Baetjer, Howard & Civiletti WWW
The Venable law firm maintains an authorized WWW server that provides informtion on the firm's legal services and topical legal materials, particularly issues of concern to electronic information providers.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition
The Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition is pleased to announce the availability of a World Wide Web server. We are adding documents and updating links several times per week.


Access Art
The Way Artists and Collectors Connect! Located in the South side of St. Petesburg, FL. Exactly, we are on Vina del Mar. Medium for Global Access, Inc proudly announces the opening of, the newest and largest virtual art gallery on the Internet.
Diskovery Educational Systems' Electronic Pricing Guide
Based in West Palm Beach, Diskovery Educational Systems' Electronic Pricing Guide provides the latest product information and educational pricing on software, CD-ROM's, accessories, peripherals, books and videos.
Harris Computer Systems Corporation
Harris Computer Systems Corporation, a worldwide company headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is a leading supplier of real-time and secure computer solutions. The company manufactures the Night Hawk(reg.) family of real-time computers for simulation, data acquisition and secure computing applications; including the CyberGuard Series of Computers for network security.
Joe Klein Consulting Group, Inc.
JKCG, Inc. is an established integrator of proven Open System technologies. Our key strength lies in our ability to assess and integrate new technologies to provide the most effective solutions available to our customers.
Palantir Systems, Inc
A Virtual Specialty Store...offering unique high quality products that appeal to the discriminating Net Surfer.
Offers Racal-Datacom product information and announcements, some good WWW Data Communications / Networking links and files, and some good Internet Navigation links.
TelTECH is a Palm Bay, Florida, based operation with expertise in a variety of computer related services. We can assist you in connecting to the Internet, or simply aiding in the selection of the perfect computer for you needs. No job is to big or small -- TelTECH can give you a helping hand. The most popular service we are currently offering is that of both Turn-Key and custom World Wide Web (WWW) and Gopher server development, installation and support.
107.1 FM, WAOA Radio
WA1A Radio Links
Internet Service Providers
IDS World Network
The IDS World Network is an Internet Access Service with local access numbers in Miami, Deerfield Beach, and Merritt Island. We offer low-cost Personal SLIP services at speeds ranging from 14.4k baud to 28.8k baud, as well as ISDN services.
Intelligence Network Online, Inc.
Internet Provider. Full Internet access.
InternetU, Inc
Locally owned and operated, InternetU, Inc. specializes in providing Internet access, training, and consulting to businesses and individuals in Brevard County. InternetU's senior staff members have been actively involved with the Internet since 1988. We have extensive experience connecting organizations to the Internet and training users in Internet usage.
Tachyon Communications Corporation
Linux, Doom, WA1A and WTAI Radio Stations, Local Surf Reports, Local Places and Topics, NASA and the Space Shuttle, Business, Internet Advertising, and Information on how to access the Internet through Tachyon's TachNet. (Officially Mandated)
NASA Kennedy Space Center
From this document, you can access a variety of useful information at the Kennedy Space Center
Naval Research Laboratory, Underwater Sound Reference Detachment
The Underwater Sound Reference Detachment (USRD), a division of the Naval Research Laboratory is located in Orlando, Florida. It is the Navy's center-of-excellence for underwater acoustic transducers, materials, and measurements.
Southeastern Biological Science Center
The Southeastern Biological Center is a part of the United State Department of Interior's National Biological Survey. The Gainesville Lab is in north-central Florida between the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, and is a focal point for cooperative research on southeastern US anadromous and coastal fishes. Internet Services are maintained by the Nonindigenous Aquatic Species Geographic Information Service. This service provides a high availability source of accurate and up-to-date information on all nonnative aquatic organisms within US waters and as a hub for facilitating information exchange which promotes sound management of aquatic resources.
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University is solely focused on aviation and aerospace higher education, offering well-rounded undergraduate and graduate degrees. Our major programs of study span the entire spectrum of aviation and aerospace-related areas. You can study the most advanced physics and engineering associated with aircraft design and construction, professional aeronautics or aviation maintenance technology, and the wide-ranging business management areas related to all aspects of the aviation industry.
Florida Atlantic University
This server provides information about FAU, its degree and course offerings, enrollment and registration procedures, housing information, and student & campus events.
Florida Institute of Technology
The Florida Institute of Technology exists as a distinctive independent technological university to provide quality education, to further knowledge through basic and applied research, and to provide services to our local, state, national, and international constituencies.
Florida International University
This server is providing access to Florida International Unviversity's current stock of Information Services, as well as general information about the school itself.
Florida State University
Primary Home Page for the Florida State University, a.k.a. the Seminole Information System contains university-wide information such as campus maps, calendars, Schedules of Classes and departmental home pages.
Florida Mental Health Institute
FMHI's mission is to strengthen mental health services throughout the State of Florida. As the state's primary research and training facility for mental health, FMHI conducts research, education and demonstration programs in four principle areas: Aging and Mental Health, Child and Family Studies, Community Mental Health, and Mental Health Law and Policy.
This server provides an extensive and easy to use network navigator, originating from Nova-Southeastern University in Ft. Lauderdale.
Santa Fe Community College
SFCC is a comprehensive community college committed to serving the higher education and lifelong learning needs of the residents of Alachua and Bradford counties.
Smith Chapel Bible College
SCBC is accredited by (WCEHE) and authorized to operate by SBICU-Florida Department of Education. The college offers the Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry degree.
University of Central Florida
The UCF WWW server provides one centralized connection to the various information systems on campus. Included among the offerings: activity schedules, club information, a guide to the buildings on campus, software reference manual, and the Florida Computer Crimes Act.
University of Florida
The University of Florida is a major, public, comprehensive, land-grant, research university The state's oldest, largest and most comprehensive university, Florida is among the nation's most academically diverse public universities. Florida has a long history of established programs in international education, research and service.
University of Miami
Provides information about 3 UM campuses, on-line University publications, computing information, and much more. Plus, a plethora of cool links to the rest of the world.
University of South Florida
The University of South Florida main campus is located in Tampa, Florida. USF is the second largest of Florida's state universities. The University of South Florida's mission is to offers a wide variety of degree programs with both basic and applied orientations.
Alachua Freenet
A community free-net for Alachua County, the City of Gainesville, and the surrounding communities.
South Florida Sun Users Group
South Florida Sun Users Group Information, meeting topics, dates, locations, links to Sun Microsystem and UNIX related information.


A comprehensive list of companies that offer goods and services on the Internet via Mosaic Web pages.
Computone Corporation
Manufacturer of data communications hardware and software. Current product data sheets, software release notes, and update drivers are on-line.
COSMIC Information Services:
NASA's COmputer Software Management and Information Center has been located at the University of Georgia since 1966. Software originally developed for the U.S. space program is available. Areas of interest include: artificial intelligence, computational fluid dynamics, finite element structural analysis, scientific visualization, thermal and fluid flow analysis, and many more. Programs are priced on a cost-recovery basis and usually include source code. U.S. educational institutions are eligible for a substantial discount.
Emory University
Information on the University, including libraries, schools, and departments, added in time. Academic services, such as electronic education, plus local services. BIMCORE: Biomolecular Computing Resource; Michael C. Carlos Museum; Cherry L. Emerson Center for Scientific Computing; School of Medicine, Dept of Genetics and Molecular Medicine The GMM Server provides information about the Department of Genetics and Molecular Medicine and will be used as an interface to genetic database analysis tools currently under development. Division of Geriatrics; Information Technology Division; School of Law Library; Woodruff Health Sciences Library.
Georgia Institute of Technology
Many Schools, Departments & Organizations around campus have pages. Some pages of interest include:
- Graphics, Visualization, & Usability Center: Within our database are text, movies, and images on Animation, Image Understanding, Medical Informatics, Scientific Visualization, Software Visualization, Virtual Environments. Plus Access to GVU Technical Reports, The GVU Users's Guide, The 1st GVU WWW User Survey, and more! Also, you can participate in GVU Center's 2nd WWW User Survey
- The School of Electrical and Computer Engineering: Includes information on faculty, students, and research areas in the department. Future information will include research papers and much more.
Georgia State University
Wells Computer Center Client Services: online documents, help for students,faculty and staff, access to gopher, archie, and tempo (an online registration for students).
IBM Corporation
This server provides general information regarding the IBM Corporation and the products and services it offers. It also serves as the entry point for exploring the IBM webspace. (Officially Mandated)
PhotoBooks Inc.
is an electronic publishing company with the primary focus of producing pictorial directories and catalogs. We use high speed scaning combined with custon database publishing to produce these photo intensive books in half the time and at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. We are located at the Advanced Technology Devlopment Center (ATDC) on the Georgia Tech Campus.
Taylor Road Middle School
We are a public school dedicated to excellence and the creation of life long learning with our students. We provide teacher and student produced information which we believe you will find of interest. We are unofficially making available information on the 1996 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Join us as a learning partner!
University of Georgia
The UGA WWW server is a campus-wide information service which complements existing services (e.g., Gopher) and provides an avenue for other WWW pages developed at the University of Georgia. Botany Department: Work is currently being done on problems extending from molecular genetic regulatory mechanisms to the ecology of acid rain. University of Georgia Libraries: We have general information about the Libraries as well as newly begun access to our image collections. Our digital image archive is highlighted by a growing collection of photographs from Works Progress Admnistration (WPA) projects within Georgia. Department of Management: course and faculty information. Boyd Grad Lab WWW Server: an unofficial student server.


Honolulu Community College
Maui High Performance Computing Center
This WWW server is operated by the Maui High Performance Computing Center (MHPCC). Its purpose is to provide information about the MHPCC and its resources to MHPCC users and to the wider Internet community. (Officially Mandated)
NASA Infrared Telescope Facility (IRTF)
Information about the operation of the observatory, including instruments, schedules and procedures. Documentation for instruments and software. Source code for software tools. Forms for application for time. Miscellaneous information and interesting pictures.
UH College of Engineering WWW Server
General Information about the College of Engineering at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Contains interactive maps of Holmes Hall, the College Building, and a collection of user-submitted pages.


Albertson College of Idaho
Albertson College including staff directories and courses (Officially Mandated)
Cyclops' Server: Library Networking
Library technology, networking, CD-ROMs, library technology training, collecting postcards, LISTSERV (Officially Mandated)
Idaho State University
Providing--Information about the University of Idaho: Academic catalogs and Handbooks, class listings, descriptions of major courses of study, faculty and staff directories, etc.
The Idaho National Engineering Laboratory WWW Server
The Idaho National Engineering Laboratory. What we do there, the capabilities we have, and where we're going. (Officially Mandated)
University of Idaho WWW Server
Information of interest to our faculty, staff, and students, as well as information about the University, the State of Idaho, and the US Pacific Northwest.


FNAL Astro
Support for experimental astrophysics at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory including Sloan Digital Sky Survey. ruth@fnal.gov
Computer Science (Officially Mandated)
Elk Grove School District 59
Local information about our school district, staff development, support documentation, K12 Internetworking, State School Board Initives, State Assessment Information and Resources, NEA Learning Lab information, and others (Officially Mandated)
Information for the general public on Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and high energy physics, the study of the fundamental particles and forces of nature. Information for high-energy physicists and other technical professionals in related disciplines.
HEP Network Resource Center
Based at Fermilab. Runs the High Energy Physics Information Center (HEPIC).
The ACM SIGMOD Information Server
Information of interest to the database research community, including conference announcements, job openings, research funding opportunities, and much more. (Officially Mandated)
The Learning Through Collaborative Visualization Project (CoVis)
Information, papers, and project support materials from the CoVis Project at Northwestern University. CoVis is an NSF-funded effort to rethink science education using innovative computer-mediated communication tools, collaboration software, and visualization tools.
Illinois Institute of Technology
The Illinois Institute of Technology. (Officially Mandated)
Illinois Institute of Technology (ECE Dept)
The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (at the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, Illinois) (Officially Mandated)
The Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy (IMSA) is the nation's only three year, residential, public high school for students talented in the fields of science and mathematics. It is also the state of Illinois' reseach and development laboratory for K-12 mathematics and science education. IMSA's WWW server is entirely student administered.
National Center for Supercomputing Applictions, Urbana Champain, IL, USA.
The Northwestern Univ. Dep. of Mathematics
This server contains information about the department and items of interest to its faculty and students.
Northwestern University, Network Response Center.
Argonne National Laboratory
This WWW server is the network gateway to Argonne National Laboratory electronic information resources, which describe Argonne projects, programs, and capabilities.
Big Time Television
An experiment in technology and culture... Big Time serves information on the weirder side of culture. Featured on the site is the H.P. Lovecraft Image Gallery and a section for experimentation with hypermedia fiction.
Bradley University Amateur Radio Club
Amatuer Radio, included packet radio and Internet gateways. (Experimental)
Argonne National Lab
The Argonne National Laboratory, Advanced Photon Source, Controls and Computing Group Information Server. They use EPICS (Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System)
Parallel Programming Laboratory
Home page of the Parallel Programming Laboratory at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Describes current work being done by the group, including information on the parallel programming language it developed, Charm.
rec.guns FAQ server
Information pertaining to the recreational and defensive uses of firearms, in hypertextual form. Includes image and sound archives.
Rob's Multimedia Lab
The laboratory to do your multimedia exploratory. Sponsored by the ACM at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.
The Quality Wave
The art of quality engineering. (Officially Mandated)
Univ. Of Illinois, Computer Science dept.
Universities Water Information Network (UWIN)
UWIN provides information for the water resources community. This information includes: an expertise directory of water professionals; research abstracts; and much more. It also features WaterTalk, an interactive bbs on the Web. (Officially Mandated)
University of Chicago Macintosh Laboratory World Wide Web Server
We are currently serving information about the University of Chicago Computer Science department, the College Research Opportunities Program, The David and Alfred Smart Museum of Art, and the University of Chicago Philosophy Project, a forum for the slow reading and discussion of philosophical texts.
461 Ocean Boulevard
Mostly just Eric Clapton information. GIF's and JPEG's of Him, a semi-searchable discography and listing of "rare live recordings". A FAQ soon and lyrics soon maybe.
University of Illinois Student Engineering Council
The University of Illinois Engineering Council is a student organization which coordinates the activities of all the engineering societies on campus. One our largest events is the annual Engineering Open House. (Officially Mandated)
University of Illinois, Department of General Engineering
University of Illinois, College of Engineering, Department of General Engineering. Offering Undergraduate and Graduate study in General Engineering. (Officially Mandated)
Virtual MeetMarket
The easiest way to meet someone new on the World Wide Web. Personal ads are published for free, and can consist of a full-page of text and inlined GI Fs. Responses from interested users are forwarded by the server to the advertiser for a small charge.
the local chicago land earea, it promots the use of windows programs for the internet.


Ft. Wayne
South Bend
West Lafayette
Eta Kappa Nu, Beta Chapter (EE Honor Society at Purdue Univ.) Homepage Purdue Compiler Construction Tool Set Homepage
Quality In Sound
A consortium of dissimilar bands.
The Belgian Waffles
The Belgian Waffles Provided by David Whittemore del@ecn.purdue.edu
The Black Eg
Early in 1989 two events occurred which led to the formation of the Black Eg. First, Karel's two brothers, Otto and Emil, arrived in Vienna, having taken advantage of the new freedoms introduced by the enlightened government of Vaclav Havel. Second, Karel obtained in a second hand store and ancient sequential circuits drum machine and a primitive sampler. The Black Eg was born.
Jazz Butcher Consp iracy
hypermedia presentation of information about the Jazz Butcher, an english pop group. included at this site are loads of photos, albums scans, the complete archives for the jbc-list mailing list, and a few audio snippets.
Alex Chilton was near death and everyone was smiling politically. Apprehension. Loathing. Fear and adulterated panic swept the ranks and the lovely sofa sleeper. What could three do in the face of desperation and nonsense? After all, radioland is an uninhabitable situation.


Center for Nondestructive Evaluation
The Center for NDE (CNDE) focuses on the research and development of new theories and techniques for use in quantitative NDE. NDE involves use of various non-invasive measurement techniques to determine the integrity of a structure, component, or material without destroying the usefulness of the item. (Officially Mandated)
Iowa State University Entomology Department
The server contains information about faculty, graduate students, and programs in the Entomology Department at Iowa State University in Ames. It also provides a list of electronic resources for entomologists, an Insect Image Gallery, and some tasty insect recipes.
The Virtual Hospital
A digital medical/health sciences library on the Internet
University of Iowa Department of Physics and Astronomy
The Department of Physics and Astronomy at The University of Iowa, including academic and research activities with links to home pages of several research groups.


univ. Kansas
Campus-wide system in hypertext.
Konza Prairie Research Natural Area, Long Term Ecological Research, tallgrass prairie, ecological research (Experimental)
Kansas State University
Kansas State University (Officially Mandated)
KUfacts: The University of Kansas On-line information system
The University of Kansas. (Officially Mandated)
The University of Kansas Telecommunications and Information Sciences Laboratory (works on high speed networks, digital signal processing, simulation of communications systems and networks).
Kansas State University
Dept. of Computing and Information Sciences


Commonwealth of Kentucky Data Center, Frankfort
The Commonwealth of Kentucky's Department of Information Systems operates this service.
University of Kentucky, Lexington
The University of Kentucky server covers campus information, including campus maps, class schedules, local weather, and more. A Kentucky Atlas and Gazetteer, concentrating on the Bluegrass region, is available.


Delgado Community College
Gopher server for Delgado Community College.
Grambling State University
Gopher server for Grambling State University.
Infolink Information Services
Currently under construction. Commercial information sources will be offered in the near future. Check out our home page for latest information.
LaNet Networks Operations Center
Gopher server for LaNet. Contains information of interest to LaNet subscribers and the public in general.
Louisiana School for Math, Science & Art
Gopher server. The Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts is a public residential school for gifted students and is located on the campus of Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, Louisiana.
Louisiana Tech
CWIS and pointers
Louisiana State University Office of Computing Services. (under construction in oct 93)
LSU Medical Center, New Orleans
Information about the LSU Medical Center Campus and community in New Orleans.
LSU Medical Center, Shreveport
Gopher server. Information about the LSU Medical Center Campus and community in Shreveport.
McNeese State University
Gopher server for McNeese State University.
Nicholls State University
Information about Nicholls State University: students, faculty, programs, services, academic departments, research projects, and administration.
Northeast Louisiana University
Gopher server for Northeast Louisiana University.
Northwestern State University
Primarily carries information relating to the university and it operations. Early plans also include placing the University's Nasa Affiliated Space Science group on this server.
Southeastern Louisiana University
Gopher server for Southeastern Louisiana University.
Tulane University
Information about Tulane University, its programs, resources, instructional materials, and research results.
Tulane University Medical Center
Information about the Tulane University Medical Center Campus and community.
University of Southwestern Louisiana
U.S.L. -- its people, location, departments, publications, athletics, organizations, and the region. Items of particular interest include: (1) The Center for Advanced Computer Studies, and (2) A.C.M.'s Alpha Chapter -- the first student chapter of A.C.M.


The Jackson Laboratory
Mammalian Genetics - Research, Resources, and Training. This server has information of interest to the biological community.
University of Southern Maine WWW server
University of Southern Maine campus information via pointers to our Gopher server, clickable map of our Portland campus, and small bits of hypertext information. (Experimental)


The Advanced Laboratory Workstation Project at NIH
An AFS-based distributed administration and computing project at the National Institutes of Health.

The Agricultural Genome
at the National Agricultural Library which is part of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. see our README file.

Climate Prediction Center
The Climate Prediction Center (CPC) provides climate products and services consisting of operational prediction of climate variations, monitoring of the climate system and development of data bases for determining current global and regional climate anomalies and trends, and analysis of their origins and linkages to the complete climate system. These services cover climate time-scales ranging from weeks to seasons, extending into the future as far as technically feasible, and over the domain of land, ocean, and atmosphere, extending into the stratosphere. Officially Mandated.

David Taylor Model Basin, Communications & Information Systems Department
The Communications & Information Systems Department provides the Navy with vast realm of expertise in a variety of areas. We are in the the forefront of many of the U.S. Department of Defense and Navy CALS initiatives. We are the Navy's focal point for SGML. We are the lead in the standardization and development of Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs) among the Tri-Service (Navy, Air Force, Army). We provide the Navy DTD/FOSI repository as well as certification of Navy DTD's. Officially Mandated.

DigiMark is a commericial corporation providing data dissemination services through WWW, gopher, ftp and mail. Our services are available to individuals and companies and include content preparation and data dissemination strategies. Please inquire about our CGI script abilities, mailing lists and other services. Officially Mandated.

Federal Information Exchange, Inc

FEDIX - U.S. Federal Agency Opportunities

The F. Edward Hébert School of Medicine
at The Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USUHS). Officially Mandated.

The Genome Data Base (GDB)
The GDB Human Genome Data Base supports biomedical research, clinical medicine, and professional and scientific education by providing for the storage and dissemination of data about genes and other DNA markers, map location, genetic disease and locus information, and bibliographic information. (official, supported)

Homebuyer's Fair,
American homebuyers can obtain mortgage financing before the next jump in interest rates. Visit the Homebuyer's Fair, and try the Lender's exhibits. Also at the fair, you may view prototype house listings that include pictures and floor plans, and visit the Homebuyer's Information Booth, where you can get the lowdown on no money down real estate and other topics.

The Johns Hopkins University
The Johns Hopkins University BioInformatics Web Server. This server contains online hypertext databases for Biology containing information about the molecular Sequence, 3D Structure and classification of Proteins, mouse locus and mapping information, educational materials about molecular genetics, hybridomas and more.

Johns Hopkins Computer Science Department, Officially Mandated.

The Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions Information Network or, InfoNet - is now freely available with a wide array of information concerning the Medical Institutions. InfoNet provides a single source for campus information including telephone directories, academic calendars, shuttle schedules, policies for parking and garages, information for patients, listings of educational and training opportunities, and much more. Officially Mandated.

Sensory Communications and Analog VLSI Research at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, The John Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland. (Experimental -- 07/05/1994)

WelchWeb is designed by the Welch Medical Library at Johns Hopkins University to help Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions affiliates effectively identify and use Welch resources and services. Included are information about access to Welch databases, a wide variety of library services, instructional opportunities, and publishing assistance. (07/05/1994)

The Johns Hopkins Theoretical Particle Physics Group

The theoretical particle physics group at The Johns Hopkins University. Officially mandated, Experimental.

MOLIS - Minority On-line Information Service
MOLIS contains information about minority institutions of higher learning and CASHE scholarship/grant opportunities for minority students.

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
ASCA X-ray Satellite - data processing status of observations. Officially Mandated.

NASA's High Energy Astrophysics Science Archive Research Center provide access to a vast selection of data from X-ray and Gamma-ray astronomy missions including ROSAT, ASCA, Compton GRO, Einstein and EXOSAT. There is a forms interface to the HEASARC database management system, which allows browsing of various astronomical catalogs and archival datafiles. (Official WWW node of HEASARC).

The Laboratory for Extraterrestrial Physics., Officially Mandated.

NASA Shuttle Small Payloads Information can help you get your experiment into space. Information on the Get Away Special (GAS) and Hitchhiker Programs for flying small scientific and educational payloads on the Space Shuttle -- includes user documents and payload pictures.

The National Space Science Data Center (NSSDC)
provides access to a wide variety of astrophysics, space physics, solar physics, lunar and planetary data from NASA space flight missions, in addition to selected other data and some models and software. NSSDC provides access to online information bases about NASA and non-NASA data at the NSSDC and elsewhere as well as the spacecraft and experiments that have or will provide public access data. NSSDC also provides information and support relative to data management standards and technologies.

The STELAR project, part of NASA's Astrophysics Data Facility. Astronomical information and bibliographic databases at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center.

The National Library of Medicine (NLM)
The National Library of Medicine is the world's largest library dealing with a single scientific/professional topic. It cares for over 4.5 million holdings (including books, journal, reports, manuscripts and audio-visual items)

National Weather Service Home Page

Space Telescope Science Institute
Space Telescope Electronic Information System

The University of Maryland
The University of Maryland system of colleges and the state of Maryland. Officially Mandated.

ECSEL is an NSF-funded coalition of engineering schools engaged in a five-year effort to renew undergraduate engineering education and its infrastructure. ECSEL's membership includes Howard U., City College of New York, MIT, Morgan State U., Pennsylvania State U., U. Maryland, and U. Washington. This WWW server provides general information, dissemination, and links to ECSEL research projects and other Engineering Education Coalitions. (06/09/1994)

The University of Maryland at College Park Department of Computer Science has set up two servers, one run by a faculty member the other run by graduate students.

The University of Maryland Institute for Advanced Computer Studies
UMIACS provides links to faculty and staff home pages, the Department of Computer Science Technical Reports, other Research Projects and Papers, and other services on campus.

Imaging and Digital Arts is a graduate student run page which will include a large stash of works in progress from the IMDA program here, many images, sounds, quicktime movies, text and will soon include an interactive collage for web users to direct it's subject images.

Social Security Administration
The Social Security's Home Page.
Products and services for bioscience researchers with a searchable database. Officially Mandated.


the ADS Abstract Service
It provides access to currently about 160,000 Astronomy and Astrophysics abstracts with a sophisticated searching system.
Active Window Productions
Active Window Productions creates print, video, and interactive materials. Home of FINS: the Fish Information Service containing resources about aquariums, both marine and freshwater.
Amerinex Artificial Intelligence, Inc.
Amerinex A.I. and it's products, current contracts, technical reports and personnel. (Officially Mandated)
Assumption College
Assumption College general information and course and athletic schedules, information on the Interdisciplinary Conference on the Environment (to be held July 21-25, 1995), and The Contrarian's View investment newsletter. (Officially Mandated)
Boston University
The official Boston University server. General information about the University and links to college, school, and department servers.
Boston University Department of Physics
Most of the page is still under construction. It will eventually include an hypertext guide to experiments at the department, and hopefully, floorplans of our buildings with profiles of professors and researchers.
Boston University, Scientific Computing and Visualization
includes information on scientific computing and the computational science groups at B.U.
Center for Geometry Analysis Numerics and Graphics (GANG) at the University of Massachusetts Amherst
This service will focus on the Center's research in Differential Geometry with particular emphasis on minimal surfaces, surfaces of constant mean curvature, surface and knot energies, along with applications of this research to materials science and quantum physics.
The Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA)
The CfA combines the resources and research facilities of the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory and the Harvard College Observatory to pursue studies in astronomy and astrophysics.
Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology. DSP catalog and database, product literature and documentation from DSP vendors, industry news, and vendor user groups. (Officially Mandated)
Center for Intelligent Information Retrieval (CIIR) at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst
The Center for Intelligent Information Retrieval is an NSF funded S/IUCRC Center located at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. This server provides information about the Center and contains demonstrations of the INQUERY Information Retrieval System. (Experimental)
Common Sense Connection
Data General Corp. products and services (Officially Mandated)
Forrester Research
Forrester Research's technology market analysis services, including information about our research and consulting services, about past research reports, press releases and employment information. (Officially Mandated)
Hanscom School WWW Server
The Official Server for the Hanscom School System. (Officially Mandated)
Harvard Business School Publishing
Harvard University Experimental Herpetology Server
Herpetology (the scientific study of reptiles and amphibians) Includes: job listings, upcoming meetings, information on discussion groups and more (Experimental)
Harvard University Medical WWW Server
Useful information for medical, clinical, dental, and scientific professionals and researchers. Included are several experimental teaching files and databases. (Officially Mandated)
Harvard University Physics Department
It has mostly items of local interest, but there are pointers to a few documents which may be useful to a wider community.
Harvard University Press
Listings of books recently published by the Harvard University Press and other information relevant to the Press.
The Hub
The Hub is an Internet resource for mathematics and science education, maintained by TERC on behalf of the Regional Alliance.
Integrated Computer Solutions
Full information about Xhibition 94 is available right now. You can use the Web to access descriptions, schedules, and general information. Registration forms are available, right off the Web. This information is officially representative of the company.
Interactive Nest Egg
IDD Information Services in Waltham, MA is offering an online version of its print publication, along with total return charts of top performing mutual funds.
Interleaf, Inc.
Interleaf products allow you to create, assemble, and manage document-based information and distribute it in a variety of formats including HTML for Internet Publishing. (Officially Mandated)
JFK School of Government Harvard University
The JFK School of Government Harvard University Cambridge, MA (Experimental)
Lateiner Dataspace's
We provide information on discrete physical simulation, volume visualization techniques, and other three-dimensional computing technologies.
Luthor at Harvard University
An unofficial student-run server at Harvard University, is still under construction; our resources include a directory of some other Harvard home pages and a calendar of upcoming events (load time may be long - many pictures).
digital video, compression standards, various errata (Officially mandated, Experimental)
Marine Biological Laboratory
The server provides access to the lab's course listings, laboratory documentation, and access to other Woods Hole-based information sources.
MathSoft WWW Server
MathSoft, the company that produces the technical calculation software application Mathcad, as well as information about interactive electronic books that work with Mathcad and interactive data analysis software. The server also provides technical support information. (Officially Mandated)
The MathWorks, Inc.
You'll find a product tour for MATLAB, SIMULINK, and all the Application Toolboxes, information on the network services provided by The MathWorks, and much more. Officially mandated server.
Mass General Hospital - Neurology
Massachusetts General Hospital's Dept. of Neurology, with info about Neurology staff (pictures, etc.), research projects, as well as information about the different units, and general MGH information as well (maps, etc.). Neurology current events, and lots more! (Officially Mandated)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
The index to MIT servers, student/staff home pages, and other items of interest.
The MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, including a searchable index of the AI Lab publications bibliography.
MIT Computing Support Services Consulting
We are currently providing the OLC stock answers for frequently asked questions about various Athena applications and hardware including: User Accounts, Emacs, FrameMaker, LaTeX, Maple, Matlab, Unix and more. We hope to add microcomputing answers soon. (officially supported)
MIT Earth Resources Lab
Part of the Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences at MIT, ERL provides information on research in applied geophysics.
MIT Earth Resources Lab's nCUBE 2
Located at MIT's Earth Resources Laboratory, this server offers helpful utilities and information for users of nCUBE 2 parallel computers.
MIT Laboratory for Computer Science
An index to pages and demos provided by research groups at the MIT Laboratory for Computer Science.
MIT Laboratory for Nuclear Science
MIT Plasma Fusion Center WWW Server
Plasma physics and fusion research at MIT, including information on the PFC's tokamak Alcator C-Mod. (Officially Mandated)
Student Information processing Board, gatewaying AFS, the Discuss bulletin board system, the Geographic Nameserver, US National Weather information, Amateur Radio Callsign database.
Applications of Purification Technology, Millipore Products, catalogs searchable by name/application, Millipore Technical Service Assistance, Millipore Investor Information. (Officially Mandated)
The Monster Board
The Monster Board is an interactive database for listing and locating job opportunities with America's hottest companies.
National Consortium for High Performance Computing. The server is operating experimentally.
New England Biolabs
Information about the company, technical support, ordering, FTP services, and REBASE (Restriction Enzyme Database). (Experimental)
New England Community Internet
New England Community Internet is a civic organization dedicated to making Internet accessible to the public without barriers of economics or technical expertise.
Northeast and Islands Regional Educational Laboratory
Resources for K-12 educators, state and local education agencies and school staff. (Officially Mandated)
Northeastern University, College of Computer Science
Primary server for the College of Computer Science at Northeastern University. (Has been operational since as early as Nov 1993, but has recently undergone restructuring.) (Officially Mandated)
The Object Corps WWW Information Server
The Object Corps is a volunteer society dedicated to the advancement of open object oriented technologies such as NEXTSTEP/OpenStep & Taligent.
Oki WWW Server
The Oki family of companies, highlighting OKI America and also information on 3D graphics. (Officially Mandated)
Open Advisors Limited networking trainers and consultants. Home of Aquanaut (SCUBA diving forum) and Grapevine (Wine Drinker's forum).
Open Market, Inc.
Open Market's products and services (Officially Mandated)
The Open Software Foundation
The Open Software Foundation (OSF) is a not-for-profit research and development organization whose goal is to provide a software solution that enables computers from multiple vendors to work together in a true, open systems computing environment. OSF uses an innovative open process for selecting and implementing technology.
The Open Software Foundation's Research Institute
The Open Software Foundation's Research Institute (RI) is chartered to accelerate the development of open systems by investigating strategic technologies that are fundamental to their success, sharing this research with the community, and providing guidance to OSF's technology programs.
The Sturtevants' Home
Our family's home server in Lexington, Massachusetts, U.S.A
Synergy WWW Server
Currently my server provides a variety of links to multimedia and graphics sources. I provide access to a large collection of GIF images, and I plan to include other multimedia formats in the near future. I also serve documents related to research in psychology.
The Tech
"MIT's oldest and largest newspaper."
TeleVisions Inc.
TeleVisions Inc. provides complete electronic marketing and commerce packages for the Internet: establishment of web servers, tools for creating and maintaining electronic documents, mechanisms for tracking and billing customers, and development of novel customer interaction features. (Officially Mandated)
"Usenet University -- New Network Academy" . A virtual university project. Host may change.
The University of Massachusetts at Amherst
The University of Massachusetts at Amherst campus-wide World-Wide- Web server provides access to the CWIS (campus-wide information service) as well as other campus based WWW resources.
University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Astronomy Department
Astronomical research project information, Graduate Program Brochure, and departmental directories.


Calvin College Web Server
This server provides a few Calvin publications, a campus calendar, phone book, a campus map, a Christian resource list, local documentation, access to Calvin gopher services; and as of late, a nice Web gateway to the King James version of the Bible
Center for Display Technology and Manufacturing (CDTM)
The Center for Display Technology and Manufacturing performs research and development on flat panel display technology. This web server provides information on center research areas, capabilities and facilities, and center membership.
Classics and Mediterranean Archaeology
Department of Classical Studies, University of Michigan
Department of Geological Engineering, Geology, and Geophysics at Michigan Technological University
This server provides information about the department and its research areas, local information regarding mineral collecting, and the very popular fishpage.
Great Lakes Information Network (GLIN)
Great Lakes region of North America - environment, economy and natural resources - provided by federal, state and provincial governments, academia, regional agencies, foundations and others. (Officially Mandated)
K-Info is the Kalamazoo College Campus Wide Information System. Information Available includes campus newsletters, a campus calendar, sports information and on-line documentation. In the near future, the Admissions and Career Development Departments will be adding information to the CWIS. (Officially Mandated)
Michigan State University
Experimental. See MSU Unix Computing Group's home page
Msen, Inc.
Msen offers public access to the Internet for users throughout Michigan, and also is the home for popular information services such as the Online Career Center. (Officially Mandated)
Oakland University
Oakland University Information, and access to Oak Archive (primary SimTel mirror) (unaccessible in Oct 93)
The Environmental Research Institute of Michigan (ERIM)
ERIM is a private, nonprofit, high technology organization that performs research and development and related services for its sponsors. We have expertise in the areas of remote sensing techniques and applications, image and signal processing, and technology transfer.
The University of Michigan School of Information and Library Studies
Listings of current SILS and ILS-related information services...
University of Michigan College of Engineering
Information is available about various departments, labs, and organizations in the College of Engineering. The Computer Aided Engineering Network's documentation and other resources are also available. (Officially Mandated)


Army High Performance Computing Research Center, university led research and educational consortium.
Technology and Information Educational Services (TIES)
TIES Activities and support for K-12 Teachers and Administrators (Officially Mandated)
The Geometry Center at the University of Minnesota
is pleased to announce that it is now running a Web server. The server contains, among other things, the illustration from the October 1993, Scientific American cover .
St. Olaf College
We provided information on and about Saint Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota, USA. This information includes a hypertext version of our current college catalog, a campus map, as well as other types of useful information. The server also provides access to our school's gopher server as well as pointers to other internet resources. (Officially Mandated)
University of Minnesota
The University of Minnesota's central Web service provides access to all online information at the U of M published through World Wide Web and Gopher. (Offically Mandated)
Zensufi Information Service
The aim of this server is to provide background information on the Zensufi School for those who play on DuneMUSH
antiques and collectibles popular in the Midwestern states of the U.S. Compact graphics, references and information on American antiques and collectible items for beginning collectors and traders. A collaboration between Antiques Oronoco and Internet Connections, Inc. (Officially Mandated)
Millennium Communications
Millennium Communications is a local Internet access provider serving the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area and Rochester, Minnesota.
Saint Mary's College of Minnesota Server
Saint Mary's College of Minnesota. Information about each aspect of life at SMC will be eventually included. (Officially Mandated)


Jackson State University
Provides information about Jackson State University; Undergraduate and Graduate Programs, Pre-College Programs, Research, Special Programs, Athletics, etc.
Jackson State University Computer Science Department
Academic programs, faculty teaching/research activities, computer science students activities. (Officially Mandated)
Mississippi Center for Supercomputing Research
The high-performance computing support for faculty, staff, and students at the eight state-supported senior institutions of higher learning in Mississippi and the University of Mississippi Medical Center. Information about the Mississippi Higher Education Research Network (MISNET) is also provided.
Mississippi State University
The Computing Center and University Relations make general information about MSU available, including the University course catalog and the faculty/staff directory. Archives of the FineArt Forum electronic newsletter, the Words-L discussion group and the National Center for Technology Planning are also available. The Computer Science department and the NSF Engineering Research Center for Computational Field Simulation are populating their own Web servers with information specific to their disciplines.
Aminet Amiga archive
Gigabytes of Amiga Software, including searchable index (Officially Mandated)
Data Research
Variety of reference and research information. Several experimental databases are available including the Library of Congress bibliographic and authority databases. Other databases are available only by subscription.
Economics Working Paper Archive
This service provides an archive of Working Papers in Economics. Papers may be searched, abstracts viewed, and even PostScript versions are available. Submission is via e-mail. (Officially Mandated)
Micro Media CD Kiosk
The Micro Media CD Kiosk is an electronic storefront for multimedia PC software. The St. Louis User Group Information page provides information and meeting times for local computer user groups. (Officially Mandated)
Missouri Botanical Garden
The Missouri Botanical Garden. Also a database of 600,000 taxonomic records. (Officially Mandated)
NetVet Veterinary Resources
Veterinary Medicine, Animal Resources, Veterinary Informatics, Colleges of Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary and Animal Organizations and Legislation, Veterinary ListServ Archives and Conference Proceedings, and the Electronic Zoo (Officially Mandated)
The University of Missouri - Columbia (Officially mandated, Experimental)
The Maize Genome Database project
Operated by the USDA MAize Genome Database Project located at the University of Missouri -- Columbia, and provides access to Maize-related information. Experimental in nov 93.
The Mizzou Physics Lab SGI Cluster WWW Server
This server gives students on the SGI Cluster the ability to publish their own home pages, provides information about the University of Missouri-Columbia and applications on the Silicon Graphics Cluster, and offers access to many of the other Internet infosystems in the State of Missouri.
University of Missouri Computer Science Telecommunications Program
Washington University Institute for Biomedical Computing
The Biomedical & Biological Engineering Program at Washington University, and the research efforts of the faculty associated with the Institute for Biomedical Computing. It provides various services for sequence analysis, and the KLOTHO biochemical compounds database. (Officially Mandated)


MARC (USDA, ARS, Roman L. Hruska U.S. Meat Animal Research Center)
Cattle and Swine genetic linkage maps are presented in a unique, visual format. The user may browse chromosome and linkage maps, and click on markers to display detailed information on several hundred microsatellite loci.


(see a sensitive map)
Hundred Acre Consulting
Hundred Acre Consulting is a general software/hardware development consulting company, specializing in real-time embedded systems, GNU compiler internals, and support of Free Software Foundation software. Founded in 1989, we provide software and hardware design, development and support services to clients wishing to supplement their existing staff, or smaller clients who don't have the resources to do extensive development.

University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Information Science Research Institute
Information about the Information Science Research Institute, its research projects, personnel, publications and annual symposium.
National Supercomputing Center for Energy and the Environment (NSCEE)
The NSCEE is a full-service supercomputing facility with on-site and off-site user training, national network accessibility and a mission for excellence in education and research in supercomputing and its applications. The NSCEE provides supercomputer training and services to academic and research institutions, government and private industry.
Department of Physics
Contains information about the Department of Physics at UNLV.
UNLV Home Page
Information provided by the University. This information includes information on the various colleges, a listing of local conferences, a local events calendar, pollution/pollen reports, and pointers to other sources of campus information. This is also the home of the Chimera WWW browser.
UNLV Web Central
The University of Nevada, Las Vegas has established a new web server. This web server has been officially mandated by the President of the University, and is the central location for all UNLV information.

New Hampshire

This server contains information useful for teaching any probability or statistics course that uses current news involving probability or statistical concepts.
Dartmouth College
Internal Audit World Wide Web
Auditing. (Officially Mandated)
The NetMarket Company
NetMarket is a commercial site that assists firms in developing stateful, dynamic pages for sales, advertising, and marketing. Browsing and searching are provided free of charge, so come check us out!

New Jersey

AT&T Bell Laboratories
Bibliography on computer networking
Dan's Server at The Peddie School
It provides A long list of starting points, and peddie news and information.
Rutgers University INFO
The Rutgers Campus-Wide Information System. Information about departments, services, and events from throughout the University.
Astrophysics: Sloan Digital Sky Survey

New Mexico

The Albuquerque Resource Center supports high performance computing in a diverse community that includes Department of Defense and Department of Energy research laboratories, graduate and undergraduate education and research institutions, and sophisticated commercial users.
Los Alamos High School
Information about Los Alamos High School
Los Alamos Middle School
The gateway into Los Alamos Middle School
Los Alamos National Lab
Physics Information Service
Los Alamos National Laboratory. See also the CNLS (Centre for Nonlinear Studies)
The National Center for Genome Resources in Santa Fe, NM.
This server currently includes pages for both the Genome Sequence Data Base (GSDB) and SIGMA (System for Integretated Genome Map Assembly).
The Genome Sequence Data Base pages provide:
DNA sequence entry retrieval and SQL-based queries, data submission instructions and submission tracking reports, on-line database update forms, and access to all GSDB software and documentation for downloading and on-line viewing.
The SIGMA pages include:
A hypertext "guided tour" of SIGMA, sample maps, and access to the SIGMA software and documentation.
National Solar Observatory / Sac Peak
NSO/SP provides users telescopes for high resolution, coronal, and synoptic research programs with a wide variety of integrated instrumentation sytems. On line data analysis and reduction facilities are also available.
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (New Mexico Tech)
A gateway into New Mexico Tech.
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology Computer Science Department
Just what it says.
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology Electrical Engineering and Physics Departments
The new NMT EE/Physics Server
New Mexico History and Tourism
New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science
This is a joint project between the Museum, Albuquerque Public Schools, and New Mexico State Department of Education.
The WWW entry for the New Mexico State University Information system.
Phillips Laboratory in Albuquerque, NM
Phillips Laboratory is the USAF's focal point for all space and missile related research and technology.
Sandia National Laboratory located in Albuquerque, NM
Santa Fe Public Library"
Information about and from Santa Fe Public Library system
Southwest Cyberport
A commercial Internet provider in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Studio X
The Studio X WWW Site will supply the City of Santa Fe and the Internetted world with information concerning events, resources, culture and the arts in Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico.
UNM Institute For Astrophysics
Links and services which are related to astrophysics and astronomy here at UNM.
UNM High Energy Physics
Information about current projects related to High Energy Physics at UNM.
UNM US-Japan Center
The latest in activities from the US-Japan Center
University of New Mexico
The University of New Mexico (UNM) server is the WWW doorway into UNM. It provides routes into the various information resources of UNM and its departments.
United States Industry Coalition (USIC) is a coalition of U.S. industries w orking closely with ten DOE National Laboratories for the purpose of facilitatin g commercial interactions between U.S. businesses and entities of the New Indepe ndent States (NIS) of the Former Soviet Union (FSU).
Visioneering Research Laboratories (VRL)
in Las Cruces, New Mexico USA has a new web server available on the web with information about VRL.
VIVA New Mexico!
A general information source about New Mexico
xxx.lanl.gov physics e-Print archive
www server for automated physics e-print archives on xxx

Summary of WWW servers

New York

Arachne's Web Server
Lacemaking (Experimental)
AskERIC is geared towards providing information on the process of education to the k-12 community and those interested in education. (under construction in dec 93)
Automatrix, Inc.
Automatrix, Inc. offers corporate and individual publishing on the World-Wide Web as well as Internet access to individuals and organizations in the Capital Region of New York. Automatrix also hosts the Internet Conference Calendar, a listing of Internet-related events worldwide.
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Multi-disciplinary laboratory that carries out basic and applied research in the physical, biomedical and environmental sciences and in selected energy technologies.
Clarkson University's WWW Home
Clarkson University, it's Academics, its projects, and information that we wish to provide to the Internet community. (Officially Mandated)
Columbia University Center for Telecommunications Research
Pointers to various Columbia URLs plus random information produced for the CTR. Still under construction in March 94. This is an officially mandated server, however only information marked as being official should be taken as such.
Columbia University Department of Computer Science
Columbia University WorldWide Web Server
This WorldWide Web server provides a way for University groups to publish formatted and multi-media documents. It also provides an alternative entrance to the Gopher-based ColumbiaNet University-wide information system through which University departments, offices, and groups publish information electronically.
Computer Science House at Rochester Institute of Technology
We are a student run organization designed as a socio-technological commune
Cornell Information Technologies (C.I.T.) Computer HelpDesk
It contains information on computing at cornell and the use of computers and the network in general as well as access to several of Cornell's computer services.
Cornell Law School
Ithaca, New York, USA. Contains legal information (US Intellectual Property Statutes etc etc.)
Cornell Modeling and Simulation Project
Provides information about on-going research in numerical Modeling and Simulation of physical systems being done at by faculty and students in the Cornell University Department of Computer Science.
Cornell Theory Center
includes links to extensive online information system about supercomputing architectures there.
Cornell University (CIT) STOS Information Center
Information on Cornell Information Technologies public computer labs, insight into life at Cornell, hyperlinks to worthless information, and miscellaneous other fun things. (Information is unofficial)
Cornell University - CALS - NYSAES WWW server
The Cornell University, Collage of Agriculture and Life Sciences, New York State Agricultural Experiment Station WWW server provides access to information about the Station, its Faculty and Research Programs, as well as digitized images and electronic versions of the Station's publications.
Cornell University Department of Astronomy
Information on graduate studies, faculty research, and summer student programs in the Department of Astronomy at Cornell University.
Cornell University Department of Geological Sciences and Institute for
Description: Geologic Research and Education of the Department and Institute (Officially Mandated)
Cornell University Engineering Library
This web server is a home document for information about the Cornell Engineering Library and its services. It provides information on several electronic library projects that we are involved in. It also points to: other Cornell University WWW servers, a guide selected by our staff to Science and Engineering Journals.
Cornell Wilson Lab
Serving information about the high-energy physics program at Wilson Lab, CLEO collaboration preprints, and related information.
Fudan Physics 87 Home Page
Alumni Address Book for Fudan University Department of Physics Undergraduate students from year 1987-91
Commercial service which delivers advertising and marketing information to the Internetsuch as a Global Real Estate Guide. We also provide public services guides such as a Missing Kids Guide.
Graduate School and University Center - CUNY
The Graduate School's servers feature information about The School, local information services, as well as, a growing amount of information about network resourses and New York City miscellany. (Experimental)
Group on Computational and Stochastic Mechanics
Research activities of the SUNY Group on Computational and Stochastic Mechanics. News and Information from the Engineering Mechanics Division of ASCE. Repository of Information to the Engineering Mechanics Community. (Officially Mandated)
Hofstra University
Hofstra University is an education facility.
Interfinance Limited
Finance and Investment Banking, Venture Capital, etc. (Officially Mandated)
LASSP: Laboratory of Atomic and Solid State Physics at Cornell University
Entertaining Science Done at LASSP, and information about the Laboratory.
NASA/Goddard Institute for Space Studies
Description: A research facility in New York City. Available information includes a computer code for quantum nonreactive molecular dynamics and collision rates for interstellar molecules.
NYU EDGAR Development Site
Description: The NYU EDGAR Development site, in conjunction with the Internet Multicasting Service in Washington, D.C., provides a WWW retrieval front-end for corporate filings submitted electronically to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). (Officially Mandated)
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute's RPInfo
The Campuswide Information System (CWIS) for Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. RPInfo provides information about the Rensselaer campus and community and serves as a gateway to many other information sources on the Internet.
Rome Lab Reliability Sciences Newsletter
The On-line version of the Reliability Sciences Newsletter, a document published twice yearly by the Electromagnetics and Reliability Directorate of the U.S. Air Force's Rome Laboratory, located at Griffiss Air Force Base, NY.
Rome Laboratory WWW server
The United States Air Force's Super Lab for Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence (C3I) technology (Officially Mandated)
SUNY/Buffalo Geography Department
The Department of Geography at the University at Buffalo offers graduate and undergraduate training leading to the degrees of Bachelors of Arts, Master of Arts, and Doctor of Philosophy in general areas of concentration.
School of Chemical Engineering - Cornell University
Information about Cornell's School of Chemical Engineering, the graduate programs, the faculty members, the research and projects currently in progress, and as well as other useful information for anyone interested in Chemical Engineering. (Experimental)
Society For Technical Communication Web Server
The Society for Technical Communication exists "to engage in scientific, literary, and educational activities designed to advance the theory and practice of the arts and sciences of technical communication through the development of better educated personnel in the field of technical communication.
Spydoor Web
An online guide for a realistic New York City" We have or will soon have, Music (clubs, gig info ect.) Art, Stories, Film and a host of other stuff
State University of New York at Stony Brook
This server provides access to SBNEWS, Stony Brook's official campuswide information service and other servers including the Physics department.
The Inner Sanctum
A personal server available as the result of the Cornell University residence hall networking project
The New York University Medical Center WWW Server
Description: 1) NYU School of Medicine, Department, Programs and People 2) The NIH-Guide for Grants and Contracts (from the NYU-MC database) (Officially Mandated)
The Princeton Review
Provides students with test preparation courses and extensive information about college, graduate and professional school admissions issues.
U of Rochester Lancelot's W3 server
We provide gateways to GlobalMUSH (a text based interactive virtual environment) with a global-community theme, references to the Bible, Monty Python scripts, some photographic materials data, work on a text-based VR environment with images and online data, and other things.
University of Rochester Linguistics Home Page
The Linguistics Department at the University of Rochester. We make available course listings and other information about the department, as well as a list of linguistics related online information. (Officially Mandated)
Williamsville North High School Home Page
Williamsville North events, faculty, and students. Also provides links to k12 info, and servers pertinent to curriculum (Experimental)
Bibliobytes sells electronic books through an Internet point-of-purchase system called ICE, licensed from HKS. Send mail to info@bb.com or connect to our web pages for more info.
WHERE.COM provides internet presence support for commercial purposes, as well as maintaining home pages for various mushes and entertainment services.

North Carolina

Allen Marketing Group
Allen Marketing Group is a marketing communications firm that provides a full range of marketing services to help companies improve the effectiveness of their marketing and sales activites. In addition to helping technology companies market their products, the Allen Marketing Group provides a full range of interactive marketing services to help all companies benefit from the new interactive technologies.
Chemical Industry Institute of Toxicology.
The basic goals, educational and research programs at CIIT, as well as a list of the Senior Scientific staff and their research interests. The text of some of CIIT's most recent publications are also included.
The Clearinghouse for Networked Information Discovery and Retrieval at North Carolina's MCNC.
Duke Univerity
The official gateway to WWW and other information services at Duke University.
Duke University Course info Duke Jobs, University Task Reports, etc.
The Division of Medical Informatics at the Duke University Medical Center.
The Duke University School of Medicine.
International AVS Center (IAC) Information Site for HPCC, Scientific Visualization, AVS conferences, magazines, and newsgroups.Supercomputing, HPCC, and Visualization.
The International AVS Center (IAC) serves as a catalyst for expanding the AVS user base and for increasing AVS functionality by fostering discipline-specific module development and new AVS uses. Located at the North Carolina Supercomputing Center (NCSC), the worldwide clearinghouse collects, ports, and distributes user-contributed, public-domain modules and acts as liason between users and vendors. The International AVS Center also publishes a quarterly magazine called AVS Network News and a yearly module catalog. It hosts the yearly International AVS User Group conference and coordinates User Group activities, maintains a state of the art AVS Showroom.
K Computing
K Computing provides exceptionally high quality training for UNIX, programming, and networking topics. In-house developed courses as well as courses developed by a few major vendors of UNIX systems are offered.
The Laboratory of Molecular Biophysics
at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and a database of Electron Spin Resonance data including over 9000 published Spin Trap parameters.
MCNC Information Site for Information, Electronics, Supercomputing, HPCC, and Visualization.
MCNC is a private, nonprofit corporation located in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. MCNC provides advanced resources in electronic and information technologies to support education and industry and to enhance technology-based economic development in North Carolina.
Daily samplers of The News & Observer (the Raleigh, NC, daily newspaper) and cartoonist Duane Powell. Experiments such as The Baseball Server. Unisphere, a database for international business ventures.
NIEHS Laboratory of Molecular Biophysics
including a database search engine to search the 9000+ EPR compunds in the Spin Trap database maintained here.
The North Carolina Research and Education Network (formally CONCERT)
NC-REN (North Carolina Research and Education Network),formerly known as CONCERT, is a private telecommunications network owned and operated by the Information Technologies Division of MCNC to interconnect universities, research institutions, graduate centers, nonprofit organizations, government laboratories, and industries in North Carolina, permitting timely participation in research and education projects. The NC-REN Network Operations Center is located at MCNC in Research Triangle Park.
North Carolina State University
This server contains links to NCSU administrative and academic information. It includes an archive of Sybase information and tools as well as an Amateur Radio system.
The North Carolina Supercomputing Center
The North Carolina Supercomputing Center (NCSC), located in Research Triangle Park, opened with a specific mission, to promote the growth of computational science, education, and research in North Carolina institutions and to foster economic development in North Carolina through high-performance computing and its applications.
Persimmon IT, Inc.
Persimmon IT, Inc. is an Information Technology company with offices in the Raleigh/Durham area (Reseach Triangle Park) of North Carolina and Palo Alto, California. We provide a complete range of Internet Services from hardware to WWW page design to server sales and rental. Our WWW server has information about Persimmon IT, product information, forthcoming events, and fruit.
The Research Triangle Institute
A multidisciplinary not for profit research institute in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA has a server containing information about the Institute an the Research Triangle Park area.
The Multimedia Database Information Systems group server contains a lot of information about the group, including current projects and samples of MDIS's work. It also contains a Celtic music section that includes digital recordings of Celtic tunes and information about the North Carolina State University Pipes and Drums pipe band.
State Library of North Carolina WWW Server
This server specializes in providing information for the library community, state government agencies, and the business community in North Carolina. Specialized products include county, municipal, and statewide demographic and economic data profiles.
Learn why the Triangle Area, North Carolina was recently voted the "#1 Best Place to Live in America". This magazine is a continuously guide and community resource for residents, Internet travellers and those considering relocating to the area.
Triangle Virtual Reality (TRIVR)
is a special interest group for people interested in Virtual Reality and meets monthly in the Triangle Area, North Carolina. These pages provide minutes, information on meetings, and other VR related information.
TriNet Services
TriNet Services helps businesses create a presence on the Internet and offers consulting, training, and marketing services. A full-day hands-on training course, Internet Basics for Business is offered on a regular basis in the Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. This course provides the latest news and tips on why businesses are excited about the Internet, teaches how to use the basic Internet tools, and much more.
UNC General Administration WWW Server
The UNC General Administration WWW server disseminates information about the University of North Carolina System and provides information about, and links to the sixteen associated UNC campuses. This is an officially mandated server for the University of North Carolina General Administration
UNC Chapel Hill
Includes US Politics, Sun Freeware, Multimedia. You should have a look at the EXPO , including 4 multimedia exhibits: Vatican , Soviet Archive , 1492 , Dead Sea Scrolls .
UNC Institute for Transportation Research and Education
The subjects covered by this server include transportation, highways, education, geographic information systems, ARC/INFO, satellite television, Raleigh, and North Carolina.


APK WWW Server
APK.net, an internet provider in Cleveland, and ICC (the Internet Convention Center) allows commercial businesses to put information on the Internet (through WWW) (Officially Mandated)
Aurora Project at Case Western Reserve University
The Aurora Project is a Web server designed as a campus information system. It includes an interactive campus map, directions for visiting CWRU, the full text of the CWRU General Bulletin, and easy navigation buttons.
Case Western Reserve University
All Web and Gopher servers at CWRU are accessible through the Campus Home Page. It also includes lots of campus information and pointers to external resources. (Officially Mandated)
College of Engineering, University of Cincinnati
University of Cincinnati and other WWW sites related to University of Cincinnati. It is the primary link for other WWW servers on UC csampus (Officially Mandated)
Horticulture in Virtual Perspective
Horticultural teaching materials, programs and courses at Ohio State University, and research results related to Horticultural Economics and Management (Officially Mandated)
MiamiLINK - Miami University Libraries' Information Network
Provides access to the Libraries' electronic resources, including SHERLOCK, the online catalog, our Internet Services section, online research guides, and more. (Officially mandated)
Morning Star Technologies
Morning Star Technologies makes products for low-cost IP connectivity: SLIP, PPP, Frame Relay, X.25. This WWW and FTP server represents, and is officially supported by, the company.
NASA Lewis Research Center
The NASA Lewis server provides information about NASA Lewis Research Center and its ongoing projects. It contains personnel directories, information on current research projects, and general information about the center.
OARnet WWW Server
This server contains information about OARnet's services. (Experimental)
Ohio State Marion
information files for educators such as information and images from our prairie reconstruction and files descriptive of our experiments at the University Classroom of Tomorrow.
Ohio State Univeristy, Center for Mapping
Digital mapping research at the Center for Mapping. (Officially Mandated)
Ohio State University
Lots of indexed hypertext: unix man pages (indexed), RFCs, gateways into various things.
Ohio State University - Columbus, Ohio
Ohio State University, including Admissions (for potential students), Campus tour, and a list of other servers at OSU. (Officially Mandated)
Ohio State University, ElectroScience Laboratory
Our lab just celebrated our 50th anniversary in electromagnetics, and we are providing access to a wide range of information about our facility, services, people and university in general. Check us out!
Ohio Wesleyan University
Mainly student home pages, but may eventually have information about the university, esp. the CS department. Run by students -- not officially mandated.
OSU College of Nursing
nursing-specific and bioscience-general information
Pettit College of Law, Ohio Northern University
The server contains materials useful to legal pedagogy and general Law Related materials.
Symbolic Mathematical Computation Information Center
Symbolic Computation (Experimental)
The University of Dayton School of Engineering
The University of Dayton School of Engineering Academic Departments and Programs (Experimental)
University of Cincinnati
the University of Cincinnati, its people, and its departments. (Officially Mandated)
University of Toledo Department of Biology
Provides links and documents of immediate interest to the faculty and students of the department.


Oklahoma State University Computer Science Department
Oklahoma State University Mathematics Department
Oklahoma State University WWW Home Page
OSU's WWW Welcome Page provides pointers to all WWW information at OSU, including institutional and local information, the University Research Report, and links to other Web servers at OSU and elsewhere.
OUHSC College of Pharmacy
OUHSC College of Pharmacy, Pharmacy, Pharmacokinetics, Oklahoma City (Officially Mandated)
Portland Oregon Visitor Information Server
The Portland, Oregon Visitor Information Server provides tourist and conference information, including hotels, things to do and see, places to go, Portland's weather, meeting services, shopping, Oregon wineries and microbreweries, and recreation in the Mount Hood ski areas, etc. It was created and is maintained by Peek (Officially Mandated)
University of Oklahoma College of Geosciences
The University of Oklahoma College of Geosciences and its member organizations. Information is provided in the areas of meteorology, geology, geophysics, and geography.
University of Oklahoma, OU INFO
The University of Oklahoma's WWW Home Page provides links to all WWW information at OU, including campus and local information, online campus phone book, and links to all other known WWW servers in Oklahoma. (Officially Mandated)
WilTel Network Services
WilTel Products and Services, Tours of The WilTel Technology Center, WilTel in the News, the WilTel Art Gallery and WilTel Corporate Info (Officially Mandated)


College of Oceanic & Atmospheric Sciences, Oregon State University
The server provides information about the college, faculty, staff, research projects, academic programs, NASA funded Earth Observing System project and etc.
Computational Intelligence Research Laboratory (CIRL)
The University of Oregon's CIRL is a laboratory affiliated with the CS department and doing research on basic questions in artificial intelligence: search, knowledge representation, and reasoning. (Official)
Dept. of Physics, Oregon State University
Department of Physics at Oregon State University (Officially Mandated)
Oregon Graduate Institute CSE Department
The department is noted for its research in, amongst other areas, spoken language understanding, distributed and data-intensive systems, and software engineering systems. (Officially Mandated)
Oregon US. Fish and Wildlife Service orensic Laboratory
This server has information relating to wildlife forensics, wildlife educational materials and wildlife laws.
Philippine Literature
Our main goal is to provide information on Filipino authors and their works as well as discover new and aspiring contributors to the Development of Philippine literature. (Experimental)
Product Registry @PRODUCT.COM
PRODUCT.COM is an Internet product registry. It contains information about all types of products, hardware, software, books, travel, everything! Information is categorized, searchable, and listed by company names for quick an easy perusing. (Officially Mandated)
University of Oregon
This is the official home page for the University of Oregon
University of Oregon Physics Department
This server contains a wide range of information and images relevant to astronomy and environmental sciences. Departmental information will soon appear as well.


Bucknell University
Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, is now on the Web with campus events calendars, a campus map, on-line directories, schedules, and various campus publications. More is on the way.

(Officially Mandated)

Carnegie Mellon University
Links to resources of interest in the CMU community. This is officially mandated.
The EnviroWeb
A non-profit organization that deals with the facilitation of communication on environmental issues.
Penn State
Main entry point to Penn State information. Included on our server are college and departmental Web servers, the Penn State Population Research Institute, Journal of Buddhist Ethics, as well as other Penn State related servers. (Officially Mandated)
Penn State Department of Computer Science and Engineering
The Department of Computer Science and Engineering at The Pennsylvania State University. (Experimental)
Penn State University Department of Mathematics
This server distributes information about the Department of Mathematics at Pennsylvania State University: its educational programs, its research efforts, its faculty, and its facilities. (Official)
Penn State University, Department of Radiology
Information and pointers to information of interest to people working in the field of Radiology
PREPnet is Pennsylvania's principal Internet connectivity provider; on this server, you can visit our services and our organizational happenings. (Officially Mandated)
PSU Linux Info
Information about Linux, a free Unix for intel 386 computers
The Geometry Forum
The Geometry Forum is an electronic community of people interested in all levels of geometry. The most active part of the Geometry Forum is our newsgroups. Our ftp archives harbor a wealth of useful and interesting geometry-related material. Our web site offers demos of dynamic geometry programs such as The Geometer's Sketchpad and Cabri Geometre which are changing the way we learn and teach geometry.
The Multimedia Star Wars WWW Page
The Star Wars Galaxy and upcoming events involving Star Wars and it's father, George Lucas. Upcoming links will include information about Industrial Light and Magic, the wizards of modern special effects. (Experimental)
The Star Wars Home Page
The Original Star Wars Home Page at The University of Pennsylvania has served over 100,000 documents to nearly 50 countries. Extensive information about the Star Wars Galaxy. Star Wars news, trivia, facts, multimedia, info on collectibles, toys, games and more!
Thomas Jefferson University
Thomas Jefferson University, including directories, calendars, and services as well as medicine; eg, medical education, medical research, and patient care. (Officially Mandated)
Thomas Jefferson University Neuro-Implant Program
Advances in neuro-implant surgery for the treatment of pain and paralysis. There are also links to a host of other topics: recipes, computers, advertising, etc. (Officially Mandated)
univ. Pennsylvania
The U. of Pennsylvania WWW server, links with other web servers on the Penn campus; provides gateways to PennInfo, the University's CWIS, and to Gopher servers at Penn and worldwide. Contains info in the fields of engineering, educational technology services, physics, medicine, computer and information sciences, statistics, math, virtual language, cognitive science, and economics. We're growing, so there's more coming.
CMU School of Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science
The English Server
We offer many texts not available elsewhere on the Internet, primarily of interest to humanities scholars
New Technology projects in the Republic of Liberia. Also Computer animations for advertising general News and electronic projects in general (Experimental)
Electrical Engineering Web Server
The Department of Electrical Engineering at Temple University, including faculty, programs, and courses. Also provides pointers to various Temple Information services, and Electrical Engineering WWW sites. (Officially Mandated)
A comprehensive source of information on the biological and health effects of exposure to electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) generated by power lines, computer monitors, magnetic resonance imaging equipment, radio communications, cellular phones, radar, microwave transmissions, and other sources. EMF-Link provides public information documents, scientific literature reviews, new articles, and analyses of current research on EMF biological effects.
Justin's Links from the Underground
A coordinated collection of impressive information, luscious links, and both ubiquitous and unique items on the net.
Lafayette College Anthrology and Sociology Home Page
Anthropology and Sociology (Experimental Server)
Lehigh University WWW Server
... Lehigh University; its campus environment, academic programs, departmental and research facilities. Additionally, Lehigh's WWW server lists personal home pages of its students, staff, and faculty members. Lehigh is making active effort to migrate its existing campus wide information system (CWIS) the Mosaic/WWW way. Lehigh has also volunteered to be the site for the Electronic Bill of Rights home pages. See Lehigh's campus electronically via navigational map. There is lot more to see and a lot more to be added. So stay tuned to Lehigh. (Officially Mandated)
Math Dept, Indiana University of PA
The Web server for the Mathematics Department at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, including descriptions of various departmental projects.
Minority Enterprise Corporation of Pittsburgh
An independent non-profit organization dedicated to the creation and growth of minority-owned businesses within southwestern Pennsylvania. (Officially Mandated)
Mudge 3B
What the residents of Mudge 3B Rooms 313-314 are doing at the moment.
Myxa Corporation
Seminars and papers on Networking and Open Systems offered by or written by Myxa Corporation. In addition the Elm WWW Support pages are located here. (Officially Mandated)
Northwest Tri-County Intermediate Unit #5
K-12 Educational Resources Intermediate Unit Programs and Services (Officially Mandated)
We provide multimedia information regarding all aspects of cancer and cancer therapy. This includes childhood and adult cancer, medical oncology and radiation oncology. Our mission, in alliance with the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center, is to promote cancer research, to educate, and to care for patients with cancer. This WWW server is officially mandated by the Radiation Oncology Department of the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center.
Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
PSC's mission is to provide advanced scientific computing
Research Access Inc.
The clearinghouse of computer science technical reports provides timely, customized, and convenient access to CS technical reports and CS publications. (Officially Mandated)
Stork Delivers Inc.
Dedicated to newborns. (Officially Mandated)
Temple University C.I.S
Temple University's Computer and Information Sciences Department (Officially Mandated)
Temple University SYNERGY Project
Up-to-date information on the upcoming SYNERGY product, a parallel distributed computing system. Estimated time of entering public domain: summer, 1994. This server does not represent Temple University. Status: experimental
UPenn Math
While our primary function is to provide resources for mathematicians and for our students, some of the tools and references we have assembled are of general use. These include information concerning TeX, finding e-mail addresses, use of the Web, and computer information. During the next year we anticipate a substantial change as the nature and quality of available material increases.

Rhode Island

Brown University WWW
"Directory of WWW servers at Brown"
Brown Univ. HEP
The Brown High Energy Physics Group
Brown Univ. Physics
The Brown University Department of Physics (under construction in oct 93)
Department of Chemistry at the University of Rhode Island
Information about the University of Rhode Island, the Chemistry Department, a summary of chemistry faculty and their research, and graduate admissions information.
We have information on Rhode Island happenings, with information from the RI Department of Education, Department of State Archives, and the Department of State Library Services. We also have information on Florida, both travel/hotel and restaraunt information...

South Carolina

The BOC Challenge Homepage
Latest BOC Challenge News and Standings. Interesting information on the BOC Challenge, the skippers, and their boats.
Clemson University.
This server connects you to information about the various programs and events at Clemson University With nearly 17,000 students enrolled in nine colleges, Clemson is well on its way to becoming the "leading technologically-oriented land-grant university in the nation." Through its 77 undergraduate degree programs and 105 graduate programs in 66 areas of study, Clemson University is excelling in areas of engineering, sciences, and agricultural studies, as well as programs in the liberal arts and social sciences.
The College of Charleston
The College of Charleston Home Page provides a link to the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Student Chapter at the College of Charleston Home Page. In the future it will provide links to different department Home Pages at the College of Charleston.
Global Vision Inc
We are a full Service Internet Provider located in the Upstate South Carolina Area. We offer SLIP/PPP high speed connections to the net. Including ISDN and fractional T-1 speeds. We offer training and Consulting help in all aspects of setting up a full internet connection.
Grumman Data Systems, Charleston, SC
Products and services provided by the Grumman Data Systems Charleston facility. This includes information on Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) activities currently performed at the facility. Information on CIM-related products and services is also provided.
The Department of Radiation Oncology at the Medical University of South Carolina is providing a WWW server that houses information about the department itself and links to WWW servers with information about Oncology as well as general medicine.
Palmetto Systems, Inc.
Palmetto Systems, Inc. is a consulting firm offering a variety of software development, integration, and training services for the Charleston metropolitan area.
Persimmon IT, Inc.
Persimmon IT, Inc. is an Information Technology company with offices in Charleston, South Carolina, and the Raleigh/Durham area (Reseach Triangle Park) of North Carolina. We provide a complete range of Internet Services from hardware to WWW page design and server sales and rental. The WWW server has information about Persimmon IT, product information, forthcoming events, and fruit.
provides the Charleston, SC area with local dialup and dedicated Internet Connections for individuals, business, and educational institutions; hardware and software to support those connections; and value-added Internet Services, including The S.I.M.S. Internet Mall. if you have questions or would like additional information, please contact Jim Sims
SunBelt.Net provides Internet services for South Carolina and border areas of North Carolina and Georgia. Click here for a network map of the current SunBelt.Net geography.
University of South Carolina Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
This server contains information about the department, its students, faculty, staff, programs and research laboratories. This should be particularly interesting to engineers in the southeast who wish to pursue research in high-voltage, pulsed power, laser systems, object-oriented programming systems, AI, high-performance computer architecture or mobile robotics. The department teaches many of its programs via APOGEE, which is a teleconferencing system accessible through NTU at remote sites across the country.
Winthrop University
Will include information about the Winthrop University community as well as information on our gopher.


Oak Ridge Centers for Manufacturing Technology
Description: Information describing expertise and facilities available at the U.S. Department of Energy's Oak Ridge Centers for Manufacturing Technology, including the results of a U.S. Navy Best Manufacturing Practices survey of the Oak Ridge facilities. (Officially Mandated)
Oak Ridge National Laboratory World Wide Web Server
The information includes general subjects about the Laboratory and the Oak Ridge area, information on its basic and applied research, media releases, ORNL publications, and educational opportunities. (Mandated)
The Oak Ridge National Laboratory Environmental Sciences Division
This server has been established to provide the public with information about ORNL and ESD research and develop activities. Any comments or suggestions are welcome and appreciated.
University of Tennessee High Energy Theory Group
Links to Tennessee, High Energy Physics, and other resources of interest to our theoretical physics group
University of Tennessee, University Relations
Current contents of this server include: Bicentennial information, Campus and Institute Information, Sculpture Tour, UT Newsmakers, UT Science Bytes, WUOT-FM.
University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Department of Mathematics
Contains information about the undergraduate and graduate programs in the Department of Mathematics, course syllabi, faculty, research interests, colloquia, etc.
University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Network Hardware Engineering/Unix Systems Group
This is the WWW server for the University of Tennessee's Network Hardware Engineering/UNIX Systems Group. It contains information on the statewide and campus networks, resources available to users, and Things We Did For No Good Reason At All.
Vanderbilt University
Provides links to many other Vanderbilt servers such as Blair School of Music, School of Engineering, Owen Graduate School of Management, School of Medicine, and other non-academic servers such as the Television News Archive, Virtual School, and local art gallaries on-line.
University of Memphis
This is the University of Memphis' home page which includes pointers to other university computing resources such as the university's gopher server, and general information about the university.
University of Memphis, Academic Computer Services
This server provides information about the Internet, tools to use on the Internet, and links to various other Internet resources.
University of Memphis, Chemistry Department
This page is the University of Memphis Chemistry Department's home page which has information about the department, departmental facilities, graduate curriculum assistantships, undergraduate research opportunities, and a list of departmental members including graduate students.
University of Memphis, Department of Electrical Engineering
This page provides information about Electrical Engineering programs and departmental members.
The Institute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology
The Institute's page provides information about the Institute, a display of the current exhibit of Egyptian artifacts at the University of Memphis, and a short tour of Egypt.
Varco-Pruden Buildings
Varco-Pruden Buildings manufactures metal buildings and metal components for other buildings. This server provides information about VP, houses the Tennessee Home Page as well as the Memphis Home Page, and provides access points to the Internet.
The Edge
The Edge is a commercial Internet access provider. We attempt to create a Web presence with organized pointers to interesting things on the Net.
Mathematics Archives
Contains software, reviews of software and other materials which can be used in the teaching of mathematics at the community college, college and university levels. Also contains links to other sites which contain similar materials.
Promus Companies
The Promus Companies Incorporated, based in Memphis, Tenn., is the service, quality and value leader in the hotel and casino entertainment industries. Promus brands are: Embassy Suites hotels, Hampton Inn hotels, Homewood Suites hotels, and Harrah's Casinos, the world's premier name in casino entertainment, now with 13 casinos across the United States.
Smoky Mountain Field School
The staff of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and The University of Tennessee, Knoxville are pleased to offer a wonderful array of programs to enhance your enjoyment, appreciation, and understanding of the Smokies and the outdoors.
MECCA (Memphis Educational Computer Connectivity Alliance)
MECCA is a consortium of academic institutions within the Memphis, Tennessee area. The group was conceived to provide network connections between academic institutions within this general area, provide assistance to its membership in the process of making connections to the Internet, and facilitate information sharing via gopher servers, World Wide Web servers and eventually a MECCA free-net system.
University of the South
This is the official server for the University of the South, which is located in Sawanee, and provides information about the university.
Gregory Siskind, Attorney at Law
Dealing with all aspects of U.S. immigration and nationality law.


Academ Consulting Services
Provides the canonical respository for the NNTP reference software for UNIX, the Texas UUCP Maps, and the RN news reader. Also provides network design and deployment services as well as support for interconnecting a variety of electronic mail systems and system administration services for UNIX systems.

Apple Support and Information Web
Offers the latest free Apple software updates, a WAIS gateway for searching the Apple Tech Info Library, Apple product specific technical information, and Apple Related Web pages with links to the Information Alley News Magazine, Developer Services, the Apple Fax technical support catalog, other Apple-related sites, and more.

Baylor College of Medicine
Biomedical Research and Educational Information.

Baylor University Information Systems Department
Departmental information, faculty information, course materials, and more.

Provides a forum for the presentation of information about, and the debate and discussion of, events and topics relevant to the times. We also offer technical material, including TET, the Test Environment Toolkit from Tetworks and DOTZ, a compressed, typed filesystem for Sun workstations. We reprint the newsletters of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, a non-profit, research, and educational organization that helps researchers design, obtain approval for, fund, and conduct scientific studies in clinical applications for psychedelic drugs and marijuana.

Caenorhabditis elegans WWW server, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Contains information about Caenorhabditis elegans and the commmunity of C elegans researchers. C elegans is a small (about 1 mm long) soil nematode used for genetic, developmental, and neurobiological studies.

Capital Area Central Texas Unix* Society.

Chromosome 3 Database
Genetic and physical mapping of Human Chromosome 3.

Compaq Computer Corporation
Information on Compaq products, programs, and service.

Dell Computer
Is offering several services, including On-line Catalogs, Press Releases, and a program to find Service Part kit part numbers and prices. Our AutoTech system online, among other things, is under development.

Edwards Aquifer Research and Data Center (EARDC), Southwest Texas State University
Provides public service in the study, understanding, and use of the Edwards Aquifer. The Aquifer is a unique, world-renowned karst aquifer that supplies water of exceptional quality to 1.5 million people in the region. The biological community in the Aquifer is highly diverse, supporting at least five vertebrates and forty invertebrates. Springs from the Aquifer provide base flow for the Guadalupe River system and support the critical habitat for several endangered species.

EINet Galaxy
Is a guide to worldwide information and services. It includes public information as well as commercial information and services provided by EINet customers and affiliates. The information is organized by topic and is searchable.

Environmental Resource Center
Provides timely and cost-effective access to environmental data and information.

Flightpath Communications
Provides affordable Internet publishing and "virtual host" facilities for small businesses, non-profit organizations, and individuals.

FutureSoft Engineering, Inc.
A software development company devoted to manufacturing terminal-emulation solutions for Windows. The family of products includes DynaComm Asynchronous, DynaComm/Elite, DynaComm/OpenConnect TN3270, and DynaComm/OpenConnect 5250. The Marketing and Support groups are pleased to announce www.fse.com as the official company source for product information and support services.

The Global City
Offers a collection of merchants (bookstore, Internet services, marketing, and consulting) and a newspaper that gladly accepts articles from authors around the globe. Sponsored by Kaleidoscope Communications, Inc.

Hastings Financial Corporation
A Dallas-based company that specializes in the sale and purchase of owner-financed real estate lien notes. We provide realtors, CPA firms, trust departments, attorneys, and other members of the real estate industry a service for their clients.

Highland Park Elementary School
For students, teachers, parents, the educational community, and interested browsers worldwide. Don't miss its online publication Scottie CyberNews, one of the first in the country to be produced by children in an after-school Computer Camp.

Houston Public Television
As the first public television station on the Web, KUHT will offer information about the history of Channel 8, companion material to local productions, details on membership and member services, and an archive of press releases. Currently under construction.

HyperMedia Corporation
HyperMedia Corporation, News and Announcements, General Information, the HyperEdge Expert Association, services, products, consulting services, information management, HyperEdge Tools, HyperEdge Documentation, activity models, best practices, hypermedia software, Dynamic Pamphlets, and HyperJournals.

IBM RISC System/6000 Products & Services
Provides marketing, technical, and services and support information regarding the IBM RISC System/6000 and AIX product families.

IBM U.S.-Federal: High Performance Client/Server Integration
Presents an overview of HPC/SI, its ongoing projects, products and services. HPC/SI provides total solutions in computing, storage, networking, and services for the high-end computing market.

ILink Ltd.
Information about the ILink national Internet access network, coming online in 200 U.S. cities in January 1995.

Offerings include: INFOMART Magazine. It contains articles for the information systems industry on client/server issues, multimedia, ATM, networking, and other hot topics. INFOMART Directory lists telephone numbers and gives brief descriptions of INFOMART tenants. The Calendar of Events lists conferences and classes held on site. INFOMART also archives important computer-industry articles.

The Internet Store
Information on client companies, organizations, and publications.

Little Russia in San Antonio, Texas.
Located at the University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio, this server provides information about Russia and other CIS states, including information on attractions and travel, network map with links, humor, and more.

A WWW community for progressive information.

Matrix Information and Directory Services, Inc. (MIDS)
Maps, graphs, data, and text on size, growth, density, localization, and other features of the Internet and other networks in the worldwide Matrix of interconnected computer networks.

McDonnell Douglas Aerospace - Houston
Provides demonstrations, descriptions, and points-of-contact for the engineering services and technologies available. A "What's New ..." page keeps visitors abreast of newly published exhibits, and a "Technology Profiles" section indexes topics of interest by category.

McDonnell Douglas Human Modeling System (MDHMS)
A 3-D interactive modeling system to analyze human body fit and function within a geometric structure. MDHMS was developed at McDonnell Douglas Aerospace-West in Long Beach, California through the Human Factors Technology department. MDHMS is currently hosted on Silicon Graphics workstations with a port to Hewlett-Packard in progress. MDHMS can import CAD data via IGES or STL (Stereo Lithographic) formats. A 90-day evaluation copy of MDHMS is available upon request.

Medical Education Information Center (MEDIC)
The Medical Education Information Center of the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at The University of Texas Medical School at Houston contains self-study health-education materials for the general public, medical students, allied health students, and graduate students. Also provided are continuing education materials for the health-care professional.

MoonTower, Inc.
Internet access provider for central Texas.

NASA/Johnson Space Center
JSC is the main NASA center for the design, development, and testing of spacecraft and associated systems for human space flight. This includes automation and robotics, flight activities and data systems, mechanical design and analysis, rapid development, repository based software engineering, software technology, and space station.

This lab uses virtual reality as a design tool for space stations and other NASA-related vehicles. This page gives describes the lab's work and lists VR-related sites.

Paramount Theatre
Include information on the theatre's current Broadway and Children's Series, the 79th Anniversary Gala, the Paramount Producers, and upcoming events at the Paramount. One of Texas' oldest theatres is now one of the first to go on-line.

Patent Search Service: U.S. Patents 1972-present
The Electronic Data Systems (EDS) Shadow Patent Office (SPO) offers easy-to-use, highly effective patentability and infringement searches against the full-text of the 1.7 million U.S. patents issued since January 1972. The service is available via the Web or by sending mail to spo_patent@spo.eds.com with the word help as the body of the message.

Paranoia.Com Eclectic
Provides useful and eclectic information and links to it's users and the Internet community as a whole.

Pencom Software
Pencom is a leading professional services provider specializing in systems integration, technical staffing, contract programming, and systems administration. Pencom helps both information systems users and information technology providers integrate people, process, and technologies to deploy open systems solutions.

Prairie View High Energy Physics
Prairie View A&M University High Energy Physics and the Particle Detector Research Center at Prairie View.

Quadralay Corporation
Provides Company and Product Information, C++ Forum, Austin information. Mandated and represented by Quadralay Corporation.

The Racquet Workshop
Sponsors the World Wide Web Tennis Server, providing player and equipment tips, tennis news, links to tennis info throughout the web, the Windemere Racquet & Swim Club, and the entrance to The Racquet Workshop, the Web's first specialty tennis shoppe.

RiceInfo (Rice University CWIS)
The campus-wide information system for Rice University in Houston, Texas.

Dedicated to recycling as far up the foodchain as possible.

Sam Houston State University
The official Central Web server at SHSU. Contains campus information, Project NIMO (Netword Information Management and Organization) and a comprehensive TeX archive network.

SHSU Computer Services
Contains pointers to local pages, plus pointers to interesting pages throught the world.

The Secular Web
Secular issues including atheism, agnosticism, humanism, skepticism, etc. We also maintain an experimental archive of free-thought literature called The Freethought Web.

SMU - Edwin L. Cox School of Business
The Edwin L. Cox School of Business, MIS Case Studies on WWW, and related information.

Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL)
This server focuses on the work of SIL, namely the study of minority languages and cultures around the world. It is intended to serve both SIL members and those in the general academic community who share our interests and goals.

Superconducting Supercollider Laboratory.

The Tenagra Corporation
Helps organizations establish their net.presence using net.acceptable techniques. A member of the NASA Johnson Technology Commercialization Center, Tenagra is headquartered in Houston, Texas. Tenagra's server also provides links to cultural information around the Houston and Clear Lake areas.

In addition to providing information and links appropriate for K-12 education, TENET Web also follows the progress of the State Networking Project, a nationwide collaborative effort to plan for the integration of an information infrastructure to support the needs of the K-12 educational community.

Texas Center for Superconductivity at the University of Houston
Contains information about the Center's research programs, facilities and opportunities for industrial collaboration, and graduate and undergraduate programs.

Texas Internet Consulting (TIC)
We do network and open systems consulting with emphasis on TCP/IP networks, UNIX systems, and standards.

The resources of fifty-two Texas State University Libraries are now available through Tex-Share, an information resource sharing program sponsored by the Texas Council of State University Librarians, created to provide support for and enhancement of resource sharing among Texas academic libraries. Among the diverse choices, you can view the Tex-Share Gopher or All Tex-Share Library Catalogs Also available are Professional Development for Librarians, Texas Information Services, the Texas Government Information Services, and just a few of the Texas Maps from the 230,000 maps in the UT Austin Perry-Casteneda Library Map Collection.

Texas Agricultural Extension Service (TAEX)
Agricultural related topics from the Texas Agricultural Extension Service. It includes abstracts of publications, a clip-art collection, the beginnings of a slide collection, and an online software catalog.

Texas A&M University Aggie Horticulture
Information for teachers, researchers, students, and consumers cconcerning the art and science of horticulture.

Texas A&M University Department of Agricultural Engineering
Maps, eclipse movies, and geoscience references.

Texas A&M University Department of Civil Engineering
Howdy! Start here for information on academic programs and research activities in this department.

Texas A&M University Department of Engineering Technology
Information server with Remote Control Virtual Instrumentation.

Texas A&M University Department of Oceanography
Includes general departmental information, course offerings and descriptions, a schedule of guest lectures to be given in our department, the 1994 and 1995 cruise schedules for the R/V Gyre, and links to Web resources dedicated to oceanography.

Texas A&M University Energy Systems Lab
Includes information on the Monitoring and Analysis portion of the Texas LoanSTAR program.

Texas A&M University IBT
W.M. Keck Center for Genome Informatics, Institute of Biosciences and Technology, Texas A&M, Houston.

Texas General Services Commission
Information on bidding, HUB requirements, energy conservation, and much more.

Texas State Government
As the first state government on the Web, the Texas Department of Information Resources is proud to provide public access to government information as described in the Texas State Strategic Plan for Information Resources Management. One can find information about Texas State Agencies, Commissions, and Universities and about major projects, including Texas Information Highway, Texas-ONE, Geographical Information Systems (GIS), and Texas State Library's Project Link. (Server established November 1993.)

Trinity University Computer Science
The Web server run by the Department of Computer Science at Trinity University.

Unicom Systems Development
Provides Unix system integration and development, as well as digital, control, and communication systems engineering. You will find the FAQs we publish and the Shot-of-Rhythm archives (about singer/songwriter John Hiatt). We also maintain the comp.newprod archives (resource to locate computer-related products).

The University of Houston College of Business Administration
Courses, programs, and the WWW Business Yellow Pages.

The University of Houston Law Center
Information about the Law Center, its programs, its admissions requirements, and its student organizations.

The University of Houston Law Libraries
Information about the hours, contents, services and staff of the Law Libraries.

University of North Texas WWW Server
Information about UNT, course catalogs, phone books, departmental information, employment opportunities, organizations, local USENET groups.

The University of Texas at Austin
The Central Web server of UT Austin. Highlights include the General Libraries' Special Exhibitions and CIA Maps, the Computation Center's UNIX Resources page and Microlib/Mac section, and the World Lecture Hall.

UT Austin ARIAWeb
ARIAWeb provides information on the programs and services offered to members and friends of American Risk and Insurance Association (ARIA), the premier professional association of scholars and professionals in the field of insurance and risk management.

UT Austin Fusion Studies
Contains information about the fusion research program conducted by the Fusion Research Center and the Institute for Fusion Studies at UT. It is a repository of physics/fusion newsletters and software, pointers to physics information, white pages directories for fusion labs, information for UT employees, Fusion Research Center technical reports, and information on TEXT-U Tokamak and diagnostics.

UT Austin Laboratory for Intelligent Processes and Systems (LIPS)
LIPS is an engineering group within the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UT Austin.

UT Austin Neuro Engineering Research & Development Laboratory
Research in application of neural networks for manufacturing processes and control systems. Additionally, information about the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

UT Austin RISKWeb
RISKWeb provides information to academics and professionals whose research and/or teaching interests are in Risk and Insurance. It provides access to a substantial amount of economic and finance information available in WWW.

UT Austin University of Texas Press
The University of Texas Press, founded in 1950 as an integral part of the Texas system of higher education, exists to disseminate to scholars and the general public new information on and interpretations of subjects of importance.

(University of Texas - Latin American Network Information Center). UT-LANIC provides Latin American users with access to academic databases and information services throughout the world and provides Latin Americanists worldwide with access to information on and from Latin America.

(University of Texas - Russian and East European Network Information Center). UT-REENIC provides scholars of Russia and Eastern Europe access to academic databases and information services throughout the Internet and provides information on and from Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.

University of Texas at Dallas
UTD Campus Wide Information System. The information is officially mandated and representative of our organization.

University of Texas at Houston Health Science Center
Campus-wide information.

University of Texas at San Antonio HPCS Lab
Contains the HPCS (High Performance Computing and Software) Lab's current research project, 14 published research papers from the lab since 1994, and parallel visualization software developed in the lab.

University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
The central WWW server for UTMDACC. It provides information about cancer treatment, research, education, and prevention, along with other information from and about UTMDACC.

University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center Department of Biomathematics
Its programs, its personnel, and its role in cancer research.

University of Texas School of Public Health
The UT School of Public Health is an institute of higher learning offering graduate degrees in Public Health and related disciplines (e.g. Biometry, Epidemiology, Environmental Sciences). The main campus is located in Houston, Texas, with satellite campuses in San Antonio and El Paso.

UT System MISWeb - Office of Management Information Systems
MISWeb provides useful and current information about the University of Texas System and its components. There are five central areas: Financial Management, Human Resources, Investments, Students, and Research.

Virtual Media Technologies
Our home page has company links, a calendar of Japanese animation conventions, goings on at a local (Dallas) bookstore, a calendar for a computer show, and more.

Zilker Internet Park
We are an Internet access provider in Austin, Texas, with IP access by ISDN, PPP, SLIP, and shell login.


Educational Institutions
Brigham Young University, Provo (CWIS)
Here is a list of other campus servers
University of Utah SLC
Here is a list of other campus servers
Utah State University, Logan
Here is a list of other campus servers
Salt Lake Community College, SLC
Writing Lab
Dixie College, St. George
Run by the Center of Excellence for computer graphics.
Continuing Education also has a server
College of Eastern Utah, Price
Research Centers
Utah Supercomputing Institute, SLC
A high-performance computing facility and research organization, based at the University of Utah, promoting computational science for the state of Utah. The head-end for most of Utah's Internet connectivity.
Commercial Servers
Infonaut Communication Services, Provo
Local provider of dial-up Internet access.
InterConnect West, SLC
Internet access provider; includes Access Market Square, a shopping center of products and services.
Internet Direct, SLC
Internet access provider; includes CyberStreet, which showcases local companies.
Microsystems Internet Services/Utah Wired, SLC
Commercial Internet service, includes information about places, events, and companies in Utah.
Novell Corp., Provo
The world leader in personal computer networking.
WordPerfect, Orem
Applications software developer, now a subsidiary of Novell
XMission, SLC
Internet access provider, providing advertising and Internet access for people and companies.


University of Vermont's Division of Computing and Information Technology
includes an electronic museum exhibit entitled Charlotte, The Vermont Whale.
Univ. Vermont EMBA
University of Vermont Engineering, Maths and Business Administration.
Virginia Tech Scholarly Communications Project
Unix. Vermont Library is actually the Scholarly Communications Project of University Libraries, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Virgina, USA.


Advanced Research Corporation
Technical reports and information on the viability of NCSA Mosaic and NCSA HTTPD of satisfying the government dissemination requirements, including interactive documents, multimedia, database applications, and document conversions.

BEDROCK Information Solutions Inc.'s World Wide Web Server
BEDROCK Information Solutions, Inc. (Vienna, VA) helps people turn information into knowledge. BEDROCK utilizes evolving technology to provide training, system integration and Internet solutions. Come visit us to explore innovative ways to improve your bottom line.

BTG Corporation
The BTG Corporation home page features various products and services, including computer hardware, software, GSA Schedules, Internet services, software development, and information technology. Currently featured is a WWW demonstration of Jane's EIS, a CD-ROM based information retrieval system which provides unabridged access to Jane's renowned defense and aerospace publications. Searches are supported and both textual material and pictures are provided.

Commercial Internet eXchange
The Commercial Internet Exchange (CIX®) Association is pleased to announce the immediate availability of its World Wide Web server. CIX is a non-profit trade association of Public Data Internetwork service providers promoting and encouraging development of the public data communications internetworking services industry in both national and international markets. The CIX server includes information on: How to become a CIX member, current CIX members, and Commercial Internet Events (conferences, conventions, exhibitions, etc.)

Defense Information Systems Agency
The Defense Information System Agency, Software Systems Engineering Directorate. Experimental.

Bridgewater College
The Eagle's Nest provides online information about Bridgewater College, its facilities, catalog, and calendar of events.

EcoWeb is an environmental World Wide Web server which provides and connects the WWW user to environmental information on the local, state, regional, and global level. Telnet and Dialup access is also available.

The Electric Gallery
Forget the cost of flying to the Big Apple, renting a limousine, donning a tuxedo, and fighting the traffic to visit an exclusive art gallery. Now you can skip the trip, uncork the wine, invite some friends home to view an exhibition, and appreciate quality art electronically over the Internet. The Electric Gallery is the first complete commercial electronic art gallery to join the Web. It contains an exclusive collection of original naive Haitain paintings for view and sale with prices ranging from $100 to $2300.

Electric Press, Inc.
Commercial publishers and consumer advisors on the Internet. Includes exemplary hypertext pages of traditional materials. This is the official server of Electric Press, Inc.

FedWorld Information Network (US Government servers by subject)
US Government Information. Provides Links to more than a 100 other servers, sorted by subject. Officially Mandated.

FuzzFace's WWW Server on SpiderWeb.Yoyodyne.Com
John "FuzzFace" McMahon's personal and experimental WWW Server. It contains information on the fantasy card trading game Magic: The Gathering, a directory of Tarot Card images, personal home pages, and other interesting diversions.

George Mason University
Computer Science Department
This is the http server of the Department of Computer Science of George Mason University. It contains information about the department's activities and references to items of general interest to computer science people. There are additional links to various research centers.
ECC/TCS WWW server
Information in general about GMU and some of the departments here. There is also information about the Linux Operating System, Native American Indian topics, and other general WWW topics.
Fairfax Information Technology Center
sponsered by ARPA is operated by Dimensions International Inc. and George Mason University. The center provides information and assistance to Governmnet and Industry, and in particular to small business, with regard to CALS, enterprise integration, electronic commerce and business process re-engineering.


Applied Physics Laboratory - University of Washington
The Applied Physics Laboratory at the University of Washington (APL-UW) web provides general information about APL-UW people and projects. APL-UW conducts a university-based program of fundamental research, technology development, engineering, and education emphasizing Navy applications of ocean science, ocean acoustics, and ocean engineering. We invite you to explore our web.
Cascades Volcano Observatory
Volcanoes, volcanic hazards, eruption phenomena (Experimental)
Common Knowledge: Nathan Hale
Schools and interneting. Pointers and resources for new users and students in particular. Gophers, FTP, and Educationaly oriented pointers to W3 sites. (Officially Mandated)
CyberQueer Lounge
CyberQueer Lounge offers CyberQueer a publication for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual,Transgendered and Friends. CyberQueer provides both Internet how-to instruction as well guides to locating LGBT related information in CyberSpace.
Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Washington
Research in the department; academic services, including admission, current courses, and related information; seminar announcements; links to research labs in or associated with the department (Officially Mandated)
King County, Washington
Information of public interest to the citizens of King County and western Washington. (Officially Mandated)
McCaw Wireless Data WWW
McCaw Wireless Data Inc. maintains a WWW server that provides information about CDPD, the new Cellular Digital Packet Data Service that includes Airdata (TM). (Officially Mandated)
Microsoft Corporation WWW Server
Micrsoft products (Officially Mandated)
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
The NOAA Home Page serves as the official entry point for users to access information about NOAA and points to data and information resources available within NOAA including other WWW servers. This is the official home page for all of NOAA.
National Oceanographic Data Center (NODC)
The NODC is one of the environmental data centers operated by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The NODC provides ocean data management and ocean data services to researchers and other users in the United States and around the world.
Northwest Fisheries Science Center
Research activities of the Northwest Fisheries Science Center, a research facility for the National Marine Fisheries Service, NOAA, the Department of Commerce (Officially Mandated)
Pacific Northwest Laboratory
PNL is a multi-program national laboratory operated for the United States Department of Energy by Battelle Memorial Institute. PNL concentrates on research and development programs in energy, environment, and national security. Server includes information about PNL as a whole and specific science and technology programs.
PRD Information Exchange (InfoX) / Wash. State Dept. of Info. Services / Policy & Regulation Div.
Washington State Government Information and links to other state and federal information services (Officially Mandated)
Resolution Business Press, Inc.
Homepage features best places for kids and parents on the WWW in addition to research material on the computer industry of the Pacific Northwest. We publish computer reference books and are working on two Internet books: Internet: An Open Systems Dictionary and Internet: A Parent's Guide. We have just released UNIX: An Open Systems Dicitionary. (Officially Mandated)
Optical and optoelectronic applied science and engineering. Includes proceedings and book abstracts, and information about membership, events, and various SPIE activities. (Officially Mandated)
Technical Japanese WWW Server
Technical Japanese Program at University of Washington. Technical Communication Department at University of Washington Internet Resources for Macintosh Support and Programming Internet Resources for using Japanese on computers Ken Griffey, Jr., The UW Husky Football, the Seattle Sonics. (Officially Mandated)
The American Astronomical Society
The AAS server contains information on the Society, meeting schedules, abstracts, a staff directory and an HTML version of the AAS Job Register.
Univ. of Washington: Physics HyperTexts:
Charm Studies, Underwater Astrophysics, and more.
Univ. of Washington High Energy Physics Lab
Home page for the High Energy Physics Lab.
Univ. of Washington Nuclear Physics Laboratory
Among other things, this gives access to a hypertext version of the 1993 Annual Report of the UW Nuclear Physics Laboratory.
U.S. Department of Education Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI)
OERI is pleased to announce a new Internet World Wide Web (WWW) server, which provides public access to education research, statistics, and information about the U.S. Department of Education and its programs. The server is open for public access starting Tuesday, March 15, 1994. (under construction in March 94)
Venable, Baetjer, Howard & Civiletti WWW
The Venable law firm maintains an authorized WWW server that provides informtion on the firm's legal services and topical legal materials, particularly issues of concern to electronic information providers.

West Virginia

Marshall University
Marshall University School of Medicine
Marshall University School of Medicine Rural Health Resource (RuralNet)


"Strange Interactions" -- Art Work by John Jacobsen
"Strange Interactions" is an Internet art show of paintings, drawings and prints by John E. Jacobsen.
Experimental Organ Preservation
Experimental hypothermic organ preservation for transplantation at the Univ. of Wisconsin.
Great Lakes Area Commercial Internet
Information about businesses and Internet services in Wisconsin and the surrounding Great Lakes area. (Officially Mandated)
Medical College of Wisconsin - Faculty Physicians & Surgeons
Clinical and medical information as it relates to patient care. (Experimental)
Milwaukee Marketplace
Milwaukee Marketplace is a listing of businesses and services available in Milwaukee, WI.
Synchrotron Radiation Center (SRC), University of Wisconsin-Madison
This server provides information about the SRC for users, potential users, and the general public. This is the official SRC WWW server.
The Atom Trainers
Contains infomation about our research group, its members and provides for a way to download our preprints in Postscript form. (Experimental)
University of Wisconsin - Marathon Center
Internet training documents for UW-Centers, User supplied HyperText pages, Educational and Reading reasources links. (Officially Mandated)
University of Wisconsin - The Graduate School
Information about The Graduate School: departments and programs, admissions, publications and student financial support. (Officially Mandated)
University of Wisconsin Computer Sciences Department
Information about the Computer Sciences Department: research projects, courses, technical reports, admissions, etc.

Middle East


Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Information service - both in hebrew and English, asssumes a VT terminal with hebrew characters. See also their TeX database (July 1992).
Plasma Laboratory WIS
Plasma researchs in Weizmann Institute of Science; available databases for plasma physics and plasma spectroscopy; links to related to plasma physics WWW servers (Experimental)
The Jerusalem Mosaic
This server contains Information, Exhibits and Images about Jerusalem.
WISDOM - Weizmann Institute of Science Department Of Mathematics
the departments of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science and of Theoretical Mathematics; an ftp server; personal home pages of faculty and students (Experimental)

South America

(see Latin American Studies)


Argentina's Top-Level Domain
gopher/http server providing searches to the nodes connected to ARNET, and pointers to other servers such as UN and servers offering topics related to politics and economics.


RNP - Rede Nacional de Pesquisa
Central WWW server of RNP. Provides information about Internet in Brazil and has links to most WWW, Gopher and FTP servers in the country.

RNP - CR/DF - Centro Regional de Brasilia
Regional WWW server of RNP in Brasilia (capital). Information about Bioinformatics, Sustainable Development and Mercosul.

RNP - CR/SP - Centro Regional de Sao Paulo
Regional WWW server of RNP in Sao Paulo, SP.

BDT - Base de Dados Tropical
(Tropical Data Base - BDT) provides information of interest to Biotechnology and Biodiversity including Brazilian Directories, Brazilian Patents and the Biodiversity Information Network (BIN21) Home Page.

CATS Program - Course on Advanced Software Technologies
The CATS Program offers a graduate diploma course in the area of development and application of advanced software technologies. The course is aimed at re-training experienced industry computer specialists interested in learning about the most up-to-date software techologies.

CPDEE - Electrical Engineering Research and Development Center at Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil
This server contains information about electrical engineering courses at Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil.

CESUP/UFRGS - National Supercomputing Centre.
Provides information regarding the activities of the CESUP, computing resources available, events and training courses promoted by the Centre, located at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul.

LAFEX - Laboratorio de Cosmologia e Fisica Experimental de Altas Energias
General information about our laboratory, including the collaborations, schools and conferences.

LNCC - National Laboratory for Scientific Computation
>Promotes research and development in science and engineering through advanced computational methods, maintaining computer facilities to support its activities. Belongs to the National Council for Sientific and Technological Development (CNPq).

DCA/Unicamp - Department of Computer Engineering and Industrial Automation
Provides Information about the Department of Computer Engineering and Industrial Automation (DCA) of Unicamp, located in Campinas, Sao Paulo.

DCC/Unicamp - Computer Science Department
Provides Information about the Computer Science Department of Unicamp, located in Campinas, Sao Paulo.

INPE - Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais
(National Institute for Space Research - INPE) is a Brazilian government organization dedicated to space science and technology and Earth observation.

PUC-Rio - Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Provides information about the work of researchers from all the departments, a sensitive map of the campus, and links to the Gopher-PUC and other sources of information. In portuguese and english.

UFSC - Department of Informatics, Federal University of Santa Catarina
Provides an index to all Brazilian Network Services, a World Index by Continent (graphic). Also includes information about the Department of Informatics.

UFRJ - COPPE - Coordenacao de Programas de Pos-Graduacao em Engenharia
Information in english about UFRJ's engineering graduate school and research center.


(see sensitive map)
University of Chile, Computer Science Department (DCC)
Official information of the DCC (Departamento de Ciencia de la Computación) and unofficial info of the country. Also has connection to multiple servers in Chile.
REUNA, Red Universitaria Nacional
Information about the chilean Internet Connection.
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Escuela de Ingeniería
Information about Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Escuela de Ingeniería.
Universidad de Concepción
Information about University of Concepción.
Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María
Information about Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María
Universidad Católica del Norte
Information about Universidad Católica del Norte.
Universidad de la Frontera
Iformation obout Universidad de la Frontera, Proyecto Enlaces.


Santiago de Cali

Universidad del Valle
A major research university with more than 20,000 students. The goal of this server is to provide information about the University, to publish students' work and offer the latest volcano activity in southern Colombia. Other WWW servers of interest are:

Santa Fe de Bogotá

Universidad de los Andes
The purpose of the server is to show information about the country, the university services and careers.
The information about the CETCOL Network Project and some interesting news for Colombian researchers.


Universidad EAFIT
EAFIT University WWW server, offers information related to university network and academic programs.


Universidad San Francisco de Quito
Informacisn sobre la Universidad, Catalogo, Noticias, Conexisn a otros ser vers y utilitarios. Informacisn sobre el Ecuador. Information about the University, Catalogue, News, Conection to others ser vers and utilities. Information about Ecuador.


Red Cientifica Peruana
The Peru Republic WWW contains information about our country, institutions as general information and services provided by our network in our country. Also contains general information, and images about our ancient past and turism present. (officially mandated and representative)

Restricted or difficult access

The sunsite repository being set up bu UNC Chapel Hill. (Experimental).
Xerox PARC
Private: Access from Xerox.com only. System33 document server.
CIS Informationsdienst
The information service from the Centrum fuer Informations und Sprachverarbeitung von Muenchen (don't panic: they also have it in English !) Experimental, very slow line :-(. Times out.
OMT group
Private web.
not public - Jon Streets