W3 servers

This is a list of registered WWW servers alphabetically by continent country and state. (About this list)

See also: data available by other protocols , data by subject , how to make a new server , test servers , automatically collected list of Home Pages, and What's New . If servers are marked "experimental", you should not expect anything.Please send announcements of new servers to www-request@info.cern.ch.


The European X User Group


ACM SIGGRAPH Bibliography of references on Graphics in computing. Gatewayed From Hyper-G
Technical University of Vienna EDV-Lab
Das EDV-Labor der Fakultaet fuer Raumplanung und Architektur der TU Wien.
Technical University of Graz
Information service. Gateway to Hyper-G data.


Free University of Brussels
The Principia Cybernetica Project wants to integrate the whole of human knowledge in a simple, universal and easy-to-use framework.

Czech Republic

Institute of Physics (Division of Elementary Particle Physics), Academy of Sciences, Prague.


See Danish Information servers accessible via WWW, Gopher or telnet
Denmark's Technical Library
The DTB information service includes the library system .
Information about the resources found on DENet, the Danish Network for Research and Education.
Aalborg University
AUC campus wide information system (under construction in oct 93)


Helsinki Technical University
The service is a www server of the Student Union of the Helsinki University of Techonology. Currently we use gopher more than www, so www currently has just links to the gopher tree and services elsewhere.
FUNET information
Finnish Univerity Research Network.
EUnet Finland Oy
EUnet Finland Information Services


Lyon, France.
Institut National de Recherche Agronomique
CPPM Marseille
Centre de Physique des Particules de Marseille
Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et Automatique: technology transfers, development of scientific international exchanges, implementation of scientific expertise...


FU Berlin
Freie Universitaet Berlin, Fachbereich Chemie (department of chemistry)
DESY unix server
DESY welcome page. DESY lab, Hamburg.
ZEUS experiment at DESY, Hamburg, Germany. [.At least 1 other server ]
Hermes experiment at DESY's HERA accelerator.
uni Passau
Das Forschungszentrum fuer wissensbasierte Systeme (FORWISS)
Institut fuer Mathematik der Uni Muenster
Institut fuer Numerische und Instrumentelle Mathematik der Westfaelischen Wilhelms-Universitaet Muenster
Lehrstuhl fuer Kommunikationsnetze, RWTH Aachen
EUnet Deutschland GmbH
EUnet Germany Networking and Information Services
Aachen Physics Institutes (experimental in sep 93)
Univ. of Erlangen-Nuremberg
This server provides information about the departments of computer science, special research project, services offered by the institute of computer science, and other stuff.
Univ. of Bonn
University of Bonn, CS dep. no. 5 (offers PPP - the Internet Point-to-Point Protocol - faq in html)
ZIB Berlin
The Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum fuer Informationstechnik Berlin (ZIB), a research institue of the State of Berlin, opereates in the field of information technology. R&D on application-oriented algorithmic mathematics.


Irish Literature archive
Networking Information regarding Ireland, and Links to the rest of Europe.
Trinity College Dublin
Dept of Mathematics
IONA Technologies Ltd.
info about their Object Request Broker software product and some bits and pieces of Irish news


International Centre for Theoretical Physics (experimental server)
Univ. Pisa
Also see physics department and Department of Computer Science servers.


Center for Mathematics and Computer Science, Amsterdam. See also the FTP server .
The Dutch High-Energy Physics center. (Replaces nic.nikhef.nl server)
Kernfysisch Versneller Instituut (nuclear physics accelerator institute), Groningen, Netherlands. VMS server.
European IP group.
TU Delft"
Delft University of Technology. (Experimental)


Warsaw University Physics Department
under construction in oct 93


Note .cs to change to .sk sometime.
EUnet Slovakia
EUnet Slovakia Information Services


Univ. Jaume I
The Department of Education of the Universitat Jaume I (Castello, Spain). (Experimental in Sep 93)


Linköping University's Lysator
Science fiction archives, MUDs, etc etc
Swedish Universities Network information center. Provisional, some pointers to Swedish stuff.
Lulea University
LUDD (Lulea Academic Computer Society) has an automatic FAQ-hierarchy , and an archie interface to the local archie.luth.se service. (Experimental)
The Department of Teleinformatics at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (experimental in Sep 93)
University of Lund
Lund University Electronic Library



CERN news
Various groups, some more active than others - see the full list
CERN computing documents
A keyword index.
ASIS Software Repository
A server for public domain and CERN software for distribution to CERN members only. The documentation is public.
CA Detector Design
Computer Aideed Detector Design support
CERN general information
W3 support for withing CERN and info about CERN, and W3 fledglings.
RD13 documentation
Documents for the RD13 group
Hytelnet gateway
Server for Peter Scott's "hytelnet" databse of telnet sites
SCI project
Scalable Coherent Interconnect development. Under construction in June 93.
TechInfo gateway
Several CWISs available through this.
Software Technology
Information from STING organised by Mike Sendall.
The VMS help tree on node vxcrna.cern.ch .
WorldWideWeb support
information about W3 itself, CERN entry point, and web overviews.

EPFL Lausanne

Laboratoire d'Informatique Technique. Their various research projects are concerned with CNS, FIP, object-oriented design...

University of Geneva

univ. Geneva TECFA
Technologies de Formation et Apprentissage.
Univ. Geneva CUI
Centre Universitaire d'Informatique
Univ. Geneva ExPASy
The ExPASy molecular biology server

Univ Zuerich

Institut fuer Informatik

United Kingdom

City University
City University, London. [June 93]
Cranfield Institute of Technology, Bedford, UK. Campus-Wide information.
The HEPDATA High-Energy Physics database of published numerical results. Mike Whalley.
Leeds University
Computer-based learning unit , School of chemistry , University Computing service , Central Administration
Loughborgh University
High Performance Networks and Distributed Systems archive
Includes full hypertext archie gateways
Rutherford Lab
The Rutherford Appleton Lab, UK. Admin: www-master@letterbox.rl.ac.uk.
An information source of the UK SuperJANET project. (under construction in oct 93)
UK Office of Library Networking
Server "experimental" as of April 93.
Nottingham University
Information on the Communications Research Group, archie gateway, and UK independent music scene information base. ( See it )
Warwick University
University of Warwick, with links to other WWW sites in the UK
University of Sunderland
Experimental in August
University of Southampton
Southampton University Astronomy Group
Cambridge Astronomy
Institute of Astronomy and Royal Greenwich Observatory , Cambridge UK.
University of Wales College of Cardiff Department of Computing Maths (experimental in Sep 93)
Edinburgh University Computing Services
Experimental in September, providing a hypertext of helpful information for new users of the UNIX operating system.
Univ. of Newcastle
Theory of Condensed Matter Group , Dept. of Physics, University of Newcastle upon Tyne UK

North America


British Columbia

Univ. British Columbia
Computer Science. Includes manual page browser and the USENET article decoder.
Univ. of Northern British Columbia
University of Northern British Columbia in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada. (under construction).


Center for Subatomic Research , Univ. of Alberta
Department of Physics Edmonton, Alberta CANADA (experimental in oct 93)


Carleton Univ: Biology department
This server is dedicated to Biology/Ecology, to provide access to a peer-reviewed journal in conservation biology . Under construction in oct 93.
Carleton Univ
provided by the Civil Engineering Department. (experimental in oct 93)

United States of America


CCIT Arizona
University of Arizona information
National Optical Astronomy Observatories (experimental in sep 93)


Berkeley Software Design Incorporated.
Library server including "Current Cites" journal. See also the Museum of Paleontology : currently contains an exhibit of pictures from a shark research project.
Caltech high energy theoretical physics group
under construction in oct 93
Digital Equipment Corporation
Product information -- technical overviews, performance summaries, software product descriptions (SPDs), whitepapers, the Networks Buyers Guide, the Systems and Options Catalog (SOC) and back issues of the Digital Technical Journal. Digital Corporate Research also provides research reports , and extensive archives of public domain software and documentation from both the Internet community and Digital Equipment Corporation.
The Global Network Navigator
GNN is dedicated to helping you explore the information resources of the global network. In GNN, you'll find news, reviews, feature articles, advice, commentary and interactive navigational guides.
O'Reilly Associates
Publisher of online and offline material.
Stanford Linear Accelerator, California. HEP preprints database and LOTS more... also a unix server .
Stanford Don Geddis' Personal server
Text: Humor; Hypertext: Aiki Jujitsu; Code: DTP theorem prover
The University of California at Los Angeles' official information service
UCLA Underground
A competitive information service run by the Computer Aided Design Lab . (They also run a biorhythm server )
Xerox PARC
Palo Alto Research Center


XOR Network Engineering
a company that provices a full range of network engineering and system support services.
The National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), is an NSF-funded supercomputing center and a member of the National Conortia for High Performance Computing.
The Astrophysics Data System
ADS is a NASA-sponsored program which offers a novel approach to dealing with huge quantities of geographically distributed and heterogeneous data from a broad range of astrophysics missions.


Yale University
Primarily the departments of Computer Science, Math, Psychology, the "Zoo" (an undergraduate computing lab), Parallel Supercomputing, and Applied and Theoretical Neurosciences. Here is the local Home Page.
University of Connecticut Health Center
Center for Neuroscience, Farmington, Connecticut, USA.

District of Columbia

US Naval Research Lab
Connection Machine Facility US Naval Research Lab


Honolulu Community College


FNAL Astro
Astrophysics support at FNAL. (Includes TCL help files BTW) Streets@fnal.fnal.gov
Documentation from online and offline groups. Also at FNAL, experimental servers in FnalA Theory , D0 , HEPnet management , ACCESS user consultancy .
Experimental server (might move!) run by US HEPNet at FNAL.
National Center for Supercomputing Applictions, Urbana Champain, IL, USA.
The Northwestern Univ. Dep. of Mathematics
This server contains information about the department and items of interest to its faculty and students.
Northwestern University, Network Response Center.
The US Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratories. They use GRASS (Geographic Resources Analysis Support System).
Argonne National Lab
The Argonne National Laboratory, Advanced Photon Source, Controls and Computing Group Information Server. They use EPICS (Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System)


univ. Indiana
Computer Science dept. Experimental in Mar 93.
IU Law School
Indiana University School of Law. In an experimental stage.


univ. Kansas
Campus-wide system in hypertext.
The University of Kansas Telecommunications and Information Sciences Laboratory (works on high speed networks, digital signal processing, simulation of communications systems and networks).
Kansas State University
Dept. of Computing and Information Sciences


Louisiana State University Office of Computing Services. (under construction in oct 93)
Louisiana tech
CWIS and pointers


The National Library of Medicine is the world's largest library dealing with a single scientific/professional topic. It cares for over 4.5 million holdings (including books, journal, reports, manuscripts and audio-visual items)
Rob's Multimedia Laboratory at National Institutes of Health (experimental).
The STELAR project, part of NASA's Astrophysics Data Facility. Astronomical information and bibliographic databases at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center.
Space Telescope Science Institute
Space Telescope Electronic Information System


Student Information processing Board, gatewaying AFS, the Discuss bulletin board system, the Geographic Nameserver, US National Weather information, Amateur Radio Callsign database.
MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
The Tech
"MIT's oldest and largest newspaper."
"Usenet University -- New Network Academy" . A virtual university project. Host may change.
National Consortium for High Performance Computing. The server is operating experimentally.
Boston University
includes information on scientific computing and the computational science groups at B.U.


Michigan State University
Experimental. See MSU Unix Computing Group's home page
Oakland University
Oakland University Information, and access to Oak Archive (primary SimTel mirror) (unaccessible in Oct 93)


St. Olaf College
Army High Performance Computing Research Center, university led research and educational consortium.


Mississippi State University information

New Jersey

provides a single, consistent system through which one may access all of the different services and information databases available at the University. (under developpment in oct 93)
Astrophysics: Sloan Digital Sky Survey

New Mexico

Los Alamos
Physics Information Service
Los Alamos National Laboratory. See also the CNLS (Centre for Nonlinear Studies)

New York

See their legal information (US Intellectual Property Statutes etc etc.) and the Cornell Theory Center , which includes links to extensive online information system about supercomputing architectures there.
State University of New York
Stony Brook. See their Physics Department
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Multi-disciplinary laboratory that carries out basic and applied research in the physical, biomedical and environmental sciences and in selected energy technologies.

North Carolina

The Clearinghouse for Networked Information Discovery and Retrieval at North Carolina's MCNC.
UNC Chapel Hill
Includes US Politics, Sun Freeware, Multimedia. You should have a look at the EXPO , including 4 multimedia exhibits: Vatican , Soviet Archive , 1492 , Dead Sea Scrolls .


Morning Star Technologies
Morning Star Technologies makes products for low-cost IP connectivity: SLIP, PPP, Frame Relay, X.25. This WWW and FTP server represents, and is officially supported by, the company.
Ohio State University
Lots of indexed hypertext: unix man pages (indexed), RFCs, gateways into various things.


univ. Pennsylvania
Experimental as yet
Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science
Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
PSC's mission is to provide advanced scientific computing

Rhode Island

Brown Univ. HEP
The Brown High Energy Physics Group
Brown Univ. Physics
The Brown University Department of Physics (under construction in oct 93)


Superconducting Supercollider Laboratory
W.M. Keck Center for Genome Informatics, Institute of Biosciences and Technology, Texas A&M University, Houston
Univ. of Texas-Houston
Health Science Center Campus Wide Information


Univ. Vermont EMBA
University of Vermont Engineering, Maths and Business Administration.
Unix. Vermont Library
Journals available through the Scholarly Communications Project.


Virginia Tech
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Experimental
Primarily in aeronautics, but there is some space, computing, and life sciences
US Geological Survey: a scientific fact-finding and research organization, and the principal source of scientific and technical expertise in the earth sciences within the Federal Government.


Univ. of Washington: Physics HyperTexts:
Charm Studies, Underwater Astrophysics, and more.
Univ. of Washington High Energy Physics Lab
Home page for the High Energy Physics Lab.
Univ. of Washington Nuclear Physics Laboratory
Among other things, this gives access to a hypertext version of the 1993 Annual Report of the UW Nuclear Physics Laboratory.

Middle East


Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Information service - both in hebrew and English, asssumes a VT terminal with hebrew characters. See also their TeX database (July 1992).

Pacific Rim


Australian National Botanic Gardens
Biodiversity, australian plants. ( Catalogue )
ANU Bioinformatics
Research School of Biological Sciences & Centre for Information Science Research at the Australian National University. BioInformatics department.
the Australian Environmental Resources Information Network
Monash VIFP
Victorian Institute of Forensic Pathology
Mt Stromlow Observatory
Mount Stromlow and Siding Spring Observatory


KEK, Tsukuba, Japan. Experimental only.

New Zealand

Victoria Univ. of Wellington
Campus-wide system. etc. VUW pays by the packet for access, please do not abuse the service.
VUW Phone book
Students and Staff.


National University of Singapore (NUS)
BioWWW server. information available from the National University of Singapore, Singapore Technology Network TECHNET, and the Biocomputing Interest Group BIG.
Singapore Technology Network. Singapore's Island Wide Research and Development Network is set up by National Science and Technology Board of Singapore (NSTB) and managed by National University of Singapore (NUS).
Singapore National Computer Board (NCB)
(unaccessible in oct 93)

Restricted or difficult access

The sunsite repository being set up bu UNC Chapel Hill. (Experimental).
Xerox PARC
Private: Access from Xerox.com only. System33 document server.
CIS Informationsdienst
The information service from the Centrum fuer Informations und Sprachverarbeitung von Muenchen (don't panic: they also have it in English !) Experimental, very slow line :-(. Times out.
OMT group
Private web.
not public - Jon Streets
VOICE magazine
The first global online hypertext magazine? Ed. Tom Boutell Gone? Was http://isis.cshl.org.:80/main.html
Internal AT&T access only.
Tim BL